March 22, 2023

Shout out to those dealing with prednisone induced rage and anger

Hey what’s up i am doing this on a laptop whatever i just want to speak out no make up whatever you see my burden is on christ yeah so i feel bad that i’ve been neglecting this channel but it was kind of because i was trying to just live life and get back to work but i wanted to talk about an important topic and just relate to people out there and that’s just part

Of one of the side effects with prednisone i think liam starting to taper off but that makes it just messes with your emotions and i’d missed a dose last week and ended up being both rageful and sobbing in the same day and you just you crazy and you know speaking explicitly just about prednisone rage you know i just wanted to reach out to others who go through

It and just say you know i guess a couple things of wine it’s okay you’re not alone it sucks to feel crazy and to just kind of react and and all you can really do is try to be as aware of it i think part of the zone just makes you so trigger-happy not even trigger-happy but like it’s just so easy to just go off because you there’s just you just react and i tend

To be someone who i consider fairly conscious i you know i’ve had a therapist for a million years i am constantly introspective about what i’m doing and how i act with people that’s not to say i don’t mist up or anything um and but you know i i get really triggered by my dad and i let him get to me with you know just an old topic triggered by something that was

Just superficial it’s about the election um but you know i will admit i called up and overreacted and i screamed at him at the phone and then hung up and you know what the thing with being angry and this is a lesson regardless if you’re on drugs or not is that you get to choose your actions and you get to choose how you react to things and sometimes it’s really

Hard and you need to do a lot of practice and that’s all you can really do and so i would just say for people who’ve had to deal with prednisone rage or still dealing with it is wine you know i think for the people you interact a lot around you if you know there’s anyone who’s volatile and likely to trip you is to be aware of it to talk to them if you can and set

Them up and in the moments when you the adrenaline has left your body and the cortisone and stuff is to be able to come to them and apologize and like i ultimately will need to apologize to my dad i’m so upset about some of things he said to me and it’s a difficult relationship just in and of itself uh-huh i have these much i’ve had these moments outside of being

Steroid-induced but i’m grateful that i’m at least coming off the steroids but it’s hard in you have to forgive yourself – i know that’s really cliche oh my god self-love and whatever but it’s true like you got to give yourself a little bit of a break i think try to be self-aware in the moments when you can try to avoid the situations you know it might set yourself

Off and then if you’re acting really crazy i think that it means a lot to those around you and who you’re interacting with to later come back and say you know what blame the drug like and you know maybe i can’t speak for everyone maybe some of it’s the drug and some of its not but um you know we can always all work to better ourselves regardless and it is a work

In progress obviously for anyone difficult in your life and when you add any substance i mean steroids it’s you know do the mix it doesn’t help and to cut yourself and so anyhow really just kind of a shout out to dealing with prednisone rage and you know it does i you know some people unfortunately might have to be on prednisone for long periods of time and all i

Can say is be gentle with yourself set people up around you to know especially if you’re changing your dosage to know that and when you are going through dosage changes to remember that you’re gonna just be more vulnerable to emotional ups and downs i mean as much as i’ve yelled and screamed i’ve also soft and cried and they like bleed on the floor like hugging my

Dog who was like trying to like calm me down and then like crying that he was such a good dog and you know so it’s like it’s crazy and so anyhow um just thought i’d throw this out there so people um you know fila but also even though i’ve been complaining my face is poofy and this angle is obviously super not flattering i so i’m gonna distract by what pings but

Whatever i do want to do a follow-up video because compared to anna’s on ingre is on much higher dose prednisone my face bloated the eff up like it was really moon face and i feel like this time around i’ve actually lost about 20 pounds since the start of the year and my face doesn’t reflect it but i think that’s because of the hard work i’ve been doing to over

All lose weight and can lose weight on prednisone i’ve lost weight both times at a low n high dose but the second time i or the first time i really succumbed to just being depressed and then not understanding fully how it worked and that was 15 years ago so yeah but anyhow feel free to share prednisone rage stories with the crazy stuff you did in the comments

Below and you know hang in there so i gotta say i gotta go back to work hi

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Prednisone rage and anger By Your Best Life Goals