March 28, 2023

Hobbie brought us to upon you by the way probably brought us or brought ya brought us out for lunch kit new place if he likes tummies oh and look how fancy it is you order everything on an ipad i’ve never done that before so that’s what we got so far so yesterday brought me here to try it and i showed my hair today and then pop it like that norman who likes my hair

Straight he’s like uh it looks i’m dry what do you guys think do you like my hair straight it is try because all this stuff have to put it in all the time people of earth so weird i know enough good lighting the lighting technician a good filter alright i’m all the way to work lunch was very delicious that’s all we did i don’t see where it should be and that’s

That but what’s poppin and just tell talk to you guys about prednisone withdrawal oh my god so as you know i was on prednisone and i was on it for the month very high doses and then he was putting me down it out and the prednisone was as i said make me a balloon up not liking it so house down to five and i thought that i was done and he said i don’t know her all

Right you know the prescription and just keep leaning down for the five but i was done like i did not want to keep taking it so i stopped taking it and you never recommend this so now to be honest i did have a cold so i was putting a lot of stuff on the my cold like i was it’s hardened i was sick but the prednisone made me very sick by stopping it like that i was

Extremely ill authority like so tired beyond like i’m always tired i’ve always been tired whatever is my system i don’t remember a time when i wasn’t always tired but this was like beyond exhausted for no reason like just waking up completely exhausted and then i was then i get the headaches to the last two days but no yesterday i didn’t have a headache so like

Saturday and sunday i was having headaches which i put down to the prednisone as well now yesterday when i got up i felt fantastic like i woke up and i felt rested a headache i just felt really good i started working out again i didn’t work in again today still no headaches oh oh i think it’s finally out of my system hey dude i want to go on it again please don’t

Ever put me on it again but yeah it’s really bad so i definitely don’t recommend it just to going off prednisone like i did because that was rough like i felt so horrible but um anyway so jen here cuz we’re traffic jam this very flattering angle down here there we go say yes i’m just about to pull up to work look i got the heat blasting that’s too hot and that is

It so i will talk to you guys tomorrow bye okay i look like a hot mess i turn on some lights here so just i’m leaving work and the guys would say i’m so sweaty sorry but this show tonight okay this is tuesday night but it’s my second day back to work after being there for two days my boss shows up tonight at 10 o’clock at night he never does that because he already

Got a complaint about me like i don’t know what is shoved up this woman’s ass but i’m getting really tired of it because there’s nothing wrong with my work and i would tell you guys if i was a lazy and just didn’t do anything and that is not the case i do my work and i do it well and my boss honker my boss my boss even he just said like let’s walk away he goes

You were probably your classrooms are done right i was a gap they’re done yeah i said yeah let’s go for a walk we’ll walk around so we went through all my class rooms all my rooms and he there was nothing like i said now i said if you had to come down here not no complaint you just showed up and went through my section i said would you have faith would you have

Thought that you would get a complaint the next day and it was like no there was nothing nothing there so like getting really really tired of it guys can somebody like get me to a million subscribers so i can just stay home and like do youtube and be with my family because i’m not gonna be able to handle this much longer back to the truth anyway i’m almost home

Tomorrow’s my birthday let’s hope that i can have a one good day can we do that can we just one good day for me tomorrow for my birthday that’s all i want anyway talk to you guys tomorrow

Transcribed from video
Prednisone withdrawal and more drama🙄 By pugwashed