January 26, 2023

prednisone overview, discuss dosage, uses, tapering, and side effects.

Hi this is josh i’m a pharmacist with pharmacist tips.com here with an overview of the medication prednisone i now with all my videos this is informational purposes only not intended to replace a qualified health care provider you can read the full disclaimer here and in the video description so what is prednisone it’s a steroid often people just call it a steroid

Adrenal glucocorticoid steroid it’s available in tablets in liquids it has anti-inflammatory effects as well as immunosuppressant effects used for a laundry list of indications including allergic states skin disorders endocrine disorders certain gi or stomach colon diseases neoplastic disease respiratory diseases rheumatic disorders group and many many more

Whenever there’s inflammation involved a lot of times they’ll use a steroid so dosage huge huge variability there’s bursts there’s tapers there’s chronic daily use depending on the condition there’s one time doses but it all should be taken with food or milk as it can be hard on the stomach taper or not so certain when do you need to taper prednisone and when do you

Not need to taper of course that will be determined by your health care provider but generally it’s tapered when you want to prevent a flare so you have an autoimmune disease or your arthritis has flared up the dose is slowly decreased over time to prevent that from flaring up again if you have other existing diseases or other health issues sometimes if you’re

Already kind of frail a lot of times the prednisone needs to be tapered um and if you’re treating a flare so if you have had a condition that has flared up you’ve been on steroids in the recent past then a taper may be needed typically we we don’t need a taper when prednisone is taken for less than two to three weeks or if it’s taken for an allergic reaction and

That has resolved or if you’re experiencing adverse effects or having side effects with the medicine typically you’re not going to need to taper again decided by your health care provider um some of the side effects we can see it can stomach upset so that’s why we mentioned the food high blood pressure thinning of skin depression euphoria high blood sugar and

Increased risk of other infections so we’ll get into these just a little bit more uh some of the short term so if you’re on prednisone for a week or two or less what are some of the things you need to watch for typically if your type 2 diabetic it it is going to raise your blood sugar well it will raise anyone’s blood sugar but the type 2 diabetic may be testing

So they would notice that it can continue for a few days after you stop the prednisone or the steroid so you have to be cautious that you don’t over treat the high blood sugar once you get off the prednisone then you could end up with low blood sugar so that has to be careful how you deal with that it can cause insomnia behavior and or mood changes can occur it

Can increase blood pressure it can cause fluid retention and increase in appetite some of the more long-term side effects of when you’re on this uh longer than a a week or two or you know if you’re on it for months osteoporosis so you need to get checked out your bones could weaken if you’re taking it long term uh weight gain can occur uh worsening of diabetes so

We’ve already mentioned kind of that effect on blood sugar so it can increase blood sugar obviously when you’re taking it long term and that can increase your diabetes increased risk of infection can make your body prone to certain types of infections increase the risk of cataracts uh it can thin the skin and it can slow wound healing time uh so again just kind

Of recap prednisone is generally taken with food usually taken early in the day as that can offset some of the insomnia that can occur if you’re diabetic you’d want to monitor the blood sugar long term remember we want to get checked for osteoporosis and other long-term side effects that can occur we want to be sure we monitor for those and the taper is generally

Only required when it’s longer than two to three weeks appreciate you watching please like and subscribe this video

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prednisone overview | Uses, Dosage and Side Effects By Pharmacist Tips