December 9, 2022

In this video I discuss psychedelic microdosing, nootropics, and the safety of occasional methylphenidate use, among other things.

If you’d like to skip to a topic please use the timestamps in the description the drug classroom is exclusively funded by donations if you’d like to support please visit slash the dark classroom i’ve been hearing research into micro dosing on lsd what are the pros and cons of it potential safety how do you ensure you’re taking the right dose in an

Unregulated market if it can cause hallucinations and if so to what degree and what age recommendations does this come with and if it can’t cause hallucinations is it safe to drive or not i’ll be discussing micro dosing in a more complete way at some point for those who don’t know micro dosing is taking a psychedelic often lsd at a dose that’s too low to notice

Any core psychedelic effects this means around 10 micrograms of ‘allah steam it is claimed to have cognitive mood and productivity benefits while lacking sensory and psychedelic thought distortions because there’s a lack of formal research we really don’t know what’s going on the alleged pros are memory enhancement improved concentration mood enhancement greater

Self-control increased energy and simply having a happy day some of the negatives may be emotional dysregulation feeling uneasy and greater anxiety some users report a general mood amplifier effect so a negative mood could be increased it may be even more common to feel strange or anxious if you use more than what’s considered a true microdose most of the potential

Safety issues are psychological though there have been concerns about cardiac issues in the long term we don’t know if the cardiac issues are legitimate but i think the risk is fairly low with about two uses per week as you said it’s a black market this makes dosing more difficult utilizing well reviewed vendors on darknet markets is one option for potentially

Having a better source of lsd than what you’d get elsewhere a drug like 1p lsd could also be easier to dose correctly but it has yet to be researched when you first try micro dosing i recommend doing so in a controlled environment so that you know how it affects you initially using it in a school or work setting might not be a great idea it’s best avoided until

You’re at least 18 years old a micro dose should not cause any hallucinations if it does the amount should be lowered since this is an untested area even when you have absolutely no hallucinations i would recommend against driving which noaa tropics have you tested are the legal non prescription ones worth looking into to answer this i’m going to treat noaa tropic

As referring to cognitive enhancers in general i’m not heavily into testing noaa tropics right now though i have you some among those i’ve used are phenol piracetam n-acetyl c max subutai mean oxy racetam caffeine theanine modafinil bacopa terezin and alpha brain i generally recommend against using products like alpha brain as it’s often better to use individual

Components i’ve never made an effort to really track my performance to see if there’s an impact those that seem to have a clear effect our caffeine theanine modafinil oxy racetam and possibly an acetal c max the placebo factor is significant in this area and i think it plagues nootropic experimentation right now my supplementation is partly focused on cognitive

Enhancers though i’m more focused on background supplements which have mechanisms i think could be beneficial without an obvious acute change if you have money to spend perhaps it’s worth checking out some know topics but keep your expectations reasonable you should stick with common doses and focus on trying the less experimental ones first some of those are

Discussed in the know tropic subreddit in the beginner’s guide keep in mind a lot of the substances that are mentioned could be placebo or barely superior to placebo why haven’t you made a video on cannabis yet there are a few primary reasons first the research is going to take a long time i’m currently working on some mdma videos and even though that’s a smaller

Topic i have around 270 papers to read not only will there be more for cannabis i’d feel more comfortable doing it once i’ve read some of the available books second i have to use my time wisely since the drug classroom is not fully supported and i can’t do as much as i’d like to right now third cannabis happens to be a drug where if people use it without researching

And understanding the substance they still have a fairly low risk of running into trouble plus there are many sources of info already available so it will be covered but it might be a little while xanax and all them pharmaceuticals steal people’s minds i like how all pharmaceuticals was tossed into the common as if infliximab and amoxicillin are stealing people’s

Minds of course people have all sorts of unjustifiable beliefs about vaccines and other topics so it’s not terribly surprising this kind of chemo phobia is unfortunately widespread a lot of people really believe everything originating in a pharmaceutical lab is dangerous and ineffective even if we were to limit this statement to psychoactive drugs it still isn’t

Supported pharmaceuticals may alter your mood change your sleep habits and do many other things but stealing minds is not part of it even though there can be very serious negative effects from these drugs and pharmaceutical companies aren’t always trustworthy psychopharmaceuticals are not in the market because of a grand mind-control conspiracy i have to concerta

Pills but i don’t have adhd is it safe for me to take them am i going to get addicted or have long-term effects by the way i sometimes feel depressed if you’re otherwise healthy it’s physically safe to try methylphenidate though that wouldn’t be a good starting dose you should not use both pills and ideally you’d start lower than one as for addiction that’s always

A tricky question if you’re just experimenting are otherwise mostly fulfilled and have some reasonable level of self control you’ll probably be fine addiction is highly dependent on the user rather than the drug so a lot of factors come into play as for depression simply feeling depressed on occasion is not necessarily an issue but if it’s constant or recurrent

And affecting your life it’s worth visiting a psychologist if you have diagnoseable depression experimenting with drugs is generally worth avoiding

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Q&A 8 – Microdosing, Methylphenidate Safety, & Nootropics (And More) By The Drug Classroom