January 26, 2023

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So i stopped and visited a pharmacy today to tell  them about my product nutranize zone and i just   patients about what we wish we’d been told before   we took prednisone and so i’ll share with you at  the end what specifically i tell pharmacies when i   visit them that they should tell their prednisone  patients as a warning but

What do you think   pharmacists should tell their patients before   prednisone pharmacist i visited a local pharmacy   and told them all about nutranize zone why would  i tell about it because it’s the best thing   for people on prednisone it includes all of the  nutrients that prednisone steals including calcium  

And vitamin d to help with your bones and other  ingredients to help with your blood sugars so   the things i want pharmacies to know about include  bone loss people say that they weren’t told about   osteoporosis and so they need to know about it and  taking this is health helping to support that need   the next thing prednisone

Patients i’ve heard  from have told me is they weren’t told that   prednisone causes weight gain right that you were  given prednisone in a moment of emergency and the   least important thing for somebody to tell you is  oh by the way if you take this you know long term   it’s gonna cause weight gain for me personally i 

Was in the hospital i could have died any minute   tell me about were you told about weight   gain i want to know comment below so if you were  you’re lucky if you weren’t be like me me me   thing that people are like am i going crazy   i feel like a totally different person my mind  is racing 100 miles an hour and i can’t

Sleep   did you feel like that when you started prednisone  because people don’t know if it’s them or the drug   or what why can i suddenly not sleep and they  don’t know that it’s a side effect of prednisone   have melatonin in here melatonin to help support   your sleep so that you can actually see because  not only

Does prednisone interfere with your   sleep cycle but it does so by depleting melatonin  that just one pill is enough to cause a melatonin   most when the sun is setting and then it would   get lower and lower throughout the night and it  would be a curve kind of like that but when you’re   on prednisone it kind of goes

Like this there’s  just not nearly as much as there normally would be   so that’s why you’re having insomnia while you’re  on prednisone so if you’re suffering from these   top three concerns of people on prednisone then  sleep well at night to build your bones  strong and to stop the high blood sugars   so you can have

Stable stable and steady blood  sugars while on prednisone that will help you   to lessen the cravings and keep your hunger under  control and we all know that out of control hunger   leads to weight gain so when you can get those  three major side effects under control you are set   those are the biggest concerns of most people

On  prednisone so i encourage you to go to nutranize   zone nutrinize.com to get your own nutranize zone  it’ll help you feel like yourself again hundreds   of prednisone warriors have used it and they feel  so much better they’re like i was a different   person on prednisone and you’ve given me my life  back dr megan so go

To nutranize.com today and get   your nutranize so you can feel like yourself again  you

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