March 28, 2023

Learn all about Prednisone and the other oral corticosteroids in this super fun and memorable video!!

All right in this scene we’re going to talk about prednisone and other oral corticosteroids so we have the prairie dog over here the father with his son prairie dog with sun for prednisone i know it’s a stretch but it’s memorable okay and so this mouth over here is going to remind us that we’re talking about the oral corticosteroids as opposed to the inhaled ones

The oral polycasterates have lots more systemic adverse effects associated with them which we’ll discuss but first let’s talk about the mechanism so the prairie dogs were praying that these guys explode who are these guys so here we have the fossils with lips the fossils with flips for phospholipase phospholipase a prednisone and other corticosteroids inhibit

The action of phospholipase a2 phospholipspace a2 is responsible for extracting arachidonic acid from the cell membrane from the lipid bilayer and from that it leads to the production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins so since corticosteroids block the action of phospholipase a2 it will block the production of prostaglandins and leukotrienes and over here we

Have the guy with the nerf gun the nerf gun with the cap the cap with the b nerf gun cat b for nf kappa b corticosteroids also brought the production of nf kappa b which is important for cytokine production primarily tnf alpha represented by the tuna fish elephant over here so prednisone and other corticosteroids will prevent the production of lots of cytokines

Including cnf alpha okay now that we’ve spoken about method of action let’s talk about the adverse effects there are lots now we’ll begin with this moon exploding on top of the scene to help us remember the immunosuppression of course with the decreased cytokine production there would be lots of immune suppression it is for this reason that patients taking

Prednisone should not begin live vaccines as they may contract the illness let’s talk about other symptoms so the prairie dogs don’t realize but there are these two lab skeletons in the room and these two lab skeletons are going to remind us of the other adverse effects of prednisone and other oral corticosteroids so let’s take a look at this one over here this

Skeleton over here actually has a small little cadillac in his eye that reminds us of the cataracts patients develop cataracts and other visual impairments with long-term prednisone use this occurs because of increased production of free radicals along with high osmotic movement of glucose in the lens of the eye over here we note in his tummy the pepsi the pepsi

Reminds us of the peptic ulcers haptic ulcers is another side effect of prednisone and other corticosteroid use thus patients with a history of ulcer disease should not take these oral medications long term on the floor over here we notice these dye beads to remind us of diabetes and we also know his femur exploding this reminds us of a vascular necrosis of

The femur seen with prednisone use let’s take a look at this skeleton over here this skeleton is actually standing on top of a cushion to remind us the cushioning syndrome excess glucocorticoid intake can lead to cushioning syndrome characterized by rapid weight gain sensual obesity moon faces buffalo hump and abdominal striae we also note the skeleton himself

Doesn’t have a head but actually has roses he’s the ostia with roses for osteoporosis prednisone can lead to steroid induced osteoporosis with long-term use actually for this reason patients are recommended prophylactic calcium and vitamin d you also know the candy over here the candidates high or the sugar that’s high to remind us of the hyperglycemia these

Medications alter glucose metabolism in the body and that’s why a patient can develop hyperglycemia and we’ll end off with this brain over here who sang to remind us of two things one for the psychotic brain for psychosis and two for the amen to remind us of amenorrhea these are two more side effects seen with oral glucocorticoids okay i hope you enjoyed this

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Prednisone (Mnemonic for the USMLE) By AJmonics