March 24, 2023

Here is my Qsymia Engage Review (delivery service). Does Qsymia A.K.A. Phentermine / Topiramate really work? You’ll have to watch the video to find out! This is my experience taking Qsymia. I hope you all truly weigh the PROS and CONS of this “magic” weight loss drug. Hint hint, there are some serious side effects.

You clicked on this review of kassemia engaged to get my review of kassemia’s new delivery service and i’m going to get to that and i’m also going to share my thoughts about this weight loss drug first of all let me give you guys a little background about the cassimia drug it’s a combination of phenermine and topomyrate or topomax now topomax is a anti-seizure

Medication which they have found that cures those late-night cravings or at least curbs them phenermine on the other hand is that drug that puts you in a flight or fight response and it quite frankly does the job i mean there was times when i was at costco about to fight a dude and if you know me at all which you probably don’t yet but subscribe if you’d like to

I’m a really chilled laid back guy but i’ll get to some of the side effects that i experienced a little later in the video now anybody that’s done research on kassemia before has probably found out that this new drug is kind of expensive and if you go to a provider that’s helping you with the weight loss regimen they’re probably going to help you out with the cost

By prescribing euphemine and topamax or topomyrate take the two together you have kassemia and that’s how they would save you money in the past i gotta say the company that makes kissimmee has done a great job about bringing those prices down the kissimmee engage website advertises that it’s going to be 98 for any dosage that your doctor recommends for you and

As i said if you’ve seen the prices in the past they’re almost unattainable because it’s a new drug and a lot of insurance companies will not cover it now as far as my experience with kissimmee engages delivery program it’s a fabulous service and if you decide to go on the drug your decision talk to your doctor get that prescription you’re gonna have to upload

Your own prescription it is not just a magical website where you put in your credit card and they’ll just ship the medication right out to you you’ll have to get that prescription from a care provider and then you can upload or fax it into the website now with my experience everything went smooth fast and it was affordable personally i can recommend the kissimmee

Engage service it is quick it is reliable you will get the drug kassemia at your doorstep in a reasonable amount of time let me flip to some of the side effects that i experienced i already told you that i was irritable on the drug like i was trying to start fights with people and i gotta say i also lost some sleep some nights these side effects seem to get better

As you take the drug but there’s other ones like headache and one thing i did like about the drug that was a side effect was diet soda tastes like absolute crap regular soda tastes like absolute crap as well which it helps so much and that’s a good thing because on this drug you’re going to want to take a lot of water there’s another side effect that’s kind of

Embarrassing that i’m going to mention because i just want to be real with you guys i did experience some you know problems and uh yeah my wife wasn’t very happy about that also this is not a drug that your doctor is going to recommend you take for more than 90 days at a time you’re gonna want to cycle off and give your body some time it is a serious drug it is

Not known yet whether phenomena can affect your heart well it does race your heart like i said it puts you in the flight or fight response in my humble non-medical opinion i would say it does something to your body anything you put into your body is going to affect it this is why i had to weigh the pros and the cons to see if i wanted to stay on the drug i did

Three or four cycles of kissimmee the first time it was incredible you know i like all you can eat sushi all you can eat korean barbecue but i could go to those places and literally just pick out the healthiest things and uh i would see my wife and my friends eating all the delicious rice but i didn’t care anymore again and the soda that i used to guzzle kind

Of tastes like crap this actually sounds like i’m endorsing kassemia but i’m not that’s gonna be for you to decide you’re gonna have to weigh these pros and cons yourself like i did and see if it’s right for you now personally if i use my mindset and my willpower i know i can lose my weight and i don’t need a drug to do it for me the drug does not make you feel

Good guys let me tell you that and the reason why i bring up the four different cycles i ran each time i would take the kissimia it became less effective and if you go on a binge while taking the kassemia it becomes less and less effective so again guys just weigh the pros and cons for yourself kassemia engages great the service is great again talk to your doctor

Weigh the pros and cons of taking phenamine and topo my rate because you may not like the side effects and as you can see it wasn’t a magic pill i am still fat if you’re wondering who i am i’m dad bod to bad dad and i am on a 110 pound weight loss journey if you don’t want to be alone on your journey please hit the subscribe button and ring that notification bell

So we can support each other you can hold me accountable i can hold you accountable give me a like and comment below to let me know if you’ve ever tried the topo my rate thinner mean combination pill kassemia you all have a wonderful week and crush your weight loss goals

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Qsymia Engage Review | PROS vs. CONS | My Experience Taking Qsymia (Phentermine / Topiramate) By DadBod to BadDad