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Prednisone can be prescribed for a short amount of time or for a really long amount of time if you’re giving it for just a short amount of time what can you expect should you expect no side-effects or what i’m dr. megan the prednisone pharmacist i’m here to answer your question today so i was prescribed prednisone several times first i was prescribed it for a short

Amount of time and let me tell you i definitely felt side effects i’ll dive more into what those really were but i had plenty of side effects then i was giving it for a long amount of time so i’m gonna make another video about long-term side effects because there some of them are the same and some of them are different i wanted to start with this quote from the

Most well-respected drug reference from for pharmacists i don’t think it’s true what do you think short term administration of large doses typically does not cause adverse effects is that how it was for you comment below did you not have any adverse effects or side effects from large doses of prednisone because i certainly did i had blurry vision i had like achy

Joints i had terrible insomnia from just short-term doses what about you so i’m gonna go through what that literature actually says about what you can expect for short-term side effects all right so i’ve gone through different articles and i’m going to just go through from head to toe what you can expect so first of all right here your brain your your mood your

Mental health what to expect if you’re only on prednisone shirt short term so several studies have showed that if you’re only on it for a little bit of time you might have there’s a special word for it an improved sense of well-being within several days isn’t that nice another medical term for that is euphoria you just feel great like you’ve been suffering some

Some disease and how do you just feel great and that feeling lasts a little while eventually might go away though another like the next extreme of that is called hypomania where you feel so great you don’t even need to sleep you just have energy you like feel wonderful and you’re kind of almost going crazy next so then the next extreme is where your mood goes

Up and down and it might be going up and down quite a bit with that it can go up so high you can actually be experiencing mania and mania is where it’s so extreme that you might even need to be hospitalized because you’re kind of feeling crazy so there’s different levels and usually it’s just that i feel pretty good but it can get really bad people can feel

Terrible anxiety terrible mania and you don’t want that i really hope that never happens for you but it’s normal it’s not you it’s the drug i’ve got another set of videos all about how it’s really not you it’s the drug and ways to cope with that all right so that we started with the head now moving on prednisone can cause lots of eye side effects but those don’t

Usually happen short-term you might get blurry vision like i did though okay now down to the heart prednisone if it’s given in super-high doses for a short amount of time like for somebody who had like blindness in their eye from multiple sclerosis they might be given a thousand and then it would like that super high dose there’s a chance that they could have

Sudden cardiac death like suddenly die a heart attack or a stroke or something at their heart so it’s possible but incredibly unlikely usually there aren’t a lot of heart side effects when it’s short term but it can happen okay the next one is moving down to the adrenal gland and your kidneys so the adrenal gland is what secretes your normal hormone cortisol that

Prednisone is replacing and so when you’re taking prednisone you’re replacing that cortisol and it’s turning off your adrenal gland and your hypothalamus in your brain that whole system is turned off and that can happen in as little as one dose so that side effect can happen immediately pretty much everybody who’s given prednisone or another steroid is immediately

Adrenal suppressed and it takes time to recover and that’s why we usually taper prednisone slowly off but if you’re only on it short-term sometimes you can get away with just taking high doses and not tapering but that’s an exception and not the rule and you should definitely follow whatever your doctor ordered okay the next one i’m going to talk about is your

Muscles so prednisone breaks down muscles and they can cause something called myopathy and that can happen it said in as little as weeks to months so you can notice that your arms and your legs and your maybe even like the muscles in your hands can get weaker and smaller and like fall apart and you lose them and so that can happen the next thing that’s related

To that is weight so you’re losing muscle mass that’s something you’re losing but what are you gaining you are gaining water weight and fat weight and that doesn’t usually happen right at first if you’re only taking prednisone for like two to three weeks you usually don’t gain weight you actually might even lose weight during that first time the first short period

Of time but beyond two to three weeks that’s when the weight gain can happen and when the weight gain happens like that it can start as low as five milligrams and it can be up to 10% of your body weight you can gain i definitely did and how i’ve learned so much about how not to do that but it happens and it’s no fun because it’s not just weight it’s changing your

Appearance when i make these videos sometimes the the trend the text at the bottom it thinks i’m saying pregnant zone instead of prednisone and it couldn’t be a truer word for it because it might give you a big fat belly and a big round face but those things don’t usually happen when you’re only on it for two to three weeks the moon face usually takes a couple

Months to appear it can happen faster but it usually takes several months like at least beyond a month to start showing up and if you’re having a different experience let us know below because to really just aren’t great lists of any of this information i’ve had to pull all of this from all over and so if you’re having a different experience with your short term

Let’s collect that great information all right next is my true reason for disagreeing with the statement from the drug company the drug company the most well respected pharmacist literature out there clinical pharmacology they said this about prenez own short-term administration of large doses typically does not cause adverse effects to translate that into english

They say if you only take it a short amount of time it doesn’t normally cause side-effects and i have to completely disagree because of this study this study they looked at over 300,000 adults who are insured by a health insurance company in america and they looked at three years of information and of those 300,000 people one in five were given at least a short

Course of steroids one in five twenty percent of people were given prednisone or another steroid for less than 30 days and in those in that time period and the follow-up time period there was a five times greater risk of sepsis that’s like your whole body being infected and like nearly getting nearly dying there was a five times good risk now your risk of sepsis

Is really really small to begin with but while on prednisone or another steroid the risk was five times greater so like that’s not insignificant that is definitely sticking statistically and very clinically significant the next one was vtes which is a venous thromboembolism or a clot they said that you had a three times greater risk of having a clot now again

Your baseline risk is pretty low so getting a three times risk it’s not like everybody’s gonna suddenly have a clot but when they looked at 300,000 lives they could see the difference now the last one is fractures broken bones because prenez own causes bone loss it leeches calcium out of our bones and so i was surprised that to read this i thought it was kind of a

Pushed it out there like in if you’ve been on prednisone a long time then you’re at greater risk for osteoporosis and breaking your bones they said that you almost had a two times greater risk of breaking a bone during that short term less than 30 days those first 30 days of taking prednisone so if your doctor prescribed prednisone or another steroid and you’re

Wondering does it cause side effects in a short amount of time because i know doctors say that all the time oh you’re only on at first short amount of time you won’t have any side effects it’s not true you probably will have side effects and you probably aren’t going to have these terrible ones they’re really rare but you’ll probably have changing your mood or

Personality probably have change in your sleep it might make you have insomnia and it might change your appetite those are the top three things that people notice so i invite you to let us know if you’ve had a different experience than that in those first 10 to 20 days of taking prednisone and if you have let’s make a better list and then if you are on prednisone

I’ve created a print a zone checklist and it has ways to cope with the top seven mistakes that people must make wall on prednisone and the top 15 side-effects different specific things you can do to combat them you can get it i’ll post a link below signing off i’m dr. megan the prednisone pharmacist

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