June 4, 2023

Some side effects I’ve experienced while on prednisone and how I’ve dealt with them. If you have any side effects that you’ve been through or coping methods you’d like to share please feel free to comment below.

Today we’re talking about flare-ups and specifically prednisone because flare-ups are a really big topic and i feel like we can talk about flare-ups forever as far as emotional physical and like mental impacts but i wanted to narrow it down to a specific subject and then we can sort of chunk chunk down the different flare-up topics from there what is prednisone

Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory drug if you have ulcerative colitis like i do your doctor will at some point probably prescribe you prednisone if you have a flare up and basically prednisone is going to work to sort of decrease any inflammation that you have and get your digestive system back to normal which sounds incredibly positive and prednisone is a

Fantastic drug in that it works consistently if you take prednisone you should start feeling better after you know however long the regimen is that being said there are of course some negative effects to prednisone which i think drive me insane every time i take it particularly offer higher doses i’m talking about 40 milligrams and up i do want to preface this

Video by saying if you were prescribed prednisone you should always take your prednisone never go against your doctor’s prescription regimen your doctor knows what they’re doing way more than you or i do unless you are in fact a doctor the first thing i want to talk about as far as prednisone the thing that drives me insane because i feel like i’m forever dieting

Is hunger on prednisone the higher up i go the more i experience and insane hunger or i want to shove literally anything i can get into my hands in my face i think it’s been the most frustrating thing about prednisone because i think in my head i’m like i can’t really be that hungry but my body’s like but you are you are so insanely like indescribable hungry it’s

Like no matter what you just eat you need to get more food inside of you or you are going to die the basic way that i deal with this because there really is no way like that full feeling that you have doesn’t really exist prednisone so the best way to combat this i find is a calorie counter there is no other way for me i there is another way for you if you still get

That full feeling fantastic but i am at this point now with prednisone or if i’m on prednisone i will just you can till i die i feel like a calorie counter it tells you how much you need in the day and you can sort of gauge whether or not you’re going crazy that isn’t to say that you have to stick directly to the calorie counter it’s just to say it’s a nice way to

Sort of get an idea of how many calories you’re taking in especially if you’re watching your weight and on prednisone it just it just helps it definitely having a calorie counter so it gives you that here is how much i’m taking in and here is how much i might want to take in alternatively you can just like give yourself a break on prednisone if you’re on prednisone

There’s a very good reason and you don’t necessarily have to worry about your weight and if you feel like that kind of additive stress is just gonna make you more agitated or like upset you then don’t even worry about it don’t worry about the calorie count don’t don’t do it don’t bother yourself that brings me into my second thing that i hate about prednisone or

The second issue that i have with prednisone rather bloating it the longer you’re on prednisone it more you’re gonna float and this is something that unlike calorie counting there really isn’t any way to manage this you’re just gonna you’re gonna bloat and it’s gonna suck and sorry when i bloat i feel like i can feel my skin stretching and it’s the worst feeling

In the world like i just don’t know i don’t feel comfortable inside my own skin my clothes don’t fit right i don’t like the way i look at the mirror there’s just like a lot of negative feelings that come with the bloat especially when it hits your face and the rest of your body it just does not feel good it doesn’t it doesn’t make you feel good inside doesn’t make

You feel good outside don’t really want to go out you don’t really want to talk to anybody at least that’s been my experience also really quick actually hello again it’s me from before you know right now in the video i forgot to mention this when you are bloating make sure that you use lots of lotion it’s particularly skin firming lotion it’s good for your skin

It’s going to hydrate your skin and if you are on an off prednisone your skin may stretch and lotion will help with the elasticity in your skin long term okay back to back to the video the best way that you can deal with this this is a not this isn’t gonna be a reoccurring theme because it’s really the most important thing that you can do when you’re on prednisone

Or any kind of medication that’s kind of kind of mess with your appearance and your feelings is talk to people and especially people close to you’re gonna let them know that maybe you’re not feeling your best self maybe going out party is not the best idea for you right now maybe you don’t wanna like sort of go to the beach or go out on the town maybe you just kind

Of want to keep it low-key for a little bit this depends on how long your prednisone regimen is if prednisone is going to be a long-term thing which it shouldn’t you should not feel pretty zone for any longer than you absolutely have to be you may want to adjust that if you’re on prednisone for short-term and you want to keep to yourself that makes sense but the

Longer you go on prednisone the more that you’re going to need to have a support system and have people around you so you don’t want to isolate too much which brings me to my next topic mood swings particularly anger prednisone has a is like a feeling enhancer particularly anger i find you don’t really have the patience for what people have to say especially if you

Feel like it’s not relevant to what’s going on and sometimes nothing is relevant to what you feel is going on because a million thoughts are flying through your head at any given moment and everyone’s just kind of like in the way and wasting your time this is another situation where like it might happen and there isn’t much you can do except for tell people around

You that you’re taking prednisone and that you may be agitated let people know when you’re getting agitated so that you don’t blow up because i have had a couple of blow ups on support uninformed people and they do not go well and just be very aware of the fact that you are sensitive to any sort of like volatility in your environment you really want to keep things

Low key when you’re on prednisone and i don’t mean like sequester yourself in your house i mean like emotionally and stress wise you want to keep things as low-grade as you can possibly keep them you don’t want to be in a high-stress situation on precious partly because you’re already sort of dealing with whatever you’re dealing with i find that on prednisone i

Don’t want to listen to my family fight like if my mother and my sister are having an argument i don’t want to be in the room because that’s just gonna agitate me regardless of how much my involvement is in there i just can’t handle yelling on prednisone like in general any kind of loud noises and if i screaming i really don’t want that in my space i want to keep

My space nice and calm nice and relaxed that’s personal thing the final effect of prednisone that i want to talk about today is excess energy sort of feeds into the anger and the agitation that may come in emotionally it’s just a general feeling of like what am i gonna do i have so much energy i want to do something i want to do something i want to do something that

Is a tricky tricky feeling because on prednisone you may feel pushed to do a lot of things physically it comes with the emotional agitation and like just general sort of amp up of feeling everyone manages this a little differently for me it’s more exercise and more artistic flow but if you have something really important that you are working on i mean for school or

For work maybe something legally that you have to do and you feel that weird urge to work on that one really important thing do the work but don’t submit it wait till you are done with your prednisone or in a calm space to look over your work before you submit it the only reason being that just because you have extra energy it’s not always the most focused energy

Especially prednisone build energy if you want to run you run your run so you can’t run no more if you wanna work on that art piece or that novel that you can working on for a while and you want to get you feel like that free flow and energy you want to get that out get that out but that one really important legal or academic or work-related thing you can do it but

Hold off on the submission you do not wanna accidentally in a prednisone fueled energy first submit something that you have not looked over with a level head first i speak from experience it feels great and you feel productive and awesome especially at first but like you really need to make sure that you look over anything that you do that is very important while

You are in a sort of prednisone energy high this like i said depends on your level both of prednisone and of energy i’ve had times when i’ve just felt like a general pep in my step on prednisone and times where i couldn’t sleep for like two days so gauge yourself prednisone is very much a personal thing and it depends on dose and temperament just because i’ve had

These side-effects doesn’t mean that you will or that you have or that you’ve had the same ones you may have had different ones or none at all and i feel like that’s really important i feel like most medications it’s sort of a personal experience and though we may share some things we may not share others i just feel like i really need to emphasize these are things

That have happened to me and these are how i’ve dealt with them and i’m sharing them with you in hopes that if you’re going through this right now that this helps you and that you feel like you have someone that you know sort of went through it if you have any side effects that maybe i didn’t cover or anything that like particularly you whenever you take prednisone

Just uh you know comment down below talk it out and if there’s anything you feel like i should cover or anything that you want to like bring up definitely you know write it out and that’s it thank you guys for checking us out i know it’s been a little long i hope it hasn’t been too unfocused

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