June 4, 2023

This is miranda reporting live from the channel 5 news today we’re going to be talking about fluoxetine hydrochloride most of you may know this drug as prozac it’s an antidepressant and it was the hottest drug in history the u.s drug administration approved it in december of 1987 and it took the nation by storm it was the icon of an era if you will the drug

Seemed to be a chemical miracle it’s an ssri medication that targets your serotonin and is prescribed to nearly 2 million americans according to the fda many controlled studies were done on fluoxetine to improve its understanding of its psychiatric impact based on a group of 9087 individuals who participated in 87 different randomized clinical trials the drug

Was confirmed as an effective treatment for clinical depression it may be safe for elderly patients as well as pregnant women it is also said not to have an effect on those who are already suicidal patients with menstrual pain and all those who suffer from pmdd as well as bulimia nervosa are also said to use prozac as an effective treatment once again these are

Just our findings according to the fda’s reports and in no way are we encouraging the consumption of this drug without further consulting with your physician this is miranda signing off with the daily news report now back to you ramon hi dr ramon i have a patient in room too that um see that she has a laceration on her right arm and she attempted to suicide she

Is have a sign some depression here’s on her vitals i prepped her and then she’s waiting on you okay i can’t even remember when it started it’s like the feelings just set in all i wanted to do was get my lvn license and here we are now friends and family were concerned and after i tried to commit suicide it was time to get some help i went way too far this

Time hello good morning my name is ramon i’m the doctor what’s your name bella what happened um i’m just i’m just so stressed out and i just i just felt like i couldn’t do it anymore like i just i just can’t do this school stuff anymore like it’s just i’m so stressed out okay the school is kind of stressful for you right now okay what part of the school is

Interesting about it’s just everything from the assignments like i just i just can’t do it anymore i just can’t be here anymore to deal with it like i just it’s too much okay i see okay okay i see that you have a you have an injury in your right arm what happened i just i just wasn’t feeling good i don’t know i just i don’t know what i did are you been eating

Lately not really okay are you been sleeping no how much do you play by day you wake up at night okay it’s okay we’re gonna take care of you i’m just gonna ask you a little bit a few questions okay and then we can make you feel better okay a few moments later okay i came back thank you for waiting okay so i’ve been talking with the psychiatric department

And we agreed that we’re going to give you antidepressants do you know what is that okay so we’re gonna prescribe you 14 hydrochloride it’s more known as a protest okay okay so uh i’m gonna discuss with you the side effects of the medication okay prozac is known as an antidepressant it can be used for depression acute obsessive compulsive disorder known as ocd

Panic attacks eating disorders such as bulimia or pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder how does prozac work well it selectively inhibits reuptake for neurotransmitter serotonin by cns neurons and increases the amount of serotonin available in the nerves elevated serotonin levels may result in an elevated mood and consequently reduce depression obsessive-compulsive

Disorder and diminish panic attack symptoms as well as relieve premenstrual dysmorphic discomfort prozac can help improve your mood sleep appetite energy level and it may help you restore your interest in daily living it will decrease fear anxiety unwanted thoughts panic attacks and it can also reduce the urge to perform repeated tasks that interfere with your

Daily living it may lessen premenstrual symptoms such as irritability increased appetite and depression it may also bring relief to patients with bulimia decreasing their binging and purging behaviors side effects include nausea drowsiness dizziness anxiety trouble sleeping loss of appetite sweating blurry vision gastrointestinal disturbances but more common

Hives itching skin rash inability to sit still restlessness and less common chills fever and joint and muscle pain please notify your physician if you’re experiencing any adverse effects including anxiety dream disturbances emotional liability fever headache neuroleptic malignant syndrome seizures serotonin syndrome arrhythmias hypotension prolonged qt interval

Ventricular arrhythmias hypoglycemia melanoma altered platelet function unusual bleeding hyponatremia and especially suicidal thoughts your primary physician or doctor should be aware of nursing implications including monitoring the patient’s mental status such as mood thoughts and presence of suicidal thoughts psychiatric symptoms including anxiety and depression

That can worsen in some patients monitor with other medications avoid the use of alcohol do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding your provider will teach you how to take fluoxetine properly taking one tablet of your prescribed dose in the morning every day at the same time do not stop taking fluoxetine abruptly because it may increase your risk of withdrawal

Do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding notify your provider if you have any noticeable different symptoms than usual and it may take several weeks to notice a difference dosage depends on prescription but for depression 20 to 80 milligrams once daily in the morning should be taken your daily dose should not exceed 80 milligrams after four weeks your

Doctor will check your response and the dosage may be increased please consult with a provider before taking any medications antidepressants can increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children adolescents and young adults with major depressive disorders closely monitor patients of all ages for clinical worsening and emergent of suicidal thoughts

And behavior when using philosophy and hydrochloride refer to the box warning section of the package insert depression hurts but prozac helps thanks to prozac i feel better prozac

Transcribed from video