January 26, 2023


I have been wondering for a very long time why in the world i see two different names prednisone and prednisolone i know as a pharmacist that they’re different but why do we use prednisone all the time in america and why do we use prednisolone in the united kingdom and i guess maybe europe too i had no idea so i did some research to help you find out what the

Difference is well there with my phone between prednisone and prednisolone and potentially why there is a difference in the use of these drugs i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m here to explain this to you today so first of all the number one thing we need to understand is the difference isn’t just an o and an l in the middle of the names prednisone has

The own at the end because of that cute little red o with the two lines coming off of it i guess they’re going like that in the middle of that picture that’s called a ketone or an oxo group on this picture you don’t need to take organic chemistry to see but the big difference right there you can see prednisone has an o with two lines and prednisolone has an o and

An h so the only difference between these two chemical structures is that double bonded oxygen got replaced by a hydrogen on the prednisolone that’s it and so normally in your in your body if you take prednisone tablets then your you swallow it and you absorb it and your liver breaks it down and the first thing it breaks it down into is prednisolone so another

Word for this is a pro drug prednisone is a pro drug for prednisolone so it makes sense that they would use prednisolone in the united kingdom they can just skip that whole step of breaking down the the drug from the pro drug into the active drug that your body uses your body uses the prednisolone and it actually doesn’t use the prednisone itself to do all the

Actions it’s the broken down version but as far as which one’s better not really any different they work exactly the same they have the same effects it’s almost the exact same dosage like prednisone 10 milligrams is the same as prednisolone 10 milligrams and they last the same amount of time really there’s no difference so let’s learn more about actual usage in

The united states so prednisone is the 31 number 31 on the most common drugs prescribed in america so it’s pretty common with 23 million prescriptions in the united states in 2016. that’s the most recent data and it’s really cheap it only costs about five dollars per prescription so then prednisolone in america is really only used as the liquid syrup that you

Can either feed your child or your dog or your cat and because of that is it’s a lot easier to swallow a liquid than a tablet for a small child or a dog and so it’s the number 136 most common thing that we use in america for prescription drug it has gone up though because in 2008 it was only 190. so for some reason in america we’re using prednisone more than

We used to i don’t know what that is if anybody has any ideas i’d love to know what you think and for that liquid syrup it costs about fifteen dollars per prescription so it costs more and then the prednisone is really dirt cheap so other names you might see for prednisone oops this is supposed to say protozoan on that side i’m sorry prednisone is also called

Delta zone pronozone and tensol and then i’ve never really even heard of these other ones and i’ve been in the pharmacy world for like 20 years now anyway um delta zone prednisone and tensile and rayos rayos is this long-acting one that people can take at bedtime for things like rheumatoid arthritis where the inflammation is worse in the middle of the night so

That’s kind of cool um but really i’ve never seen almost any of these because it’s a generic whenever your doctor prescribes it they’re gonna write prednisone they’re not gonna write delta zone i don’t i don’t know why they would even do that um and the only reason they would ever write anything but prednisone is if they wrote rayos and then that’s a totally

Different thing and it’s not dirt cheap it’s really expensive so then this is prednisolone so protein is alone is prednisone acetate and that’s the kind that is liquid and then there’s also protein is alone sodium phosphate and that it’s right next to my head i can’t point the right direction right there the orapred odt and that’s an orally disintegrating tablet

And i don’t know why people would use this it’s fifteen hundred dollars a month i guess you don’t have to swallow it you can just put it on your tongue and it would dissolve that’s just really not worth fifteen hundred dollars to me just swallow it because it probably tastes terrible because all of these prednisolone liquid prednisone tablets they’re all awful

Tasting so if your kid has to have the prednisone ask if they can flavor it for you because most pharmacies have a little machine that they can just say oh it’s prednisolone and we’re giving them 100 milliliters and they can just put in flavoring so that’s what i would do if i had to use it for my child and now for the mystery so the prednisolone tablets are

Not used in america but the prednisone tablets are whereas the opposite is true in the united kingdom the print is alone tablets are used and not prednisone and so we looked into the pharmacy ordering system to see how much it would cost to purchase prednisone tablets because i couldn’t remember ever dispensing prednisolone in my entire career the tablets and

Then i found out why because it’s 1500 they don’t make a generic it’s not in america mystery resolve light bulb and so basically somehow in america we started using prednisone and so there got to be a lot of competition there was this company in this company in this company in this company and they all competed to be the prednisone company and so the prices

Dropped and dropped and dropped and dropped and now it’s dirt cheap they’re just pennies a pill whereas i’m assuming the same thing must have happened in the united kingdom but for you predna’s alone and so it’s really cheap to buy prednisolone in the united kingdom england and all of those countries over there but not in america why i have no idea why they went

Down that path or we went down this path but it’s probably the same reason that rocket parts used by nasa are the sizes that they are we can’t make bigger rockets or whatever because they’re shipped on a train and why are they shipped on a train because that’s the easiest way to get them there and why is the train the width it is because they had to use horses

To make the track and so it’s the width of the horse’s rear end that determined how big the train was which determined how big the rocket parts are and so just because we started down one path that’s how big rockets are and now we started down this one path in 1955 of prednisone and somehow united kingdom started down their path and they used prednisolone and

So in the literature you’ll see prednisone and pregnancy alone but we can just treat them the same they’re basically the same thing is just where you live that’s it that’s the only difference is what your doctor can prescribe where you are so if you need help with prednisone get yourself a prednisone wellness checklist that says list under my head um checklist

Uh at my website i am dr megan your prednisone pharmacist solving mysteries and helping people with side effects to prednisone every day dr megan i look forward to helping you next week figure out a better way to cope with a side effect to prednisone you

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