June 4, 2023

Okay hello everybody how’s it going apologies if i look a bit caught up here i’ve just had one of them i rather one in turkey shaves at the barbers where they do that we we don’t know named straight razors first time i’ve had it done and yeah i’m a bit red anyway i wanted to talk about the citalopram antidepressants apologies are you getting sick of me talking

About such things but some people ask me how it’s going and stuff so i thought i’d do a little update because i was on a 10 milligram for quite a while and then i felt like it was sort of not working so well so i went up to a 20 milligram and i’ve been on that for a couple of months i think maybe only a month i don’t know but i’ve decided it’s probably time to

Think about giving up the tablets again it’s the second time i tried to give up they ended their presence and it worked it worked quite alright the first time but then some bad stuff happened and i just ended up having like such bad anxiety i had to do something about it i couldn’t function and i went back on it antidepressants and yeah they’ve been working out

Quite well for me but there’s a like a massive problem with them and i had the similar problem on fluoxetine but it wasn’t so bad which is the tiredness on citalopram i felt the tiredness has just been so intrusive into my life that i’ve just i feel like i just can’t function on him and i know when i was on the fluoxetine i was doing a video about it and i said

The sleeping is quite therapeutic and i still think it is actually like your brain does a lot of healing and stuff when you’re asleep and maybe you need that extra sleep sort of fix you up but um i just feel like the certain there’s a certain point away it’s it was just like it’s like i’m i’m i ever asleep all the time or i’m just half asleep like tired all the

Time i’m wanting to sleep and then yeah it’s way worse on the setai problem for me than it wasn’t a fluoxetine you probably noticed people been asking why i haven’t been doing the live streams of me painting and i don’t know if you watched him regularly probably noticed i was doing him less and less time as it went along and one of the main reasons for that was

I was getting more and more tired every day so i was getting you know at first i was doing like if several i was a painting no problem and and then i was just getting to the point where i was doing like a few hours of painting and then hardly being able to keep my eyes open and then i went to don’t go and have a nap and then a nap for the rest of the day i’d be

Flat out asleep and then i’ve got the point now where i’m sleeping till about midday and then getting up for a couple of hours and then wanting to go back to sleep and those couple of hours i’m like hardly awake i’m like you know when you feel like you haven’t had any sleep so yeah pretty much why i’m done distrito something could probably got a bit burnt out with

The panes and nothing i was doing it may be too much and then i got a bit burnt out with the whole painting thing so um but i mostly is too tired this and i would just be like a commonly function very well like i’ve been doing that volunteering in the charity shop on a weekend and it’s getting really difficult like i feel like i can hardly stay awake and then it’s

Like a no no i’m there all day and i’m at the moment i’m just really struggling with it like you know it’s quite easy work but i just feel like i’m struggling it’s so i’m so tired so i decided to try and give up the the city teleprompter to ten milligrams now and i’m gonna try and i’ve got to be on them for four weeks and then i’m gonna probably stop taking them

All together another thing is that i’ve kind of become more interested in um maybe like a more spiritual approach to life or something like that i don’t know i don’t we know what it is but i feel like i’m being drawn towards something like that i’ve been trying to do like meditation and stuff and i just feel like there’s something blocking in my head i used to

Meditate when i was younger and i feel like there’s just something in there there’s like a mind blockage i i currently describe it and i find it really hard to meditate and i just saw generally hard to sort of focus on things and you know like just to focus on a subject and think clearly about things and i can’t help but feel like the tablets are causing that sort

Of blockage that mental blockage so i don’t know i’m gonna try not taking them i probably will go back to being depressed but i’m not like i’m not like too afraid of being depressed as long as i can function you know and if i can sort of approach life in a different way maybe become a bit more spiritually minded or something like that i might find an alternative

Solution it’s a depression rather than just a purely pharmaceutical approach i’m gonna be try improving my diet the last time i endeavoured to improve my diet i did quite a lot and now eat quite a lot of just fresh food but i’m gonna try and improve that even more because i eat a lot of sweets and cakes and biscuits and things in between all the fresh food so and

Try and cut all that out and go to just almost like i don’t know if it’s like a clean eating diet or just i’d call it like a real food diet it’s basically just eating what i want but as long as it’s like freshly made so i buy all my ingredients like my meat and my vegetables and fruit and efrain fresh and cook with it rather than just relying on processed foods

And sugary stuff and pop and stuff like that so yeah just to generally improve me into my diet which i have done in the past and i’ve stuck to but i want to improve even more and try and get more exercise as well hopefully if i stop say these tablets and i get more energy i won’t be just sleeping all day and i want to sort of use a you need to get a bit more

Exercise because yeah last few years i’ve part nose away i’ve got like i like belly going on and there i did try like i did like do a lot of walking but you know i’m over videos to see me like going out and walking quite a lot but i’ve just yeah i’ve just been so sleepy i can’t really keep up with it i found like a running group near me i’m gonna go along to it

This wednesday and see how it goes i’m really bad at running like a really card room very far i can’t lie creep like my legs kill me i’ll start running but no i try it out i think it’s fun if you ever heard of hash house harriers it’s like a running group there’s like groups from around the country and it sounds quite fun i might make a video of it if it might be

Quite an interesting thing it’s a bit difference where you usually running groups yeah so i’m gonna try that this wednesday if it’s good i’m gonna keep up with that so yeah that’s generally it i’m gonna i’m good i just wanted to make this video just to say cuz people ask me about holly and auntie’s the presidents are going and yeah i’m gonna i’m gonna try and give

Them up i do like i said like i said with a fluoxetine i do actually it’s kind of with a heavy heart i give up these tablets because i do feel like them they improved my life a lot they make me more confident they make me a lot happier i don’t get irritated by stupid little things i feel much more likely to go outside and just do things with the depression makes

Everything feel like about twice as much effort as it normally is something i always noticed when i first start taking this these tablets it’s like there’s a weight lifted off and i have all this energy before the tiredness kicks in i get all this amazing energy because everything’s so much easier everything so much lighter that i haven’t got this big heavy weight

Less holding me down on every movement i make and just like physical actions are just much more much easier and i just get this like massive wind of energy for like a few weeks before like sleepiness properly kicks in so yeah i’m not looking forward to going back to that sort of mindset but i’m gonna try and you know make but like i say make positive changes and

Try and improve things maybe just you know i’m like a cake say keep up the meditation hopefully they’ll be it’d be easier once i stopped taking these tablets and i don’t know any other suggestions just keep putting in the comments i could try them out but yeah that’s that’s it really so his is the beginning of me weaning myself off the citalopram i’m down to ten

Milligram again and i don’t have to just quit once i get so four weeks on ten milligrams or whether to start taking them late alternate days or something i don’t know everything i’ve heard it’s harder to wean off citalopram name is flog the team because fluoxetine has a massive like half life so just stays in your system for age isn’t it you can it kinda just wean

Yourself off it naturally with citalopram i have noticed on citalopram if i so there was one weekend where i forgot my tablets i went away somewhere after a couple of days not taking it i felt really ill like i got headaches and just felt really bad so i don’t know we’ll see how it goes anyway but um yeah this is a beginning beginning of the end of citalopram for

Me i think i’m gonna probably give it up i don’t feel like i’ve got any of the stresses in my life that i did when i first started taking them that caused me to start taking them so it should be alright anyway yeah just a quick update there we go

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Quitting Citalopram. Endless tiredness and mental blocks. By Channel Fadge