March 28, 2023

Hi muckers

Thank you oh my chris just a quick one before i start this week’s video i warn you this week’s video is not massive but uh he’s something like you know but anyway just a quick one next week’s video is not going to be pawn related um i’m off on holiday i’m doing i’ve got a photography trip up around the top of north wales there snow down here etc etc so

Next week’s video will probably be something about that um i hope you don’t mind hope your little tune in and watch it um it’s gonna be quite interesting hopefully um but other than that i want to say a massive shout out to mike at justice koi david koi karma and sawyer from up north koi pond i’ve just started collecting some mugs up together and um doing

My own little collection so to speak and they were kind enough to send me some now i’ve had a few turn up spin your ownership there we go sorry from up north groupon david koikama and mike so yeah happy chappie got one of my old ones there he’s gonna be swapped out um but yeah i’ll um yeah massive shout out to them then grace thank you very much guys much

Appreciated and your mugs are on the way if anybody else is interested in a mug swap let me know let me know in the comments or email me my email is in the bio on the on the page on my on my home page and um i’ll be more than happy to uh do up a mug swap with you anyways yeah so without further ado let’s get this week’s video done see you in a bit marcus what

About chris or i will hope you’re all well oh been very busy this week to be fair i’m waiting on some bits for me plumbing i’ve still not got that plugged in just yet um but we’re getting there slowly slowly but surely uh anyway what’s your own potential temperature is there eh let me know they’ve dropped out this last couple of weeks aren’t they you know

I’m right down now to 13.3 the nights are cold now though see coming in cold down around here we’ve been coming in in the nights i’ve been obviously i work nights so i see it every night we’re right down to sort of three and a half four degrees it’s so nice so but yeah other than that the fish have come off the feed a bit as well now they’ve slowed right up

They’re not having it anywhere near as much as they were but still right what am i doing today today is monthly water change jobby i know well it’s my monthly so where i do a bigger water change than i usually do every week every week i do a smaller one and then every month if i do a bigger one that’s the way i run it um but anyway yeah we’re up to that now

Obviously this week is the end of my sleep treatment as well so i’m gonna get some out and have a sprig up the scrapes and while i’m at it i’m going to do a bit of measuring up um be interesting to see what sort of size i put on some of them over the summer i think i’ve done quite well to be fair looking at them so but yeah right i’m gonna crack on and i’ll

Be back with you all right got me nets the box out of my tripod set up um yeah get some out i’ve got something in microscope up a couple of scrapes uh make sure i’ve hit the floats make sure i’ve got rid of them make sure there’s no other underlying nasties going on i don’t think there is they all seem a lot happier again this week so but always best to get

Mate and have a look make sure you’ve got them so yeah now i’m gonna be i’ve got my notepad here somewhere i’ll trust the old notepad put it down uh there it is yeah so there’s my old trusty old notepad from my last measure up so it’d be interesting to see what they’re at now um but this time i’m going to do something a bit different i’m not writing it down

On the notepad i’m actually going to use the coin control app um at the moment i’m just testing it out it seems all right seems pretty good i know there’s a lot of people on there that swear by it there’s a lot of people on here that don’t um i do like it the fact that i can keep track of my water tests and i can keep track of the growth when we call in that

And to be honest the recommended feed allowance blah blah blah all that stuff i’m not sure if i i really take much notice of that i mean my koi will eat when they’re hungry you know um you get to know your own pond don’t you um it’s not even funny but they’re in an app in the world that that will get to learn your pond or know your own pond sort of thing you

Know so but anyway with that i’m just brebling on so i’m gonna carry on getting ready and i’ll be back with you in a bit that there he is the guy that always helps me out if there’s an issue in the pond he’s the first one to tell me so i’m gonna take a scrape from him another measure up and uh he looks a lot happier than he was when when he told me there was

Flukes in the system so i’ll have a quick measure up take a scrape and then get him back in it’s as good as gold that’s 31 centimeters don’t exactly grow all that much anyway right i’m gonna take a scrape get him back in and if she is my big girl she’s put some size on um all right turn this off a minute yeah she’s put some mega size on what she was i’ll have

A look in a minute well i’ll put it up on the screen what she was back in april she’s got a job to fit in this box and actually um i’m gonna take a scrape off her anyway obviously but another thing i wanted you guys to have a look at will i ever measure up this i sport is this has always been known as my sorry boy but now she’s got a brown eye and look at

All this on the bottom she’s turning very achievery what do you guys think be nice to know your input but she’s end to end now so what’s that that’s a 50 centimeter tape all right i’ll do it let’s get her back in a minute foreign change going on and that so i just have a few out that i scraped and jumped on the checkmate so i haven’t got nothing uh make sure

I caught the flukes and that’ll be out um i found two flukes across three fish i’m not going to retreat i’m not going to put them through the stress and all that again um i’m just gonna let it be for a minute and uh let’s see how let’s see how we’ll see how it gets on i mean as a friend’s advised me earlier cold weather’s coming along now so the flukes will

Start dropping back now anyway so um but yeah other than that they all look happy and healthy and they’re all doing well they’re all feeding all those feelings backed off they’re still they’re still feeling well so yeah happy with that earlier on i said that flute uh the claude hadn’t didn’t look like he’d put much on much size on he’s not done too bad to be

Fair he’s always been a smaller fish for some reason um well you think i had claude and the sorrow guy or achiever whatever she is um at the same time and she’s just tower like zoom past him she’s massive and he’s never really been a big grower but this year he ain’t done bad so in april he was 27 centimeters this year uh this summer a lot he hadn’t done too

Bad at all because he’s now obviously 31 centimeters i think he was so yeah i’m quite happy with that i mean that was four centimeters quite a lot for claude actually usually i put on sort of a centimeter a year he doesn’t don’t really do very fast uh very fast growing at all um just checking the water level still topping up um the sorrow boy achiever whatever

On the other hand wow she’s got massive 50 centimeters and she was 41 centimeters in april so she’s born nine centimeters but she’s got real deep with it as well she’s got a big old girl in there now so um the other one was the shower that i measured that i had off um vince it was a little bit skitty so i didn’t keep hold of it all that long i don’t think it’s

Been out since i put it in there if i’m honest so um but i’m waiting for vince to vince at twisted coil that is i’m waiting for him to come back with the size that he sold it before i release how big she actually was i want to know what she’d done um so she’s she’s i think she’s put on some good size that’s what i’ll let you know i’ll let you know what she is

She’s 39 centimeters so i think she was around about 31. 32 maybe when i had her offense back in the summer which was june yeah june i think and it may beginning of june i think it was i finally made it up there so but anyway another thing i want to talk about or let you guys know about is uh our visit last week to um new forest koi one of my subscribers

Scott cannings he sent me a message sent me an email with some pictures after that video i put out he decided he was going to go and take a visit down to new forest koi and he come back with three stunning koi come back with a chagoy um i saw a guy and somebody else can’t remember what it was now part of me on it but i’ll put the pictures up just before i sign

Off well they’re here look just up here there you go i think you’ll all agree that he’s bought he’s bought some stunning fish there good prices as well so uh but yeah cheers for sending me that scott it means a lot that does and uh i’m sure rick in that were quite welcoming they’re uh they’re a nice bunch down there so but anyway other than that guys like i

Say not a massive one just an update let you know how i’m getting on at a minute um and yeah i’m gonna go and have a shower and get in the bathroom sorry about that food cut out anyway um what was i saying yeah master thank you to scott for sending me that um those pictures of the koi that he bought from new forest koi much appreciate that mate um and yeah

Other than that just a quick one to uh keep you updated like you know so uh other than that guys take it easy and i’ll catch you next time cheers markers

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Quick koi pond update, did i nuke the fluke with the Potassium Permanganate? By Ramseys D.I.Y Koi Pond