March 24, 2023

I lost more weight with đź‘€topiramate 50mg by it self in a Monthđź‘€ meaning 12 Pounds for only 11 dollars a month Versus a $168 are you kidding me

All right hello hello hello to my crew summary followers i have something to confess y’all ready to hear this well you know kosambi is made of two parts which is topamax and an amphetamine and for some of us stimulants that cannot be either and some of us can handle it and some of us cannot afford it can i say that again some of us cannot afford it so what i did

Was i went on this child base and y’all gotta remember i been doing a prince’s mean and i don’t want second topamax for a while which is called coos i mean and i’ve been getting my results surely but slowly but i have and i’ve been telling you about the difference in between so what i do is i went to my doctors last month and i did something and so i don’t talk

Why the list i’ve been on it for a month in order to get what i want out of it before i come to you guys because i don’t want to lie to anybody i don’t want to hurt anybody and most of all i don’t want to deceive anybody because that’s not the person that i want to be i want everybody to be happy i want everybody to get what they want at the same time without

Spending so much money that i ask my i’ve got found this out so what i did was i went to my doctor and i said you know what i want to do i want to try topamax without infants me tada i did that for months okay did it for month can i tell y’all the i’ve lost 10 to almost eleven point five pounds so fast that i could not believe it and i lost them for $11 and 52

Cents versus a hundred and sixty four dollars i was pissed i was pissed because i picked all that money all this time and all i had to do was upgrade the number of topamax at the end without the infant to me and then so what i did was i kept taking my vitamins and i noticed that a hunger was definitely at me drinking water was definitely at baby i had to literally

Force everything that i wanted at bay and it was working for me so then i was like i need to tell these people this because i don’t know my child but me but when we have him six children and being single it begins to put a part on my financial state so i was worried about how can i keep affording this at the price it was so i thought i dropped it down and then i

Up there the milligrams on the medication i noticed that for $11 i’ll almost lost 12 pounds the same amount of pounds that i would’ve lost actually the less awful summer by itself so with that being said i started to stay on this medication topamax at 50 milligrams i started at age 25 because she recommended that i started 25 before i went up to 50 when i tell

You that things suppress my appetite so bad that i didn’t realize that the first day that i first day first day they didn’t eat the whole day i didn’t even know i swear i didn’t know i had to make sure that i kept my water onboard because the fact that they will cause kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water if you do not drink enough water that is one of the

Side effects that you will receive okay so don’t get it twisted you guys stick with the program so for the price that i was praying for the kisame i’m only at 11 dollars now to stick with something that i know i’m getting my results from so with that being said you guys i also remember – i was also keeping my vitamins and here – now the thing i noticed that is i

Wasn’t tired i was not tired it took me forever to want to go to sleep i couldn’t not go to sleep that was another thing that i was going through and i was like oh my god so it wasn’t the offense i mean that was really the big part about it now if y’all stuck on the name brand and if that’s what it is that you want to spend all that money for oh my god but as for

Laverne mcnelly aka lopez i’m gonna speak with the topamax by itself because not once did i feel the need should want to eat i go go past restaurants without even thinking twice about it and at the same time it’s only $11 $11 you guys $11 saving me $11 but you still have to go to the doctor for the prescription but what i liked about it was this doctor business can

Be expensive range but with this they don’t have to worry about your heart rate going up with this they don’t have to monitor you so what they did was give me five refills on the medication five refills that’s five months of no visits that’s five months of me keeping $45 in my pocket you do the math pink and getting the results you guys getting the results not only

Just five months of no other refills but also five months of me not cleaning 164 dollars a month because it’s working for me i am not going to lie the side effects that i experience will be the numbness on my tongue because the fact i have my taste buds that i can funny about everything that i put in my mouth tiredness i think not knowing those hardness remembering

To drink my water a month because i do not want any kidney stones or anything like that because that will take place if you do not remember to drink then what i promise travel everything that i love i could not believe that i almost lost 12 pounds in a month just taking that medication alone alone did i tell you i subscribe like subscribing light because the more

That you subscribing light the more that i could be starting to come live and be with my friends i call y’all my friends and touch that little button thing that calls the bell okay and subscribe i’m really not good at this because i’ve only know how to be real from the beginning i’m always gonna be the spokesmodel for y’all but in reality you guys are smarter for me

Because i want to see y’all get the results i want y’all to get the best life you could ever get out of anything but without being deprived of your money because i don’t know about y’all but money is chewing hard to come by as fast as it comes in as fast as it goes out so with that being said tell me what you like and not like and i’ll tell y’all more about this i

Didn’t even need a coupon book or anything because any store this topamax is only available for $11 but you do need a prescription for it that’s the only thing but you do not need to be monitored for it and you still look the same attribute that you would get from consignment i just could not believe it because i am the one person that it’s an unbelievable person

Unless i see it for myself but when i say i almost lost 12 pounds in a month uncle saw me i was only losing six and i started at 25 milligrams then i boost myself up to 50 i could not believe how much this thing suppress my appetite i could not believe how much it was affecting the taste buds i could not believe how i wasn’t tired i was doing so much i couldn’t

I believed i was taking out these seven mile walks like it was nothing and usually i go home and one to go like they only go to sleep but it didn’t work out for me so please like the video share the video do whatever you do best i hope this is encouraging you as it’s encouraging me and yes when i tell you the weight dropped off just that fast it dropped off just

That fast because i did not have that capacity to want to eat that part of me in my head that says i’m not hungry was truly telling me i was not hungry so it was topamax all along but it was upgraded to the milligrams because after a certain benefit that um i believe that the milligrams does not go that far up as far as how fast you can go up as far as my tokamaks

Goes it only goes so much inside a cool something but it can go beyond 65 milligrams where there topamax stays at that level but kisame can’t go down no higher than what it is on the packet itself so share the video like the video comment be nice and kind because it’s not that we depending on the process of feel it i depend on it to get me to my next level so that

As i get to where i am i noticed the difference on how much food i’m really supposed to have versus the idea of what i thought i needed so y’all let me know if you liked it if you love vicked if you’re one of mine with it if you won the whole day if you’re gonna look at it whatever makes you happy but whatever it is that you do you do it well then let it benefit

You but like i said if you want on a cheap way to lose weight that’s how you’re gonna do it you’re gonna ask your doctor for a prescription for topamax and please i’m warning you guys started at 25 milligrams that thing ain’t no joke it ain’t no joke man i was our first i was i was on the unbelievable person to that’s just me i was back there all that money just

Because i want results so everybody just was using the name ring but when i start for that thing down and started taking i was like oh my god and then after the first month of 25 if that doesn’t fit you go to 15 i guarantee you i will hear from you and you will tell me laverne you were correct and i will stay here and i will be your squishy and i understand it works

So share the video like it press their bell come on subscribers be my friend subscribe subscribe subscribe know and i are doing well we’re losing the way and i finally got on my plateau i’m like 180 now i was at 192 oh my gosh you guys i’m telling y’all a part of me is missed i must confess i’m addicted to laverne mmm but i’m telling y’all this is the cheapest way

That you can possibly go and still be able to keep money in your pocket i would not lie to you guys because i don’t want anybody to be hurt i will not sit there and just make something up because that’s not what i do i’d rather be real with y’all that you get real results in real timing because it’s hard to lose weight it’s hard to love yourself when you don’t get

Results that you worked so hard to get and then we return back on a skill the number still looks the same it does the pressure but i’m here to change the game so y’all just let me know remember it’s topamax started out with 25 milligrams 15 milligrams are we up to 65 all right you guys hope you like it i’ll be getting back with you soon about the video bye

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