December 8, 2022

I talk about my current reactions to 10mg of Prednisone as well as a bit from when I was on high dose Prednisone – both for my chronic kidney /renal disease

Hello um my first video was like little depressing and that’s gonna be okay for this channel because that’s kind of the point and it’s been hard to maintain and i cuz like i want to have some energy when i come back for the second video and you know i’ve been in and out and and obviously i’m not i don’t have any big goals with this channel other than to like post

And share them going through and and i wish it was kind of doing it daily because leaving a little stir-crazy being at home and it’s just a good way to reach out to others but anyhow i’m trying to just maybe pick some topics to focus on um and go from there and i think i want to talk about the five stages of death actually um talking about that with my therapist

Of that it’s kind of a death i’m going through in a way um even though i haven’t lost my kidney quite that just the life i had been living and all that but today i’m actually going to talk about prednisone and i’ll probably even do a follow-up to this um but i was talking more in depth of like my initial prednisone story but um first i guess you know 15 years

Ago the internet was such a different place and when you googled prednisone there was nothing and i went into the doctor with this big laundry list of all my side effects and all the weird things i felt on it and it’s a miracle drug in some ways but it’s like this necessary evil and i feel like that’s kind of the common thread you find for anything but back then

There was no support so why i’m just glad that there’s support and i want to add to it now especially that i’m on the drug again um my dose is way smaller um i’m only on ten milligrams a day which is nothing compared to what i was years ago which was at home treatment was between 90 and 60 milligrams a day between the first and second rounds and in the hospital is

Getting a thousand milligrams today but what is partner zone if you don’t know what it is it’s a steroid it doesn’t pump you up though not this one and it’s an immunosuppressant and it’s an anti-inflammatory so what are those things mean so my kidneys right now are super inflamed and there’s other conditions that can cause inflammation in your body like arthritis

Or really bad eczema outbreak or hives and bad asthma there’s a bunch of different reasons why prednisone might come into the mix it’s been used for about 50 years now and what’s funny is it’s been used for so long and even in the 15 years since i’ve taken it that there’s just a completely different approach the fact that i’m actually taking it in combination with

A different drug cell sept which is traditionally used as anti-rejection medicine once you have a transplant i don’t have one yet they both work to calm down inflammation in your system and i so anyhow so i’m taking a small dose in combination with another drug and i’m really happy that it’s a small dose although part of me is like should i be taking more to maybe

See better improvements but anyhow um this go-round is a lot better i would say the biggest side-effects i’ve started to notice is the mood swings um but they’re a lot shorter and and i recognize them a lot faster and i think because i’m so aware and i have such as track history with the medicine so some examples i have a video call with uh hr the other day and my

Manager and was just like so happy then like you know i’m in a place where i can do short-term disability and figure my situation out i just like start crying i wrote my team and some other people and email giving status updates i just totally sobbed the whole way through writing them i didn’t really make sense like it just it was just this overwhelming emotion

Of gratitude and missing people and just like just crying um but then i was at the store yesterday and they didn’t have the kind of bread i wanted and i was so angry and reachable and i didn’t say anything because i like immediately recognized within you know the thought of like when i was like doing my bread my head i was like oh my god i’m gonna flip my over

Some bread like that is the prednisone um and when i was leaving actually the hospital after taking it for a few days um there’s someone who was trained like a car that was driving through crosswalk and they really shouldn’t have been we were already in the crosswalk and i just totally screamed at them you and i was like oh my god that is prednisone like i swear

And i can be aggressive but like i would not nor i would just spend like uh whatever they’re stupid you know and just let it roll off my back um and so i think that’s the biggest thing if anything me being home right now is just trying to wrangle my brain around this drug because i may have you know i may be in this state for a long time and i’ll need to go back

To work um and last thing i want to do is snap at someone i mean already being a female you’re seeing is emotional regardless even if you are aren’t and then to have something that does really make you emotional and people who don’t understand especially when you have a disease where you don’t look or sound sick um i ran into some people yesterday and work where

I work and i was like oh i’m actually at home on took leave and i’m like i have kidney failure and they’re like oh but you look fine like guess it’s passed right and like no you just kind of look normal which is probably another good video topic of not looking sick when you’re really sick so yeah so that though just really the mood stuff is only thing a really

Experienced with partizan this time around but and i’ll i’ll do a follow up video on this that goes more in depth to other crazy wonderful things you can experience prednisone at higher doses is constant hunger pain you get stretch marks you can get stretch marks regardless if you’ve gained weight i gained 40 pounds the first time thankfully right now i’m losing

Weeks i’m like watching everything i eat like a hawk and i’m home so i can cook you know 100% are meals which makes such a difference and i think this all cept is making me nauseous or not as hungry but i’m like i’ll take it i’ll take it over the like constant hunger um if you get a hump on the back of your neck which will go away your nails and hair become brittle

Your skin can bruise more easily and actually i have noticed um like hang nails and like if i have any sort of scabs or anything they just don’t seem to go away and that kind of sucks like i have some bug bites at like a scratch and scratch and like they just ask abs have never gone away since i started taking the premise own um it depletes both your muscle mass

So even though it’s a steroid it does not pump you up it actually depletes your muscle it can deplete your calcium as well and it messes with your vitamin d so i’m taking a calcium plus vitamin d supplement which is funny because years ago they didn’t have me take that and i was a boy higher dose but like long-term use of prednisone can cause osteoporosis um so

Let’s see the mood weight gain the hump nails your skin the muscle mass your bones and then i learned this time which was interesting there like avoid a lot of extra sugar which shoot anyways which i did not do the first time like i discovered starbucks frappuccinos the first time they were brand new back then and i just like would constantly get anja pote lea was

New and so like i was like eating chipotle like twice a week and getting like a giant freaking mocha chip frappuccino so depressed and at home and missing college and having this kidney stuff and then medicine that maybe constantly hungry but anyhow sugar apparently prednisone can mess with your blood sugar so it’s a i guess awful for diabetics um so but i’ve been

Watching that just what i’m eating a lot anyways because i’m determined i just one need to get weight off for my kidneys to not have as much pressure on them and it’s healthier and blah blah blah and i just need to lose weight anyway umm but really there’s a health dr and two out of two sugars delicious but you know it’s not good for us um so yeah so i guess you

Know where i am right now to wrap this up is really just dealing with the medicine and dealing with these mood swings and just trying to put them into context of trying to you know mind over matter and understand what they are and what it really means and that it’s just a strug it’s a strong making me feel weird and you know that i i need to do what i can at home

While i’m at home to quickly recognize it and deal with it so that i can go back and seem normal and not have it affect anything should i go back to work in this situation so um yeah so that’s prednisone um but i just kind of wanted to force myself to make a video today i think it’s good and i mean we try and make a few more this week and really like i said talk

About the five stages of death because i’ve been experiencing those denial and anger band mbarga nning have been constantly kind of cycling through on where i’ve been at fueled by the prednisone so anyhow um thanks for watching and learning and understanding if you’re someone who doesn’t have a chronic disease or your friend of mine but you know maybe share with

Others you know who’ve taken prednisone or whatnot and like i said i’ll do another follow-up video on my first bout of prednisone oh and the moon face i didn’t tell well you’re basically just bared on it typically um but i’ve been avoiding that so far so gay alright um have a good day bye

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