December 9, 2022

Always check the side effects of your medication. One of the problems you may be having could be from your medication. And always discuss it with your doctor.

Hi everybody this is nana i dropped the ball i was supposed to do a video on sunday and i didn’t do it and here it is wednesday i have a lot of topics i want to do i’ve just i’m a procrastinator um anyway what i’m going to talk today is the common side effects of prilosec i’m prep i’m preppizal i can’t say it um but anyway and i’ve got a reason for talking

About it um because i didn’t read the stuff when i started taking it many years ago and i have stomach problems i’m started taking it because many years ago i thought i had a heart attack and i didn’t it was just stomach problems so i started taking some prescription stuff that was similar to prilosec and then my doctor didn’t really want to give it to

Me anymore so i started taking over-the-counter prilosec or omeprazole i think i said that right and i didn’t read about the symptoms and stuff and every so often i’d get diarrhea and i mean bad diarrhea and i have come to find out that that’s one of the side effects my uh doctor has put me on a different medication different doctor and uh i haven’t had the

Diarrhea so much you know but make sure you read your prescription pamphlets or your over-the-counter pamphlets if it’s any kind of medicine you take it’s really important you know so let’s um let’s go you can get headaches nausea vomiting dizziness stomach pain constipation diarrhea and i’d go back and forth between the constipation and the diarrhea yeah

Rash cough sore throat fever and children and respiratory symptoms in children now those are the common side effects the serious side effects can be kidney injury damage or failure acute intestinal nephritis ain i have no idea what the hell that is you’ll have to look that up bone fracture of the hip wrist or spine oh i didn’t know that b12 deficiency oh maybe

That’s why i’m tired all the time let’s see if i can uh make out what this word is clostridium deficient associated diarrhea caused by intestinal infection lupus aeromothus and low magnesium levels lupus erythromosas and low magnesium levels now if you overdose on it and it is possible and early signs of overdose include passing out or trouble breathing but

The overdose symptoms trouble breathing blurred vision confusion dry mouth flushing headache increased sweating passing out and uh the kidney dangers uh researchers found kidney problems developed silently half who developed chronic kidney damage never had kidney problems before taking it so even though i started this out as prilosec um i can’t say it um

The generic version of it on parazo it also can be for anything read your labels you know if you start having some side effects that you may not even think of side effects i never even thought diarrhea would be one of the side effects headaches i was having headaches gas oh i had gas you know so read your medications know what you’re taking know if they

Interact you know they they suggest not to take it more than 14 days at a time well i took it for many many years because if i don’t take it i feel like i’m having a heart attack you know and uh they warn against taking more than three 14-day courses in a year well it’s a month and a half and i’ve been taking it for six years but my doctor put me on something

New i don’t know the name of it is it’s expensive oh it’s prescription and it’s expensive oh is it expensive but so far i haven’t had the diarrhea and constipation so talk to your doctor know what you’re taking um and like i said not just with the prilosec imprezio you know anything it can save your life and on that note nana’s out of here i love you

Peeps very much check back with me next week because i’m going to try my best not to drop the ball i’m going to try to drop sundays drop a video on sundays is what i’m going to try to do but um i’m a procrastinator so love y’all all bye

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Prilosec (Omeprazole) side effects By Nona’s Take on Life