February 8, 2023

An update about Sertraline..

Quick update here okay sertraline i’m taking 100 milligrams every single day now with my doctor prescribing me 100 milligrams i don’t feel comfortable like taking a hundred milligrams every single day so i take about 75 maybe eighty percent of the pill um it helps me my social anxiety so i go out there i do still have the same um you know feelings when i go outside

I’m gonna be nervous jittery when i talk to someone because i feel a little bit uncomfortable but it the pill makes me want to talk it like i would i want to talk i want to be able to explore and because i’m so out there like i really really need to get out of my comfort zone zone it helped me out even better so uh plus whenever i believe in myself it’s so much

Easier so much better and i would tell you if you are taking sertraline no matter how many times you take it if you could take to 200 300 milligrams a day it’s not gonna help you if you’re thinking i’m worthless i’m this i’m that i can’t do it you always have to push yourself push the boundaries if you’re not gonna push the boundaries nothing’s gonna help and i’ve

Seen it work with everyone else um one of my good friends he’s taking this antidepressant pill i think it’s as an extortionate in the mood she’s she’s still depressed cuz she still thinks that she can’t get to her problems she can’t get out of that zone where uh you know everything bothers or whatever so like the natural her own thoughts make her depressed alright

Doesn’t matter how many pills you’re gonna take as long as you if you feel like you are in a with jim call it in a gutter right the bottom of the bottom like use is gonna be there no matter how many pills are going to take that’s not gonna override it okay your thoughts are the only powerful medicine that’s going to overwrite anything else and even though the pills

Do kind of change your chemistry in your head but let me tell you something you gotta believe in yourself and i’m starting to think that more and more and more as the day go by so yeah i do feel better so this was going to be just a little quick update about that i’m not taking at all i’m not taking vyvanse but i slowly and thinking that violence was a little bit

Helpful in terms of you know me being a little bit more productive so i might be able to go back i’m not really sure now but i will definitely update you probably next month on that but yeah so for anyone out there who is having a social anxiety or a general anxiety problem please take a look at search link which is a generic form of zoloft okay well you take care

Of yourselves i hope you have a great day and the weekend is almost here so have a great one bye bye take care bye

Transcribed from video
Quick Sertraline update By MarionF