March 28, 2023

Hi guys it’s finally relatively nice out although the sun is starting to warm up but this morning has been super great there’s been a breeze and the heat has been down and it’s humid as you can maybe see from the haze around me but it’s been much nicer than the 40 degrees c we’ve had the last few days that has been really bad on everyone especially the big dogs they

Love cool temperatures i do not love the cold but i can’t be outside in the heat or the sun so definitely cooler temperatures or something i have been looking forward to myself i just wanted to talk very briefly about pain and prednisone and yeah prednisone is going to cause you a lot of pain it can it can take away your pain obviously because it is suppressing your

Inflammation and disease but as you start to lean you are going to have symptoms of withdrawal very often and if not all the time and depending on whether or not your disease is under control your you may go back into a flare or have symptoms of your disease so i have both withdrawal symptoms and i also start to get thrown back into a flare i have an adjustment period

That’s quite long every time i change my dose it can take anywhere from two weeks to a month for me to kind of level back out so it’s an unpleasant time for me but and that doesn’t matter if i’m leaning at like point five two point five five milligrams obviously the bigger the wean the more intense or impossible but even though slow a slower weenus is harder on me

But definitely right now i’m experiencing a lot more trouble and my muscle joint and bone pain has been much more severe over a longer period of time than i’m used to dealing with and it is not improving my joint pain is slightly improved muscle pain has not the muscle weakness has not it’s extremely hard to walk and the my fatigue levels are through the roof it

Is not like i’m used to dealing with chronic fatigue and there’s different levels of fatigue obviously but this is a kind of fatigue that is impossible to push through there’s just there’s no way you just can’t you’re just you just cannot physically most of the time push through and my bone pain is excruciating ly intense and not getting better so i’m gonna have

To go for some tests to make sure that this is not just prednisone issues and disease issues it’s not actually something getting worse from either of those things obviously your bones deteriorate and mine have been doing that and that also causes pain i have a good feeling this is just prednisone triggered but obviously you know we want to make sure because my my

One hip is excruciating and it’s it’s just not calming down it should be by now my elbows are really bad and that’s definitely a prednisone related issue i have every time i change my dose i’m saying with my knees ankles i fell down a lot more when i’m leaning because of the muscle weakness like my legs just give out when i’m walking and stuff and it’s not always

You don’t always know what’s gonna happen beforehand so you know you’re just walking along and next thing you know you’re just on the floor like okay and so then you’re more prone to injury too so you really have to be careful and i’m just really tired ah like i can’t tell you how hurt i am i can’t sleep enough i can’t rest enough i can’t get relief from the pain

So but life is still going on around you despite all of these things and you still have things you need to take care of so i’m gonna try and put in a few hours of work this morning taking care of business related things before the fatigue overwhelms me again mike go back today um i hope everyone has a decent day and that you’re not in too much pain you get some

Things done if you can and if not there’s always tomorrow and that gets pretty frustrating so i say that a lot and it’s like two weeks later and i still haven’t done something important that i need to do but this is just the reality of what we have to deal with and all we can do is just try our best so it’s all we can do

Transcribed from video
Prednisone weaning and pain By The Chronic Farmgirl