December 8, 2022

Prednisone Overview Video:

Welcome to the prednisone series so i’ve done a couple of videos on prednisone already you can find those linked below but today i want to talk about weaning off of prednisone or potentially the withdrawal symptoms that you can experience from going off prednisone just way too fast if you didn’t know already you should be weaning off of prednisone you should not

Just be on 40 and then drop to zero the next day you don’t want to stop like that first things first as always make sure that you talk to your doctor whatever it may be your specialist your primary care physician talk to them about prednisone and when you should stop it make sure that they have you on a weaning schedule you never want to stop prednisone without

Asking your doctor first it’s very dangerous corticosteroids are used in many different inflammatory conditions and autoimmune conditions it’s pretty much probably one of those drugs that just about anyone has used whether it be for bronchitis or asthma any autoimmune condition like my lupus sjogren’s all sort of colitis mst’s you’ve itis i don’t know anything

With the itis on the end pretty much they most likely have used prednisone it gets rid of inflammation like that and that’s why it is so great because when you are really swollen it helps to do that fast and quickly and there’s a lot of side effects that comes along with it there are some serious side effects such as osteoporosis diabetes psychiatric problems and

These are all side effects that usually are caused based off of long-term use and i’ll have to go into another video to talk about those today we’re going to talk about adrenal suppression so that’s when your adrenal glands potentially stop working and that’s what happens with brenda’s own and if you don’t get off the meta fication safely you could be risking not

Having your adrenal glands work for the rest of your life so your two adrenal glands are placed right by your kidneys right above and basically what they do is they work to produce cortisol and other hormones but one of the main hormones is cortisol basically cortisol it helps to regulate your heart rate and your blood pressure along with metabolism and blood sugar

Levels and it does many other things but those are some of the main things that it participates in if your body is unable to produce cortisol you can experience symptoms such as fatigue muscle weakness low appetite just generally feeling like crap and that can be hard to detect sometimes if you have another autoimmune condition which already has symptoms like that

But these are also withdrawal symptoms when you take corticosteroids it’s acting as almost the replacement of cortisol because when you’re putting that in there you’re putting extra cortisol your pituitary gland is gonna tell your adrenal gland to stop producing as much cortisol naturally and essentially if you have too much you’re just not gonna produce natural

Cortisol in your body so your body has to relearn that cycle and that’s why we have to wean off of the prednisone you can’t just stop it or you’re gonna freak your body out please please please talk to your doctor before stopping prednisone i know the side-effects are awful but talk to your doctor first because you could potentially put your body in danger and

You might have to be on this stuff for the rest of your life usually a proper weaning schedule again talk to your doctor but it consists of two and a half to five milligrams prednisone dropping weekly sometimes over multiple weeks and that depends on disease relapse and people like me who have lupus or other autoimmune issues sometimes your symptoms get even worse

Because it’s not having that that anti-inflammatory in the system to end this video i want to ask any of you if you’ve ever experienced prednisone withdrawal symptoms or if you have had any adrenal issues because of prednisone let us know in the comments below so we can share our thoughts with each other and learn from each other in my experience i have experienced

The withdrawals you know right away when you’re going too fast off that prednisone brenda zone is very hard to wean off of especially in those with autoimmune conditions i can’t speak on other conditions it is hard because your body doesn’t have that anti-inflammatory in the system anymore and you’re slowly weaning it down so joint pain fatigue all that comes

Rushing back and yeah many of us don’t want to be on this drug but it’s a process to get off of it thank you all for watching i am so happy to be back in the light on the camera and i hope that you like this video subscribe and don’t forget to get notified and i’ll see you next time bye you

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Prednisone Withdrawal | Adrenal Insufficiency By Heal With Samantha