February 8, 2023


Prednisone is a steroid does that mean if you take it you’re gonna be a bodybuilder not necessarily let’s talk today about how prednisone side-effects affect men i’m dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist and here is showing that prednisone is a steroid what what are you talking about it’s not testosterone but it is related to testosterone you see the prednisone there

On the left and over on the right you can see all some different hormones that are in our in our body including steroid hormones so you see mmm prednisone is mimicking cortisol on the top are wear-and-tear a hormone that affects our ability to deal with stress and then on the bottom there are the sex hormones that means the female hormones progesterone estrogen

And the male hormone testosterone because they all look pretty similar they all have this four circles that kind of match each other our bodies can get confused and taking prednisone can interfere with the normal rhythm of these hormones and the cascade can be messed up so that will understanding that will explain what i’m about to show you on the next slide about

How prednisone affects men differently than women so because prednisone looks like those female hormones some men report changes in their physical anatomy so this is very rare don’t think oh no my doctor prescribed prednisone i’m gonna get boobs no this is very very rare it’s possible that a man could have changes in his breasts they might become tender they might

Get a little bit bigger often prednisone causes weight gain and that might happen in the breast area to the other men report that their penis is smaller than it usually is what’s great is that usually these things go back to normal when when you stop taking prednisone all right the male hormones because prednisone looks like testosterone it can change things like

Your voice so you might get a little husky ur voice than usual it might give you a higher voice than usual it it’s just unpredictable and rare but it’s possible finally the sperm so either the sperm can have dis motility which means i can’t swim as well they’re just not built to swim quite as well as they’re used to or the sperm might have a lower count so it’s

Possible to have a little bit of less fertility while on prednisone because essentially there’s not the right balance of hormones of the estrogen and the progesterone and the testosterone in the body to create the most fertile environment so even in men hot flashes are possible you think i’m a man there’s no way i’m gonna feel like i’m in menopause but it’s true

That the prednisone can make you feel like you’re a menopausal woman and you can get hot flashes with the sweating the redness the flushing and even the mood changes speaking of mood changes psychiatric side effects of prenez ohm are different in men and women so men can have luckily for you you love me usually have less psychiatric side effects than women but when

Men get psychiatric side effects they’re more likely to become to have mania and like feel totally unlike themselves and kind of crazy delirium to just be incoherent and babbling and not with it at all just not be your normal self that is more typical in men than in women and all of those changes are more likely when you’re on a higher dose so don’t worry it’s you

It’s the medicine it’s a side-effect so don’t feel like oh no i am going crazy because no this medicine is making you feel crazy and you do need to get legitimate treatment for it but it’s not you so don’t feel like you have a personal feeling in any way give yourself grace get the help you need and it will go away most of the time when you stop taking prednisone

Okay now what about hair so hair loss is more common in women than men but it is possible and then a change in facial hair can happen in men as well women notice that they start getting facial hair that they never had before so it’s possible because of those strange hormonal changes that men can also have facial hair changes and one of the most important things is

Preventing bone loss so prednisone is the number one drug that causes osteoporosis and anyone who’s taking doses over seven and a half milligrams a day should be taking vitamin d and calcium according to the doctors who prescribe prenez on the most and men have less osteoporosis than women than postmenopausal women but it’s still likely and then avascular necrosis

Can happen to anyone young or old male or female so if you’re ever having hip pain that wasn’t there before make sure you talk to your doctor about it and so what can you do about all of this i’ve got tips for you on the wellness checklist if you below you can see your options for how to get access to this and signing off as dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist

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Prednisone Side Effects in Men By Dr. Megan – Prednisone Pharmacist