June 4, 2023

Prescription painkiller tramadol, taken by thousands of people every day, is claiming more lives than any other drug – including heroin and cocaine – according to Northern Ireland’s top pathologist.

Iren strong was only 18 when he died in april a future full of opportunities lost your cocktail of illegal prescription drugs which included the powerful painkiller tramadol despite their grief aaron’s family spoke to us to warn other young people not to touch these deadly pills i’d love to see an end to this heartache on families because it’s hartman weekend and

We go on it and it needs to stop with a number of deaths recently linked to tramadol northern ireland’s top pathologist is nice big night about his fears over the abuse of the drug part of the difficulty is that these people progressively lapse into coma and often nose around individual don’t realize that they’re anything wrong they just assume that the person was

Falling asleep and but in fact that sleep is coma and that coma is potentially life-threatening professor creon has gone public on this because he has examined the bodies of those who have died from drug overdoses revealing that tramadol is claiming more lives than any other drug here that’s based on new research the professor has just completed the first tramadol

Linked deaths were in 2001 two were recorded since then the number has been rising in 2014 30 people died the youngest 18 the oldest 55 last year there were 33 the youngest a 16 year old girl the oldest a pensioner in his 70s even for a man who deals with death on a daily basis these are shocking statistics the view perhaps is that people died from taking drugs

Like heroin and morphine and so forth but our work shows that in fact tramadol is the big one it’s the big killer tramadol is an opiate based drug used to treat moderate or severe pain and because it’s so strong you can only get it on prescription but anti-drug campaigners say more and more are turning to the black market to get this cheap but dead hi people

Keep them by the harmful i’m not just once a day two three four times a day they’re eaten by the harmful and this it’s story eleven in this community and you see people who are walking about like zombies because of the rising number of deaths tramadol was reclassified in 2014 that means if you don’t have a prescription you are in possession of a class c drug my

Calls for that to be upgraded to a class a if some at all is killing so many people in northern arm then i think we have to have stricter controls allah choose those who see the damage caused within communities my calling for more to be done the message is simple if not the death toll will rise professor korean speaking i just the first step he will need northern

Ireland’s chief medical officer leader this month to push for urgent change sharon o’neill’s beautiful eyes

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Prescription painkiller tramadol ‘claiming more lives than any other drug’ – ITV 06-10-2016 By Lyme4 Channel