November 29, 2022

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All right this is just so much easier for me to make a video than it is to correct what you are thinking with text or pictures now thank you renee i see that you did uh respond to this person with the correct information i just didn’t read the comments when i decided to do this but it says why the purple hearts when her friends clearly stated that purple

Was not her favorite color let me hold up right there and tell you her friends did not say that maya said that after maya had been harassed in her messenger by somebody from the public going round and round and round around so finally maya just went ahead and said yeah okay fine yellow’s her favorite color and maya had only she was like the newest friend knew

Her the least amount of time out of everybody then you come back and you said but i do know purple ribbon is for cancer so look like everyone praising the mother and not kanika i’m just saying well beings that you nor i nor anybody else in this group don’t know kanika never met kanika never gonna know kanika who is it for us to say what is her favorite color

I’ve heard people say oh because she didn’t wear purple lord have mercy my two favorite colors is purple and hot pink because those are my great my grandmother’s favorite colors and my granddaughter’s favorite colors now as a child we would dress my granddaughter up with the purples and the pinks as she got older sometimes she warms sometimes she didn’t i got

A couple of purples and i got a couple of peaks in my wardrobe that does not change the fact of what is my favorite colors y’all putting too much emphasis on a ding dang dilly-dall color but let’s look at the comments before i show the correct information on this okay well teresa had breast cancer and so since y’all try to put the blame off on teresa then

Wouldn’t it be the color of the breast assist cancer i’m just saying and again angel i just spoke to you in messenger and ask you why do you keep posting up my friends ancient post when she has since corrected her information but you don’t post up that corrected information right so how do you know what kanika’s favorite color is stephanie can you produce the

Evidence that her cousin said that here we go with the eastern stars again well who said that teresa has lupus inquiring minds when a note because she got a a little wristband a wrist brace on that’s most popularly known for corporal tunnel let me see here and i’m not gonna read all these out loud because i lose my voice yeah there’s all of us right around purple

Okay actually angel they did it on more than just that occasion but let me let let me let me chime in with your name it might be so here we go all right now i’m gonna give the benefit of doubt you know because t-rex is no longer a dinosaur and pluto’s no longer a planet but last time i checked october was breast cancer month and pink was the color for breast

Cancer that’s it that’s all until i’ve been shown otherwise by the way google is still free so let me show you purple ribbons purple rain i all know she like it cuz prince y’all don’t know purple rain this is what the purple ribbon stands for and i ain’t trying to read off all 70 causes y’all just take your good old screenshot just like everybody else now

Have y’all ever considered that maybe kanika’s favorite color was purple because of something on this list because i got news for y’all just by coincidence that i’m looking at this right now i see several listings for the purple ribbon that i also see to pyramid being prescribed for first one being opioid addiction another one is the eating disorders i’m just

Saying and no lying lisa don’t go get it twisted cassie said no cassie didn’t say i’m just pointing out facts the facts that topiramate is prescribed for over 500 different reasons but everybody just wants to talk about migraines and epilepsy and the purple ribbon obviously is for over 70 different disorders domestic violence i know she qualified for that and

Then we got different shades of purple i don’t think it’s for testis to clap test the balls cancer there we go it ain’t that okay can we shut up because the colors of any rainbow or any colored graph is not the reason for canika being dead any other way no matter who shares those favorite colors now to be fair let’s look at the yellow ribbons just to be

Fair i’ve always known the yellow ribbons to be of the pow mia myself but that’s because we’ve had people on my father’s side of the family that were pows in and they were m.i.a and they died pows so but hey we don’t you know sit here and argue over colors of the rainbow but here’s some of the things listed for the yellow ribbons and that’s it because after

That we in colors again you think the color of a ribbon got her killed okay i had to go there let’s see what the yellow and purple ribbon goes for some kind of autoimmune hepatitis bladder cancer and so sodos sotos syndrome which i have no idea what that is illnesses that affect internal organs and characteristic facial features okay i mean come on folks

You name a color it’s gonna have a syndrome i mean to me this just shows immaturity for people to pick colors to say oh this is this and this is that women of color breast cancer as if the cancer in a woman’s breast makes a difference of what race they are or what ribbon they decide to make stand for that illness i mean come on really we got polka dot ribbons

For blindness well they can’t see it any old ways you know they made the puzzle pieces for autism but it’s supposed to be actually blue puzzle pieces i guess they switched that up too you know well we see we got the rainbow still stands for the lgbtq okay uh we got silver for disabled children brain disorders dyslexia limb loss schizophrenia a bunch of people

In this room i got that okay now here we go so kanika was supposedly adopted like all these people want to say why white ain’t her favorite color for adoption well we know it ain’t for teen absences okay we got zebras come on like i said they got everything you could think of stripes dots zigzags shiny flat dull come on anything come on y’all i guess y’all

Just go ahead and pick one and decide how did kanika die because the color of a ribbon that’s how ignorant to me in my opinion things seem when i hear people arguing over what color was kenika’s favorite color well let’s just pick one okay oh and as far as the guys wearing the purple yeah they did wear it and it was not just on her funeral or coming from her

Gravesite oh what’s the lime green for childhood depressions and lyme disease okay should be for money y’all can either google this up for free or slow this extremely down oh lord the color her tone is that she was wearing when they found her in the freezer you know because y’all want to argue if it was red or maroon i actually looked just like that burgundy

The hell is an amber addiction oh amber ribbon sorry hot pink hot pink okay google is all day every day free

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