February 8, 2023

I am revealing EMBARASSING PICTURES from when I was on steroids and telling you all of the TEN things you NEED to know about Prednisone from roid rage to moon face. These side effects are often ones we never hear about and I want you to be extra prepared for what is coming. A lot of people don’t even realize the consequences that steroids have on the body and that’s what this episode uncovers.

Hey guys welcome to my new york city bedroom there is literally just a wall here and a wall here there’s no space for anything else i’m sitting on the bed but such as life in new york so let’s jump into it today we’re going to be talking about steroids and specifically prednisone and things that i wish i’d kind of known before i started taking them and the things

I wish somebody just kind of gave me a heads up about steroids are going to mimic the hormones that your adrenal glands to create naturally well your doctor prescribes prednisone or steroids in the first place and there are upsides to taking prednisone there are also a bunch of downsides that most people don’t realize that come with taking steroids and that’s

What i want to talk about today all of the things you can kind of expect when you’re taking them so the first thing you need to know is that prednisone affects your cortisol levels and your cortisol levels are going to be in charge of your mood your motivation your here there was a point when i was taking series i started to feel better and i thought okay i can

Stop taking them now but you have to be really careful here consult your doctor and just let them know you’re ready to get off of them and inquire about you know what tapering off of them looks like your doctor will take you off of them little by little so for example if you’re on 40 milligrams of steroids they’ll lower them down by like 35 and then 30 and just

Go from there because just stopping them completely won’t give your cortisol levels time to adjust and resume their natural function a lot of people when i was taking steroids and you will get this question a lot they’ll ask you if you were taking steroids to build your body or if you’re a weight lifter i do not wait left i’m not feeling well you look terrible i

Don’t understand i literally got that question all the time so number two series are going to make you really really hungry they’re gonna make you ravenous so this is a good time to make sure you’re buying healthy snacks and keeping them around your kitchen because sara’s do affect your sleep a lot they make you experience insomnia which i will get into in a later

Episode i feel like sleep is something i could do an entire episode on but it does affect your sleep so when i was taking steroids and i was really hungry i would just roll my kitchen at all hours of the night just finding something to eat so this is a great time for you to find the healthy snacks cut them up so you have healthier options to reach for when you do

Roam your kitchen in the middle of the night the third thing you need to know is that steroids are going to cause you to feel a lot of aggression detective term for this is roid rage and it happens whether you’re on five to ten milligrams or even upwards to forty or fifty milligrams a day just know that the person who is taking steroids is going to experience

A lot of personality shifts and just be a little bit more patient with the four thing you need to know is that series are going to make you develop these things on your back i’m touching my back like they’re there but they’re not they’re going to make you develop this thing called back fat pockets and they’re just like little pockets of fat that you get on your

Back it’s disgusting they don’t feel like anything they don’t hurt they just kind of are there and you just have to ignore them they do go away when you’re on a lower dosage of steroids and the technical term for this is buffalo hump and it’s like they were kicking you when you’re already down but just know that they’ll go away when you’re on a lower dosage you

Just kind of had to ignore them the next thing you need to know is that prednisone is going to increase your chances of getting any sort of infection the one that i had all the time was a uti i got them all the time when i was taking steroids i’m actually unfamiliar with the infections that males experience when they’re on steroids but if you’re a male and you’re

Taking steroids and you have any infections let me know in the comments below what your experience has been like i know i had you guys all the time and just kind of randomly got them and had to be prepared to handle that so if you do get infections know that it’s completely normal and something that happens when you’re taking steroids the sixth thing you need to

Know is that steroids are going to make you urinate quite a bit just make sure you’re nearby or have access to a restroom at all times whether you are hydrated or dehydrated this is something that just kind of happens to your body so just be prepared for it so number seven is a little bit of a strange one because i know for me i feel like this happened literally

Overnight you your face kind of rounds out a little bit and you get this thing called moon face and i’ll show you guys before and after pictures because i feel like i looked like a complete troll and i looked just so disgusting and this was the cause of a lot of depression for me it’s a lot of changes that you’re experiencing and going through i know one friend

Actually asked me if i had my wisdom teeth removed no i did not i just have moon face hmm i just didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and that really took an emotional toll on me so i know this actually leads me to number eight which is mental health mental health is really important when you are going through some sort of autoimmune because you’re going through

A lot of changes extremely quickly you’re experiencing depression your face is changing there’s a lot that you have to deal with and it’s nice to have a professional to talk to i actually realized this much later than i should have i was also experiencing you know going through susan is going through a breakup i didn’t have a job like it just was a lot of change

In a short amount of time so i highly recommend getting a therapist i’ve linked some details in the description number nine is i didn’t realize this until i started taking steroids but steroids literally deplete your body of and minerals and literally suck the vitamins and minerals from your body so you want to be sure to increase your supplements here i know for

Me i needed to increase my iron my magnesium and i also took a vitamin c and d supplement in a zinc supplement so let’s talk about weight i know whether you’re on steroids or not i feel like we already have issues with weight and the way we see ourselves and steroids definitely doesn’t make it any easier when you are on series you will experience a little bit of

Weight gain but know that this is completely normal and kind of comes with the territory the weight does come off most of the weight you experience gaining is water weight and redistribution of fat on the body and when you are on a lower dosage of like five or ten it does start to come off obviously you know when you do feel well try to get as much exercise as you

Can like take a walk or do some kind of physical activity so those are the ten things i wanted to share with you if you are someone who has taken steroids before i’d love to know what your experience has been like on them and what advice you have for others taking the steroids right now and if you like this video be sure to hit the like button and subscribe and

I will see you guys in the next one bye

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Prednisone Side Effects- 10 things you NEED to know about steroids By Alisha Dosani