March 22, 2023

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Hey what’s up it’s survivor chris here and i’m going to be talking about another thing on the pregnancy coming up all these memories keep coming up about the pregnant zone for some reason it’s a one that uh really uh this one’s actually kind of funny not funny when it happens then i i’ve been there so i know it’s not funny because the way you look but when i

First heard the term i think dr jolly was going through all the chemos i was going to take and i tell you you know as frightened as i was to have to do all the cancer stuff i remember laughing uh you know i was 16 and when i first heard this term moon face i mean it sounds like a third grader slander name to somebody else you’re a moon face anyway you know what

I do got a story about that because in high school there’s this guy and i don’t know why but i i don’t it’s just one of those nicknames my friend said said about uh this one dude because i guess he had craters on his face or something and people used to call him a john risley moon face crater face or moon face and i just when i heard moon face it was kind of

Like a thing that’s funny what chemo so you decide the time when i heard i remember laughing about that because it was just such a a name and i guess that maybe i was kind of in shock a lot when i heard such a name like moon face again like i said you hear it it sounds like a third grader pointing a finger at somebody saying well you’re a moon face anyway i

Came to learn what it’s really about you know it really i would say moon face is what what what really hurt me the most not and and here’s why because you take the pregnancy and uh it does uh give you the big moon face and at the you know about the last uh six or so months of my chemotherapy um i still had the the moon face but i was feeling better you know it

Was uh almost that almost two years was winding down on the chemo protocol and man i want to get back playing ball you know and so i was uh trying to work out as much as i can because i really thought that um you know the chemo put weight on me and the weight on me was because you know i thought i could work off the moon face by working out and i know you know

Now that when even if you’re feeling better in your own pregnancy and you still got to take it very lightly because your bones could um are very brittle at that time and i didn’t and i tried to work off the moon face you know but it really had nothing to do with me working out or anything i was like 17 about to be 18 and wanted to get that also was you know

That moon face popping up but the moon face does go goes away after the chemo is off you know i i right now i’m a little i’m a little um chubby you know but that’s why i got my moon face and my beard to cover it up a little bit but that has nothing to do with any lasting effects from the pregnancy or anything so once you’re off the pregnant zone the moon face

Will go away and as we talked about before in the other videos the stretch marks i don’t think are gonna go away i’m not i don’t know about everyone’s situation i know about mine 20 years later they faded a little bit but those deep stretch marks i got from the chemotherapy uh pregnant zone they just simply didn’t go away no i don’t think they ever will don’t

Really don’t really bother me that much and i’m not winning any fashion shows or supermodel shows so it doesn’t really bother me you know but um the moon face does go away you know i you know you’re looking at me now you probably said well i don’t you know you have a mood face right now well i’ll show you pictures after my chemo when i got really back into shape

From swimming moon face goes away but you gotta admit the moon face thing is it’s a funny thing i mean i mean can we call it something else because that’s what the doctors call it you know that’s what’s actually in the chemo protocol that’s what it’s called moon face i mean maybe there’s some more sophisticated name we can give to it guys you know and then you

Know i think a third grader made that up you probably said oh yeah oh yeah well you’re you’re you’re a moon face i mean come on there’s got to be a better name for it but yeah that when you see people going through cancer you know you you see the puffin up in their face it’s moon face and uh once you’re off chemo it goes away promises all promises right there

It does but you’ll see like in some of the before and after pictures how how quick it does take effect because i have a i don’t know if uh you know the you know tech guy who put up um oh they’ll put up a picture of me like a couple of months before the the moon before i started the pregnancy before i was diagnosed and then a couple of months after during my

Chemo and i had my same old favorite nike hat on back in the day and that i wore it almost every day in my high school i wore that nike you know i don’t even know what those hats are called you know the nike beret hat or whatever golf hat old man hat you know that’s my favorite hat so i wore that on my make-a-wish day but i used to wear that in high school all

The time and you see the before and after pictures with that they look like totally different dudes you know but that’s me before and after but once you get off the chemo like i said moon face will go away your face will come back and everything like that so that’s um um i really want to call something else because man moon face man i mean no more fighting

Words man anyway take care god bless

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Prednisone Moon Face – Survivor Christopher By Survivor Christopher