June 9, 2023

Hi! Would like to share my battle with mental health illness and my withdrawal of my medications. I was diagnosed since 2017. For those battling with mental health, you are not alone. Life is beautiful and so are you!

Hi everyone welcome back to judy’s speaks for those who are you my name is judy i do skin care body care and anything about health just by the title below i’ll be going to discuss about my one week of withdrawal from my psychiatric medication is a little problem we’re going to write it down this is during the morning and during night time kitaya pin or the

Brand syrup well so i’ll be going to write it in the screen also um i am a person with a disability i have this part it’s because of my depression and anxiety so thank you government for the discount and for the privilege that i can go in the fast lane anyway um i am having my monthly consultations with my psychiatrist and i’ve been diagnosed with major

Clinical depression since 2017 and i have taken my medication since then but there were times that i did not you know i missed dosage or i did not take them especially if there are like events or major events in my life that would probably hinder my daily activities so i would drink them again but i have different dosages and different types of different types

Of medications so for this medication it’s a little brown i’ve been taking this since 2017 but for this one the kitaya pain which is very very what do you call them potent i don’t know uh i was actually drinking a sleeping pill but this one is for psycho psychosis um i don’t have psychosis but uh one of the effects of this drug is to make this fall asleep so

I’m taking one letter from every morning and a quarter of this during night time so it will make me feel really sleepy so even though i don’t have uh say schizophrenia and psychosis so this is also um used by persons with major clinical depression like me the reason why i had my withdrawal from my medication it’s because of my memory so it is true based

On my personal experience those are published in youtube and some researchers that it is very um um it will really tremendously affect your memory so in my experience i would have my notebook i have a lot of notebooks with me and a pen to the extent that i would actually miss or forget if i already brush my teeth or you know put my deodorant or my keys if i

Have money like for example going to a taxi cab and then forgetting i did not bring along my wallet um i know for some for normal persons without mental illness they can forget but for me it’s on a regular and also like i’m having this lecture not me as a lecturer but i’m a participant in a lecture and my short-term memory is really nice it’s it’s not good

It’s been i i don’t know with my long-term memory and also i’m gaining a lot of weight and i do not know with my it’s just my weight and my my memory that’s i’m really bothered because according to researchers um one of the most dangerous drugs being taken by humans are results of this psychiatric medications anyway i went cold turkey without the consent of my

Psychiatrist so meaning to say i abruptly withdraw one week straight this is already my eighth ninth day so i’m going to tell you my experience on the first six i mean seven days of my withdrawal so again um i’m having uh monthly consultations but it just happens that i’m have the willpower i’m very determined to withdraw from this my psychiatric medication

First and second night it’s just the same it’s just the same way the manifestations i experienced i wasn’t able to sleep 48 hours my skin was healing at the time but i’m going to insert pictures it went crazy because of a lot of sleep i feel very exhausted on the third day i was vomiting i am constantly going to the bathroom i have like diarrhea i have upset

Stomach i have muscle spasms i have like tremors i have terrible headache and i was although i was able to sleep for one hour for the whole 72 hours on the fourth night i thought it’s gonna be worse than the third night because i was like first second night i it’s a little bit tolerable on the third night it was really just hell on the first night i was able to

Sleep but not the normal sleep i was like sleeping for 30 minutes and then after a couple of hours another one hour and then another it’s like if you are planning to withdraw or tap her off make sure you’re one week you are on leave if you’re working or you should have you should there should be somebody aside from you who’s going to take care of everything as

For me i’m living alone and i did not i cut my training i have my training for training a physical training so i cut it out because i wanted to again to withdraw from my psychiatric medication just take that lever away trust me on the fourth night was able to sleep less than four hours interval of i don’t know i just know i slept but i feel exhausted i still

Vomit but i did not have that kind of diarrhea although i have my um upset stomach i have muscle spasms but not that big of a deal like maybe um once or twice in a day so on the fifth night um i did not vomit i did not have the upset stomach i have a terrible headache i cannot sleep still and i don’t have suicidal thoughts like some would say that they

Have suicidal thoughts during the first week but i don’t have that one and i’m not so i never had that kind of thinking um i did not have any paper just headache and i would take um i would take paracetamol or methanomic acid just to you know relieve the pain and also um i took antihistamines and i was able to sleep but not the kind of deep sleep it’s just

Maybe three hours and the sixth night i was like uh am i going to improve or i mean is it going to be worse on the sixth and seventh night is the same i am my appetite is back i was able to sleep more than three hours less than six hours but more than three hours uh it’s not like a long sleep but i can nap in between and i don’t have the muscle spasms and also

I don’t have like feeling of being sad or lonely um my energy is a bit higher than the previous days so all in all it will get better guys except for the third day was worse third fourth but on the fifth sixth seventh day of your withdrawal it’s it will improve you know um trust me i’ve been i’ve been through medication so i really know what deep sleep

Quality sleep and up and so far it is improving on i’m already on my ninth day of withdrawal and yes i am going to tell my psychiatrist because i have my monthly consultation and also um i would advise it’s not a bad thing it’s not a bad thing to drink your medication um we have different circumstances in life at that time um during those times actually

It really helped me it really helped me a lot but for now i have a different priority in life again i have memory loss maybe brain damage due to this but i know i can make and i can make it and i can still succeed in my goals in life and um for those who are suffering the same you know like depression anxiety um know that it is it is not a hindrance if

Ever you have your plans in life um just continue with it for me being a person with disability is a very it’s a privilege for me because there are things that you can learn if you are having this situation than being just reading it in books in quotes in vlogs actually experiencing this being a person with disability is a privilege and i learned to be more

Sympathetic more empathetic and more of a human and also i know that being on psychiatric medication is not easy um but trust your experts your psychologists or psychiatrists for me i have both and also um you should help yourself do not depend on any situation any app any event to help you it is an inside job your peace of mind your happiness your health is

Your responsibility so do not blame other people even your past um those past happenings the traumas do not blame learn from it you are your own you know um hero in this type of situation mental health disorder i am going to continue this and i will still follow of course i am very obedient to my psychiatrist and my psychologist i would just like to thank

People who are you know helping me go through all this to be clean i’m not saying you’re dirty if you’re drinking anyway it’s just my you know um my way of dealing with life we have different situations and also um think positive you will get better if you think that ending your life is a solution uh been there then that no it’s not really and also you

Have um the power to help other people especially those who are struggling the things that we are experiencing you can be an inspiration to them just like me and if ever you are planning to go to a psychiatrist because you can no longer deal with what’s happening in your life it’s okay that’s a good idea you better listen to psychologists and psychiatrists

Rather than random people random posts random videos and for me if you’re going through a heartbreak you recently you know somebody passed away in your family or somebody close to you if you if there is like a psychologist or psychiatrist near you go directly to that person um stop self medicating or whatever you call that um yeah self help is okay that’s

Okay but it’s better if there’s a guidance from an expert by the way if you go to a psychiatrist it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will immediately give you medication sometimes they will give you journals or activities be careful with your food intake you need to have supplements etc one thing that i learned both in my psychologist and my psychiatrist

Is to be grateful for the good and the because it has something to do with your growth your maturity and there’s a lesson for everything that’s happening so be happy that it happened be grateful that’s it guys i’m going to give you my updates some other time but this is for my first week of the drawable of psychiatric drug take care and i hope you are in

Good situation if you are suffering from acne like me and you’re having depression know that it has a solution take it from me be careful

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Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal : 1 week | Quetiapine | Escitalopram | Philippines By Judi Speaks