March 28, 2023

Monday morning really foggy on our way to school

You are the heart of them what’s up everybody it’s a rough morning man oh wow what a morning all right we’ve made it look at this wallet you’re just jamming this morning i’m feeling i hi stacy we just stay we just stay consistently sick i don’t get it but we’re to school now i hope you think i will here charlie you think we can hear charlie oh your trip dude

We’re in the school parking lot i can’t show the school because it’s private in a way so i don’t feel like i can’t i can’t show him i’ll get in trouble i can only show us because like this i some of these kids it’s different buddy i can’t show it or i would i wish i could it’s beautiful morning good morning debbie ah i might be able to show the playground that’s

What kind of morning we got here there’s this little playground real quick i’d kind of like there we go yeah i showed them that looks like a part looks like a park yeah okay it does look like a park it’s like a castle a castle yeah i don’t know about a castle but it is what it is i hope everybody’s having an amazing morning lord have mercy the gray hair coming

Out of me anyways he’s been out of school for a minute i know i’ve i’ve been i’ve been well the texts you sent yesterday and then i looked it up that y’all don’t get hit hard nose no i don’t even know is this something serious though it really is i pray for you guys get my nose yeah yep you don’t tell everybody to have a good day at work and and school no i’m

Still your nose out you oh you through my nose at him yeah we do too do what buddy you threw the boogers at him yeah well it’s better to throw in the needle that’s one thing so we’re learning it’s really foggy here this morning it is um like on the road you can’t see nothing ahead of you it’s ridiculous i know okay hang on morning fellas thomas good morning i

Don’t know if i’m supposed to bring your bag or anything all right look we’re just rednecking it no toilet paper this morning i forgot it just find whatever you can find go there you go oh charlie we heard him jackie’s little outfit i got on him today i got him i got his boots on he’s been wanting to wear his boots so put him on him this morning look at that girl

Ah that’s one of your little classmates right rock what do you what do you have to say what do you want to say to everybody this morning a good morning or anything you want to say good morning or anything nope oh you just want to get buttons um wow to everybody on here oh yeah we’ll get it for sure um it’s getting cold it’s supposed to be like in the 72. all

Night all week so the weather is completely changed on this air stop for singing stop what did you want that one you’re you’re pushing stuff like crazy i didn’t hold my horn yeah you did you won’t even is that mine yeah why is my horn just beeping out of nowhere thomas thank you i don’t know you leaving my truck is coming to us final days you guys my truck is

Buddy i hope so it’s getting it’s chilly it is it’s really chilly this morning i love you i love you i like your coffee huh okay we do okay that’s good you gonna have a good day no don’t get over here because it’s already melt we had no buttons don’t don’t be hitting the horn no we only get the one oh thank you blue blood he is a mess he’s a he’s he’s wore me

Out this morning quick game that’s you that honk the horn i had to give him a bath this morning and it was it’s been a fight all morning you just honked the horn like that yeah and we both our sinuses are so messed up that stuff that they albuterol i guess it’s what it is basically it pumps them up man like he’s starting to get used to it now ain’t you huh you

Should be as much as you’ve been on camera you should should be taking control of it all right maybe oh what i deal with every day it’s a mess it really is he’s been down here sit down he’s been down for a minute he’s not been able to go to school since last tuesday he missed wednesday no tuesday yeah he missed tuesday wednesday thursday friday and coming back

Today look at my teeth look here i wish i could show you guys but i came here foreign i wish i could show you all when he goes to the big school i can i just can’t hear it’s a little different here and like i said he is a complete mess right now uh here it’s our turn okay it’s gone now it’s gone don’t don’t get mad all right you ready all right ready say

Bye bye to everybody let’s go good morning hi honey are you are you proud of cheese surely not um okay okay circus is coming this weekend their age family gets four free tickets if you want to go friday night two times on saturday or two times think you’ll go and take it okay so just saw him right here beside his name and i’m gonna have extra um okay well

You’ll have four just in case so later this week if i have extras i’m going to ask parents if you want extra um you want to go to the circus this weekend and i’ll need to do your end time with you real quick if you can yeah okay if you don’t care just pull up to the club and then walk back over to me and bring your phone with you okay oh my god you guys okay all

Right i gotta pull over got some tickets to the circus though guys i gotta end it i gotta go in here and she’s gotta do something on my phone i i don’t know what she’s fixing to do but anyways just a quick ride to school prayers to everybody i hope everybody has an awesome day debbie and you guys the hurricane and stuff i pray for you guys if it gets too bad get

The hell out of there and you always got a place to stay um i mean get the hell out of there don’t risk it so love you all to death you guys have a great day and i was going to show you all the way home but i gotta go in here love you guys

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