June 1, 2023

A bit of case studies i want to show you today and is interesting because what it does it talks about per prescription medicine and lots of people on prescription medicine and in some cases that they match you nor need to be and they may be withdrawn from the prescription medicine and obviously being prescribed if they make changes to the lifestyle in particularly

In the diet and i would chap here i named he in government who she lives in new zealand which is a completely other side of the planets to where i’m based here in the uk and it was born with a rare heart condition in the late 70s underwent open-heart surgery to correct a birth defect and one of these cases where the condition was repaired but but not secured

As such and it was a bit of a bit of a uncertain outlook who shall we say as to how well he would do i’m certainly through adolescence and into adalind and through a later life and what may happen and really we’re in got to the point where his health started to deteriorate he pushed into his late twenties and he was referred to cardiology through adult congenital

Cardiologist and because of his condition and the intervention was made there and they were prescribed him a drug called prism id which is a diuretic and what that drug does is it starts to play around i should share the picture here ocean starts to planted inside the kidneys called a loop of henle and this is an ascending limb of the loop of henle here what this does

And essentially is it starts to play around with the fluids and it nature does a very good work for a long as i’m that’s the point i want to make it starts to play around with sodium and potassium and chloride coat there’s a code transport for essentially and these are it is a membrane transport proteins which really regulate the amount of fluid that’s in your body

And part of the reason why you could be described with such a drugs like this is to regulate it or lower the blood pressure and what that does the neck mechanisms do that is by lowering overall volume of blood within the body and it does work but it’s very very potent and some of the problems that can have with this and there’s our imbalances of the electrolytes

Would be if you start to lose too much fluid what can happen is this this barrier here that we’ve got this and continue blood streams can start to lose too much so you know too much potassium it can be leaked from the body in forms of salts essentially so what can happen there is people can end up with these imbalances which can cause some other problems as well

In which case and so many range take another pill and or to compensate or something else and then this restoring the balance touches i’ve mentioned on here and can then cause even more problems so you can end up in a bit of spiral and this druggie whilst being effective it’s a tough one for people who are busy because they have to regulate the amount that they

Intake in terms of not just the drug but also in terms of fluids that are in taking they’re taking too much of funny i may peel all the time taking two little i can fill it very very bloated and ian was in this situation where he was struggling it’s somebody is busy he’s a senior policy analyst at somebody’s extremely intelligent and you have sort of a fleet from

Fleet throughput of meeting to meeting each day and he says he says it’s spend his days stressing about when he could take his duress again which meetings he had did you have to travel you know he’s going to need the bathroom an hour after taking you know they’ll know how many times he’d need to go and that’s not a sustainable way to live he’s put on his record

Was about every ten minutes but for nearly two hours and bass that’s terrible because that’s going to leave him extremely dehydrated and it’s awful in terms of physical health but also mental health is all because of the reliance and so what happened it ain’t gon touch with me and we’d better the conversation and mostly sort of our email initially and the rents

Rose okay well let’s have a look at this you know the cardiology side of things is more complex so it’s not really masses that i could get involved with there at all and but i looked at a lot of the evidence to show why would somebody be prescribed this what could they do to reduce the requirements for this drug and possibly even and get them on office struggle

Together it because it was affecting his lifestyle so much we said that let’s go ahead and look at the most sensible option for this let’s find out where people don’t suffer from this particular problem areas druggies least prescribed to even though it’s available and let’s start see what they’d so the very very logical approach tunis and we went down that route

And we said what we did we’ve implemented a diet and on the back of some coaching and advice on how to go and actually shot so rather than saying here’s a diet and here’s some actual recipes to go and make it was a bit bit wasn’t it bit more complicated than we thought all because it’s got five children is busy traveling a lot for work as well it’s not going to be

You’d say each day you’re going to have the same meal whereas if yours living from home and commuting each day perhaps if you have a very rigid routine that’s easy to say well you can have oatmeal every day for breakfast not so easy if you’re traveling so really within it was about putting together some guidelines and saying right let’s work on that and then

Coaching how to order food and without us for foods in different places hotels contains these sorts of things or even business lunches and that worked extremely well as as a diet for him and it adapted also to his home life which was really important with even saying he was getting home for the absolute he exhausted which is no no way to live at all it shouldn’t

Be like that particularly not somebody who’s know in the early mid 30s and what the emr saying is that just it’s at 18 months after we started talking choices he doesn’t need to take the diuretics anymore simple we going off medication he says he’s free from the stress and the planning an inconvenience oh that was the stress of not knowing if you’d have to go to

The toilet five times up in the next hour or whatever or whether they’d feel extremely dehydrated or when it gets sit in a meeting and be bloated and exhausted or whatever it might have been so we removing that was fantastic that was a direct result of changing the diet he was eating and that came about through the education in received his words what he’s saying

Is he’s saying i’m liberated and i think anybody could offer applause for that because that really that’s giving some of their quality of life back and he says it took 18 months because he made small gradual changes and that was his choice and i said well whatever works for you and i said you know look if you’re if you’re super busy with work and it’s super busy

With family everything else going on then it’s up to you you can do this however you want and then at one of his things it wasn’t important to him was i don’t want to put a constraint on this i don’t want to say this is going to happen in 20 days or two months or whatever it’s going to be as want to do it and see how we get on this and ok well let’s do that and

There is no timeline with these things for some people that they want to do up some people risen and people talk about goals and targets and things like that and that’s fine well i can do that and for some people that works but some people have got so many other goals and targets going on their life at to introduce another one can lead for failure and so that’s

Why we agree to do this so and but the point to nathan is it’s constant improvement it’s quality of life it’s got better and better and better as compared to where the stark contrast whereas before where it is on the decline and quite rapid decline and if white also decreased as well by seven kilograms which is significant and i think of really nice thing to take

From this is it is this that these people for the first time in my life i feel excited about future not concerned and when somebody is concerned about the future they’re living in a state of fear and that is not sustainable what we’ve done here within by essentially releasing him from the shackles of his prescription medication it was essentially ruling his life

Now man i’m excited about life and that’s that that’s great for somebody who’s got a large family that means he’s excited about the future excited about grandchildren it’s nice about seeing all these children grow up and and about himself as well and that’s so powerful so that’s that’s what i wanted to share with you as i said in stated and ian’s put here as well

That there’s no timeline with this you can do this as quickly if you want to these types of things we could probably do it in i would say probably 10 days if you want to live a longer period of time then that’s okay and it really depends on what you want to get out of this so that’s a nice nice sensible case study of somebody who may or may not meet in the future

I’ll never know and but some of the other side of the world whose life has been absolutely transformed and the great thing about it as well in the same way that you’re likely watching this through a computer screen it’s exactly the same mechanism and that’s how he managed to get in touch as well so if you’ve got any questions on this or any of the other case

Studies then any any general advice at all quite frankly please feel free to get in touch because i think the more people that we can help with this then the better and as i said before everybody wins with this and maybe in the short term perhaps the pharmaceutical companies may lose out on a certain amount of money but the reality of it is is that a lot of these

Prescription medications and there’s a huge amount of money being spent on them in the western world when really that resource needs to be diverted to developing what will they really need these medications with respect to vaccinations and sanitation and infectious diseases that’s where the real money needs to be spent for pharmaceuticals if we can do that then

We can start to have a planet which can be really happy in that that’s great so thanks for watching is much appreciative if you find these things interesting then subscribe to a channel can’t you sent chess

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Prescription Medication – Furosemide (Lasix) By Intelligent Eating