June 9, 2023

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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today i’m sharing with you a hurricane prep video as most of you know there is hurricane ian headed right for us and there was a lot of stuff we needed to do around our home to prepare for this storm um i also created a checklist of things that i like to do to prepare for a hurricane or any storm for that matter and i

Thought i would share that in this video um you know just to hopefully help someone out there or maybe even just give you a little insight on what it’s like to prepare for a storm like this so as you can see we are starting out on the back patio just cleaning up all the cushions i will also be removing all of the curtains off of our patio cover just so they don’t

Get damaged in all the wind so i have actually received so many comments and dms on instagram asking how we are doing if we are going to be stay safe from the storm and i just want you to know i appreciate all of you reaching out and sending well wishes and prayers for the storm ahead but i also wanted to get this video up so that way i could let you guys know that

We are doing everything possible to stay safe keep our home safe our family safe and we are totally fine um we like i said we’re doing everything we possibly can to prepare for the storm but it is a little stressful not gonna lie um you know anytime there’s a bad storm or isolated tornadoes possibly it’s terrifying um i would be lying to you if i if i said that

I wasn’t a little stressed but i also feel very confident in our little home that it can protect us and keep us safe and i’m also confident in the decisions that my husband and i make as a couple to protect her family so i want you to know we’re good but i will be updating you guys over on instagram and the youtube community tab as often as i can when the storm does

Reach us so that way i can let you guys know that we are okay i know a lot of you are stressed and worried for us um and i totally understand and i care about you guys and i appreciate that you care so i definitely want to be able to keep you updated so keep an eye out for those posts so after working in the backyard a little bit cleaning up we moved up front to put

All the chairs away i didn’t clean up all of it at this point just because we were still a few days away from the storm we weren’t really sure what you know it was looking like but we all kind of work together as a family to do what we have to when we have time so we did clean up a little bit up here we also worked on cleaning up underneath the carport area you can

See we have a lot of storage stuff going on here you would think all this stuff would be stored in our shed but we have a lot of other things in our shed we need a whole new shed we need to close in this whole carport and make it into a garage because we just don’t have enough storage space and with projects and paint and things like it doesn’t take long to add

Up but what we’re going to do here is we’re going to kind of contain everything together wrap it with one big tarp tie it all together so that way it’s like one big piece so there’s not little things flying around and then my husband and i will be pulling our vehicles in over here to kind of block the wind from this side of the house so that way these items don’t

Go flying so that’s what we’re going to work on here so i did want to let you guys know that ahead of the storm i did make a grocery order to prepare um food and make sure we had enough water and all the things that we needed because my husband knew there was a tropical storm you know brewing out there and it was projected to head towards florida we weren’t sure

Exactly the track of what it was going but he was like we should go ahead and make an order before things are sold out and thankfully i did because literally the next day the model did show us that it was headed straight for us and next thing you know gas is sold out there’s no food on the shelves the grocery stores are packed it’s it’s stressful during times like

This especially when everyone is kind of panic buying when you try to prepare for a storm ahead of time it’s a little less stressful because you’re you know thinking logically of like how much food you’re actually gonna need versus whenever you go last minute then you’re like oh my gosh i need 10 loaves of bread i need five things of peanut butter when in reality

You don’t really need that much but it feels that way in the a moment when you’re kind of nervous so anytime we see that there’s a storm you know possibly headed our way it’s always a good idea to go ahead and get prepared i got something oh my goodness i have nothing to weigh on mom she’s so cute i just love you a lot all right i just ran to dollar tree and

Grabbed a ton of solar lights and some of these just cheap and expensive batteries these work really well for like small flashlights and stuff so i got that but these are great solar lights for being a dollar 25 and i’m just gonna go ahead and start putting them out we can use them year long or we can also use them for the hurricane foreign foreign at this

Point we have done everything possible to prepare we have gathered food water ice batteries you know we’ve done everything we possibly can it’s just now time to do the last minute clean up this was actually the day before the storm so it was now time to take down these last few curtains if you’re wondering why i left these up it’s just to help it protect us from

The sun for the past couple days but there’s also a few tables and chairs that i never put away so i’m going to work on putting those up so they’re not flying around and then at the end of this video i will be going over my hurricane checklist foreign foreign so i got done outside i cleaned up what i could as far as like the small things that could possibly

Fly around i got bottles of water freezing in the freezer to keep the fridge and freezer cool we got extra food water for us and our pets um lots of flashlights and batteries charging i think we’re good we’re gonna be fine um like i said earlier if you guys are worried i will be updating on instagram while the storm is kind of happening as long as i have service

I will update you guys i’m not gonna like leave you hanging i promise i know when you watch someone and like you care about them you want to know how they’re doing and make sure everything’s okay so i will definitely be updating on instagram and youtube community tab while i can um but i’m pretty sure everything’s gonna be fine by the time the storm hits where

We are it should have died down to like a category one um we’re still gonna get some strong wins gonna definitely have some bad weather but i feel confident in our little house i think we’re gonna be good my brother and my sister-in-law are coming to stay with us too because they feel safe here as well so that gives me a little bit more confidence too um knowing

That we’ll have you know all of us here to kind of help protect the kids and stuff like that oh but yeah um i made a little hurricane prep list though i thought i would share it with you guys why not um i put it together the night when i was laying in bed just things that i like to do while i’m preparing for a bad storm not just necessarily a hurricane either

Like there’s some bad storms that come through that have tornadoes and these are things to like think about um so food and water is number one i have that on the top of the list and to make sure you don’t forget about your pets as well medicine first aid kit so make sure you get those prescriptions filled it makes you have tylenol ibuprofen band-aids things like

That um actually safety should probably be at the top of the list safety is most important um if you need to evacuate evacuate i know it’s not always possible for everyone to just jump in the car and leave state so if you can’t find a family or friend or someone local that has like a shelter that you can go to so that way you are safe with your family um by the

Way these are a few tips from an electrician standpoint as far as using a generator that i thought i would mention my brother actually asked if i was going to mention this so i thought it would be a good time to mention it um so if you’re using a generator a few things to remember number one make sure you don’t use it in your garage or inside of your home make

Sure the exhaust is facing away from your house so you’re not breathing in those fumes also when you use a generator make sure your main breaker is turned off that is to make sure that there’s not like a back feed in the electrical i’m not really sure how all this works i don’t know all the terms but it is very important to make sure your main breaker is turned

Off when you’re using a generator so keep that in mind um also if for whatever reason your house is in a flood area and you are planning on evacuating it’s not a bad idea to just go ahead and turn that breaker off before you leave this will not only keep your home safe and but it’ll keep other people around you safe and first aid workers or people who are coming

To do cleanup it’ll keep them safe from electrical issues um so that’s really important to know also moving on um let’s see charge phones backup battery is always important batteries flashlights solar lights are must-haves i personally do not like to use candles i think they are very dangerous i actually had an accident happen with a candle one time coming from

Someone who is extremely safe and very like stickler about candles we had a bad storm in georgia one time and i left a candle on and it melted down to the point where it was melted onto our we had it on our dryer because our bedroom was right here and it was so dark in the house and i i fell asleep and never ever fall asleep with candles but it happens accidents

Happen and this happened to us and my dog honey actually woke us up from the uh the flame on the dryer super scary so accidents happen with even some of the most observant people so i personally prefer flashlights solar lights over candles um and then have a grab-and-go bag have like your social security card your id your kids stuff anything that you’re gonna

Need to grab and go if you know crap hits the fan tornado comes through make sure you have a bag that you can take with you an extra change of clothes socks are really important so your feet aren’t wet um so that’s important cash a lot of people forget about this but you have cash because when power is out there’s no nothing works with your debit card cash is

Like something that no one ever has anymore it seems like so make sure you have cash um i’m not really sure how much they recommend to have i would just think about your family size and what you would need if you had to buy food or find a place to stay um keep that in mind um fill up your vehicle with gas that’s always important to freezing waters to keep your

Fridge and freezer cool charcoal propane ways to cook food is important um and stay calm and be patient you guys first aid workers and people who are trying to restore your power anybody who’s out working the storm after it has passed be patient don’t yell at them don’t be mad at them if your power’s not on as quickly as you would want it to people are risking

Their lives going out after a bad storm like this to do their job and sometimes they all just need grace they want to get home to their families just as fast as you want your power for your family so just be patient be kind um you know root them on give them a bottle of water if you have one give them a snack if you see them out there busting their butt because

They need it and if anything they need to be cheered on not yelled at so keep that in mind but that’s pretty much it that’s all i got for you guys as far as hurricane prep goes um like i mentioned many of times i will keep you updated on how we are doing but it’s not my first rodeo with a hurricane you know so we’re gonna be fine but thank you all for watching i

Hope you have an amazing rest of your week and i’ll see you in my next one bye y’all get it later oh now you want to get up oh there’s a frog there’s a frog in here oh my god he’s so big he’s bigger than he looks oh what are you doing oh he’s small

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Prepping for HURRICANE IAN ! By Karrie Lynn