March 28, 2023

Yeah, I won’t be using that face tracking feature again!

All right how’s it going guys um just kept checking in there we go so i had to move to um the shade because it is deathly hot in the sun um here in california or it’s not hot today but it’s incredibly humid and the the sun just does not help um recording so yeah uh today is june six juneteenth or let’s see let me just double check really quick today is june 18th

Um not the 16th that goes to show you just how good i am memorizing dates um i am trying this new feature on my camera which is like this face tracking thing so it’s supposed to follow me so let me know if that’s too distracting um in the comments and i won’t use it next time um because i know i keep like looking around left and right and the camera switches

So i don’t know if that’s distracting or if that is actually cool but anyways just want to give you guys a little update on my life my mind um symptoms life on 10 milligrams of lexapro um i’m doing pretty good i’m doing really good i don’t know the exact amount of time that i’ve been on 10 milligrams and i’ll probably have like a little thingy there saying how

Many months it’s been i’m feeling pretty darn good this last uh you know the the time i posted a video saying the last video i posted on an update basically saying that i was not doing good that that was the hardest week um you know i had skipped therapy one week and i just think it was just a culmination of just not being in therapy some triggers and that just

Made me feel like really just emotionally a wreck and i was really considering going up to 15 or 20 milligrams but i didn’t because the following week was just great in fact one of the best weeks i’ve ever had if not the best week so last week and this week now we’re already at the end of this week it’s friday now and um yeah i could safely say that these last

Uh two weeks have been good no side effects um i think drowsiness i feel is due to me not getting enough sleep and that is probably the biggest issue and i think it’s completely unrelated to the medication uh it just has to do with my job and getting up at 4 30 in the morning every day to uh to work at 5 am so it’s a little hard for me i mean i’ll go to bed like

Around 9 00 p.m i you know i aim for like 9 p.m 8 45 but uh you know this little this little fitness band i have it’s telling me that i’m not getting good sleep or quality sleep so i don’t know sometimes i wake up just super tired like today i’m i’m i could go for a nap but i think it’s only until next pro i did miss my i did miss my dose yesterday by again

Four hours like that one time but i had no brains ups i had no like negative feelings um i took it late and i was okay i could still eat a bunch of food there are some days where i will feel neither here nor there emotionally just like mentally and emotionally stable and and that’s it not like overly happy or stimulated and not overly depressed um and i’m okay

With that i don’t mind it i have had some anxiety spikes like yesterday i could think of for example and that’s again where this thing comes in handy because it i can see my heart rate spike up and know like um i’ll know like oh i’m having an anxiety attack so you know usually in the past where i’ve had anxiety attacks for again like 25 30 minutes if not longer

Uh my experience with anxiety attacks now it’s been like sharp five minute ten minute at the most but like again i’m aware and then i’m able to like do breathe work you know and just yeah really come down from that and and stabilize myself so that’s what i’ve got for you quick and short update um i’m feeling fine i’m feeling grand my dog is approaching uh back

Here and he just stumbled up here you know here i am okay buddy he’s a little too excited oh yes i know i know all right all right all right relax buddy relax so as you just saw there uh my dog was a little crazy he’s very old and um we try not to excite him in fact it’s pretty rare that he gets that excited but yeah um that’s my update that’s my phone that’s

My update um thank you guys for watching any questions related to anything about lexapro experience comment down below and i’ll always try to answer them as best i can so like no side effects feeling great hanging there guys i’ll see you soon

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Quick Update! – Two Months 10mg of Lexapro (Escitalopram) By SoCal Explorer