March 28, 2023

Tomando losartana e pressão continua alta. O que acontece?

Hello guys! how are you? do you have high blood pressure? do you take losartan, atenolol, hydrochlorothiazide so stay with me until the end of the video and i’ll give you some tips and i’ll talk about some mistakes you can never make! i am doctor roberto yano, cardiologist and pacemaker specialist. i’m making this video, guys, because i need to warn you, because more and more

I see this error in the office, let’s go! what happens? the patient has a pressure of 12 x 8; is very well controlled with the medications he takes. the vast majority of patients will have to take maybe 2 or 3 medications, or even 4 medications to control their blood pressure. and notices that his pressure is always 12 x 8, 11 x 7; i mean, it’s excellent! not infrequently,

What does this type of patient do? so two or three days go by and the patient’s pressure goes to 18 x 10 and then he desperately looks for me in the office! there are medicines that we have to use every 12 hours, in the past, there were medicines… to this day, they are still prescribed. precisely because the patient does not adhere to the treatment! he doesn’t remember

To take the medicine in the morning, in the afternoon and at night! the person’s pressure is 12 x 8, he stopped taking the medication, when the drug that is in the body loses its effect, the pressure starts to rise and starts to harm the body, of course! so what reasoning, what do you have to take into account? we’re not going to wait for the pressure to rise to 14 x 9,

For example, so i can give you a medicine to make it drop to 12 x 8! then the pressure goes up again, because the medicine wears off, when it’s time for you to take the medication, 8 o’clock in the morning, you then measure your blood pressure and it’s 12/8, precisely so that this pressure, which is 11 x 7, which is 12 x 8, so, we are not going to wait to go upstairs to

Give the medication, because by the time it went up, it had already started to damage your organs, your heart, your kidneys, your brain! so that’s it, folks! even on days when your pressure is well controlled! is when you should really keep using the medication! it’s the same with virtually all heart medications! for example, the medication we prescribe for diabetes,

We are not going to wait for the patient… the blood glucose is well controlled, so the effect of the medication ends and the blood glucose rises; we are not going to wait for the patient’s blood glucose to go to 400 also, not infrequently, the patient with diabetes says, so i stopped this more expensive medication you prescribed!” when we go to see the person’s glycated

Hemoglobin is all out of control, for those who don’t know, it estimates how glucose has been in the last three months. so it’s the same thing with the cholesterol medicine too! in 24 hours the cholesterol medication is already losing its effect! so, for you to keep your cholesterol well controlled, with the medication you prescribed and my ldl cholesterol is great!

It was 110, so i stopped the medication! but why did you stop when it’s good, then we should continue with the medication! but this happens a lot, people! about 30% of patients do it that, because she thinks the pressure is under control, she is fine! and then she despairs and looks for me in the office that the person must take twice a day, due to the half-life, instead

Of taking 50 mg of losartan in the morning and 50 mg losartan in the evening, he takes the 100 mg in the morning and thinks it will i do the same effect! we know that the half-life of losartan, for most patients, we prescribe losartan twice a day! every situation is different! are there patients who control their blood pressure with one losartan only a day? so, sometimes

The patient even forgot the day before because the medication from the day before is taking effect! unfortunately, these drugs that have a longer half-life but, you who have forgotten to take your medication at night, for example, “set the alarm clock in the morning and set the alarm clock at night at the next appointment with your cardiologist, you should talk to him and

See the possibility of starting to take medication because it has been proven, there are robust studies showing the patient who takes the medication only once a day, than that patient who has to take the medication twice, medication and evening medication and so the treatment is not complete! if you are taking allopurinol, you are dosing uric acid, and uric acid is normal,

Then keep using the medication because if you stop taking the medication, uric acid will rise again. so just because you took the medication doesn’t mean you’re cured forever! or even a little below that, which is considered a great pressure, we will continue the treatment normally. ok people! that’s when you should stick to your treatment, that

Transcribed from video
Pressão Alta. Tomando losartana e pressão continua alta. O que acontece? By Dr. Roberto Yano