June 4, 2023


Thankfully these didn’t exist at least i didn’t know they did when i was on prednisone or it would have been bad news because i would beat them all so i want to know what are your favorite strategies your favorite tactics for not gaining weight while on prednisone i personally took prednisone for nine months i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i’m here

To help you not just survive prednisone but thrive while on prednisone and today i’m going to share with you what your fellow prednisoned warriors said and when i asked that question on my facebook page protozoan warriors with dr megan so you should if you’re not already on that page you should like that page and follow it but in the meantime i have their

Best advice for you at the end of this video i’ll share what my best tactics were and a tip that i have to share for you so first we have this i’m going to be reading these so my eyes will be over here looking at that screen but i want you to hear their words because they take prednisone just like you this one said i found it easier to control my appetite at 120

Milligrams through 90 milligrams then 60 milligrams down to 20 milligrams and constantly hungry only since passing through 40 milligrams did i really start to eat exponentially more and my weight increase i find that really interesting because i that’s the opposite of how i usually see it i usually see the higher the dose the higher the hunger cravings but he had

Less hunger cravings at those super high doses he continues trying harder now to control caloric intake and as i recover increasing my exercise regime the exercise does not really impact on weight per se but it does help to suppress my appetite for a while additional benefits come in two forms i walked my dog 5 000 steps this morning good weight-bearing exercise

To help retain muscle mass but more importantly weight-bearing exercise helps combat the impact of steroids on bone mass and therefore addresses some of my concerns about future osteoporosis then he says he does cardiovascular on an exercise bike later moderate exercise to take my pulse to 120 to 130 beats per minute not too strenuous but helps maintain muslim

Is beneficial to respiratory function and circulation one of those things this is his final perspective if i had the choice of survival against gaining weight survival gaining weight get me a new wardrobe every time so for him the weight gain is a price he’s willing to pay to survive that was the same for me all right now we’re moving down to heather heather said

I have kept the same weight three years of prednisone doses started at 15 milligrams now on four milligrams but have been at two a couple of times what she did is she stopped chocolate and sugar reduced carb and went to a higher fiber bread when i have it chips and potatoes are only a treat half portions of rice or pasta when i have meals in the canteen one meal

A day with healthy snacks like avocado or meat with salad and fruit sometimes greens as the main portion with butter just rethinking what’s worth eating and what’s not being flexible about traditional cereal breakfast occasionally that when i have i have that as a treat i’ve had a few mince pie breakfast lately so i think she is from a different country because

We don’t talk about the canteen quite as much here all right now lori laura says she’s taking it right before bedtime and that’s what helps her that only helps when she wakes up until she wakes up in the morning so she doesn’t eat all night that’s good all right sharon said keto really worked i lost 45 pounds in six months and felt fantastic she’s trying to

Get back to it gotta dive right back in i did great on keto and then i fell off the wagon so that was lori sharon now ken ken said he exercises daily and he said his best recommendation is to control what you eat in both the quality and the quantity i couldn’t agree more with that all right agnes says sauerkraut yep every day a small serving even if it’s just

Putting it putting a fork in the glass jar and swirling it around and eating it just like that so much more comes out of you with less effort and it helps with the cravings big time you’ll notice at the end of your first jar give it some time i’ve never tried that one i would love to hear if anybody else has and what your results are because that sounds like

A really awesome like um real cuisine like um from certain countries that they would have that kind of a benefit from their customs okay connie said lots of water and protein i think that’s a really important one too paula says chew very slowly drink lots of water chew sugar for young and mints linda says low carb and lots of water karen says walking swimming

Intermittent fasting and finally tracy says low carb so there’s lots of options there lots for you to choose from that your fellow prednisone warriors tried and i personally had a hard time at the very beginning because i wasn’t feeling well and so at the beginning i was just succumbing and the more time i was on it the more i was able to become more mindful

About my eating and so that is why i really made this one of my focuses as the prednisone pharmacist to help people figure out what to do about food when it comes to prednisone so i have a few more videos in this series i’m about to release and next week we will talk about foods to avoid while on prednisone and then the following week what snacks that your

Fellow partners and warriors recommend finally i have a program to help you while you’re on prednisone and it’s called the lose the prednisone pounds program and it’s just 28 days where you can really focus and really do your best to focus on prednisone and food and getting the right balance of those two things i have like there’s an ebook that comes with it

There’s a meal plan there are recipes it’s all you need so you and i the best part is it’s free so all you have to do is click the link below and you can join my lose the prednisone pounds program with dr megan signing off as your prednisone pharmacist you

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