March 24, 2023

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We started leo on prozac good morning everyone welcome back to our channel or welcome to our channel if you’re new here we just rolled out of bed will’s making potatoes potatoes i’m not sure what we have planned for today but we’re going to 2k 21. we’re going to take you along for today’s vlog and see what we have in store can we show him my new cup yeah he’s

Very excited if you are a halloween fan you will like me you yeah you’ll like well he is like a halloween guy he loves halloween anything spooky creepy freaky that’s that’s all him if you know what movie this is from leave it down in the comments below we’ll be impressed if you know this movie very impressive yeah i wanted to show you guys the sunflowers that

We have in our backyard they’re so pretty right now and then over here we have to wake up hi leo then over here we have leo’s favorite which are the pumpkins he loves hanging out by the pumpkins huh yep we’re a pumpkin loving family we are so look at how ginormous these pumpkins are right now and they’re already all orange i’m so surprised with them i have this

One that one over there you can see leo’s already sitting by the pumpkins it’s his favorite spot and then we have a tiny tiny one growing here are you just waking up i’m such a good boy i don’t know if we have said this to the vlog but we started leo on prozac for just his anxiety and what else was supposed to help him with his anxiety just his anxiety um yeah

So we took him to the vet and just kind of voiced our concerns long story short if you’ve been following us for a while leo has had anxiety since he was from pretty much when we first got him huh bib no no it’s like not only well like he was like the most confident dog i’ve ever seen my entire life yeah and then petco happened yeah we had an incident at petco

A while ago with leo i think it was like seven months old six and a month yeah um where pretty much we got leo back and he was not the same he has just really a big fear of people and it’s something we’ve been working on with him for a long time we’ve done trainers and um tried cbd and we’ve tried um calming treats and just a lot of stuff um and so we ended up

Taking him to the vet and talking with our vet about you know his his anxiety around people and some days it’s better than the others um and unfortunately it just comes along with the breed that he is they are just higher anxiety dogs and so of course we’re not like giving up on him or anything we’re gonna continue working with him and training him and um you

Know helping him the best we can how do you think leo’s done on his medicine so far hmm he’s been he’s done really good yeah us walking him more consistently multiple times a day has helped so i think it’s doing good i mean the consistency with the walks with the medicine just more exercise that’s another thing they recommended served up by the honey thank you

Babe on a paper plate real classy i just didn’t want to do this i don’t either thank you do we’re at this really pretty beach park i think he’s enjoying it just trying to enjoy the park here and someone’s honking their horn over and over and over again to portland i know what i’m doing should we come back tomorrow yeah leo loves the water we should have

Brought his little life jacket oh no he’s trying to get the duck over there do you like ducks leo do you like ducks yeah what do you think yeah it’s like his anxious yawn that he does he’s always on the hunt though he’s always looking around and checking people out huh you could see his like leg is shaking still all right oh my goodness people around

Here have their dogs off the leash and i’m like i just don’t understand why people do that why do you have your dog off the leash when you don’t know if our dog is friendly buddy i mean he’s he won’t bite anybody or anything but what are you doing so we did a thing hold on we will see you in our next video

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