June 9, 2023

Answering the age-old question of putting nebulized medications in-line with ET or BVM ventilation!

Hi so real quick overview here of using the hudson multi adapter to put your help.you drawl treatments in line with someone’s been intubated and this actually also can be used with a bag valve mask as well so will stay informed the sake of the scenario here that we’ve just had a patient who was asthmatic needed to be intubated so we’ve got the patient intubated

Now et tube is in there still wheezing we want to add up utero all to our treatment as per protocol in the past we’ve not been able to do this a significant amount of jury-rigging that would help us put this in line so what we have now it’ll come in a white container here in the white plastic bag it’s gonna be in with the nebulizers it is the 15 millimeter to 22

Millimeter adapter doesn’t look like much but this will help a lot so basically how this works we’re going to remove the bbm from the et tube we’re gonna take the larger part of the adapter here put it over the et tube and then you’ve got your albuterol setup so together i’ll be drawn here we can run this s 6 or 8 liters per minute whatever you want to do here

Attach the t-connector and then this adapter allows us to use the corrugated tubing to attach to the endotracheal tube which then plugs into the t-connector and then we can put our bag valve mask here and we can bag the patient in line with the nebulizer notice the nebulizer stays upright as well so i’m gonna be able to keep the medication down on the bottom so

It can be nebulized and flowing down if you have not intubated the patient yeah and you’re still going to be less airway here same deal so we got our bbm which we’ll be assisting with patient let’s assume respirations there and it’s the same process except we don’t have an et tube in the way so we’re gonna be using the adapter again adapter goes into the mask

And then we’ll take the corrugated tubing so we can bend it there’s our nebulizer once more we’re gonna catch this and then we can attach the bbm to the other side of the t-connector so here’s our line up there and same process we’re going to get our seal here open the airway learn to suspend lesion that way we still again are getting the nebulizer treatment into

A patient even without an et tube so this is a pretty good addition to our stuff here that we’re gonna be able to treat patients little more aggressively if they do end up needing advanced soar even bls ventilation with significant wheezing and again this equipment is all available here at commerce so please come by try it out there piece it together you don’t

Want the first time you do this to be out in the field where you’re already stressed out and you’re trying to figure out how to put this together so come check us out thanks

Transcribed from video
Putting albuterol in-line with the intubated patient. By TwinCityEd