February 1, 2023

This video describes my struggles when I started taking PROZAC (FLUOXETINE) FOR ANXIETY. What anxiety/depression questions can I answer for you? Let me know in the comments.

I don’t know about you but when i was suffering from high levels of anxiety and i was given a bunch of pills to take i was like what is it gonna do to my body and you know what i delayed taking those medications for as long as possible so if you were in that state this video might help you hi i’m ishkrishmish and i’ve been suffering from anxiety and depression for

The last four years and today i’m going to share with you what being on these anti-anxiety medications feel like when i was suffering from anxiety first of all i was not able to concentrate on anything i was thinking about some things all the time try to concentrate on one thing at a time but my mind would just not stop it would just keep thinking and thinking

And thinking all the time i was forgetting a lot of things people would tell me things i would forget them i couldn’t be alone i had to be with someone all the time i had to talk to people all the time i was on alert system like 24 7. i couldn’t sleep well woke up in the middle of the night almost all the time and couldn’t go to sleep i would be scared all

The time there were so many things i was scared of i couldn’t even watch tv movies i wasn’t talking to anybody in this world i close myself off from the rest of the world that’s what my condition was at that time i was given these pills saying you know what this is what can help you control it i was already on some medication but that was not helping it enough

So there was something that needed to be added to the mix imagine being on a high alert system when you think anything can do something to you and now you have a bunch of these pills that are going to go into your body you have no idea how your body is going to react to it what it can do for you or to you is what i was thinking at that time and not having anyone

To really talk to other than your doctors who are obviously going to advise you to take because this is their job so what i was supposed to do is i was supposed to start with taking one tablet first week and two tablets next week so first i went to the pharmacy i delayed it going there as much as possible because i didn’t want to take it i was scared of it and

Then i went there and the first thing pharmacist tells me is that this drug is going to increase my anxiety and i’m like what like is there a higher level of anxiety than what i’m experiencing right now because if this drug is going to put me there i’m not gonna take it and then i’m like i’m only going through a rough time how is this gonna help she’s like over

Time it does help and i’m like okay uh she’s like you can leave it here if you don’t want it uh but i was like if i left it here i will never take it so i took it with me and then i took it home and it’s sat there on my nightstand for a couple of days and i was still talking to people about it whether i should take it whether i should not take it eventually i

Convinced myself it’s 10 milligrams it’s not much you know 10 milligrams can’t do much to me you know even if it goes wrong you know and i was like even if it creates more anxiety it’s only going to create as much as 10 milligrams of it so like i quantified it in my mind my mind was so alert it was watching for everything that could possibly go wrong and blame

The medication for it unfortunately i am a very smart person as well they give you a piece of paper that has all the side effects of the medication with it when you are first prescribed it and unfortunately i read the whole piece of paper and then i was like is this happening to me is this happening to me is this happening to me so um basically i was watching

For something to go wrong and say okay my medication is doing this to me so i can get off of it okay and basically one of those things did happen headaches and i have been on chronic headaches before and i’m like my headaches have started again i mean i’m trying to get um get out of this whole anxiety thing and now it’s going to add a headache thing like how

Many more diseases i’m going to supposed to go through like all this thinking going through my mind this was when i had actually moved into the second week and moved on to two pills and at that time new symptoms had arise i was getting new thoughts and i was wondering why are they there it made no sense to me they were not there before i’m just wondering like

What’s going on and then i talked to my counselor i talked to my doctor and my counselor advised to talk to my pharmacist to figure out you know whether this medicine can create those thoughts and my pharmacist said yeah it can create new thoughts but that didn’t help me much then i talked to my psychiatrist i told him exactly what the thoughts were and he said

That this is nothing new this happens to people so i’m like okay that’s settled so i know that but then i at that time i was not very convinced so because i had not heard of anyone having such thoughts and i’m like what’s going on um you know the medication is causing these thoughts now um so should i take the should i take the medication or should i leave it

Uh i just started it so i can just leave it like this um otherwise you have to wean off of it you know and i was just going through this battle should i take it should i not take it if i take it then you know i might get better if i don’t take it i don’t know if i will get better you know so there’s a risk um it’s increasing my anxiety like can you hear me even

Right now it’s increasing my anxiety there’s so much thought going on um i want to take it because it seems like that’s what the doctor has recommended but i’m so scared at the same time of what is happening um all the you know side effects that are happening and when you’re anxious um you know every small thing seems big to you and that’s fair um you want

To be able to talk through them with your doctor your pharmacist whoever counselor as long as those are being addressed that’s okay and so ultimately what i did was i said okay looks like my anxiety is going up even though my doctor told me it’s not my anxiety going up i i tried to convince him i was like oh it looks like my anxiety is going up as a result of

This medication he’s like no your anxiety is not going up your mind is racing and i’m like is that what’s happening so you because you can’t tell what’s going on you are just trying to figure out is your anxiety causing this or is the medication causing it but another person who’s watching you can tell what you’re doing so having that another person you know

Is really important to be able to differentiate between what’s happening and what’s not happening and then i’m like okay all these new thoughts are coming up it looks like this medication is causing it i don’t want to take it and he said are you sure we can change the medication but i just want to let you know the one you’re on right now is the best for what you

Are being treated for and that changed my mind immediately and i’m like if this is the best then i should you know he’s saying is the best he’s the doctor my medication had to be increased to even a higher level to three tablets but what i did at that time was i took the two tablets for two weeks rather than just going to three the third week i took the one

Tablet one week two tablets for two weeks because i still wasn’t comfortable and then started going on in the third tablet because that just made me feel more comfortable at that time i just my brain was just going what if this what if that whatever so just to calm my brain down a bit and even though some thoughts were bothering me at that time i realized two

Weeks past three weeks past four weeks passed those were the thoughts that were the only ones bothering me the other thoughts repetitive thoughts that were bothering me before they were not there so over a period of time like six weeks eight weeks my brain became so quiet i was still very sensitive i was able to pull myself together within four months two months

Was the worst time of taking these meds because i had to battle a lot of things in my mind and had to talk to a lot of people and you know how to do a lot of thinking but as i kept on it without quitting and talking to people and getting more support and push through it my thoughts kept decreasing one by one it’s been almost eight months since i’m still taking

That medication some thoughts still appear in my mind today but one thought over like 10 000 dots a day i’d take it any time you know from not being able to concentrate on anything you work full-time working on my hobbies being able to be alone being able to sleep alone being able to sleep well being able to do all the things i like without being scared all the

Time i mean it’s worth it i know it seems scary wherever you are in your journey right now if i was you and i thinking back to that time you know right now if i was you and i was staring at those pills right now thinking whether i should take them or not i would i would so if you got value out of this video please hit like and subscribe and let me know in the

Comments what kind of struggles you’re facing in your anxiety and depression journey so that i can tackle those in the next video thank you you

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