December 8, 2022

Review Insulin Types: Rapid Acting and other NCLEX nursing mnemonics with Pixorize.

Nclex studyers we’re about to give you everything you need to master all things rapid acting insulin so if you want to knock the n clicks out of the park keep on watching rapid acting insulins are the fastest acting forms of insulin used to rapidly reduce blood sugar levels in this mnemonic video we’ll cover all the important information you need to know about

Rapid acting insulin for testing let’s get started for today’s scene we’re here in the drive-through with our favorite co-worker who is sent to grab everyone’s lunch order from the local fast food restaurant she has limited time on her lunch break so fast food is definitely the way to go especially at this place that’s called rapid as she picks up the orders she

Puts the fast food in this insulated cooler to keep the food fresh here at pixarize we use insulation like that of this insulated cooler to symbolize insulin because insulation and insulin sound similar right and the fast or rapid food here should remind you of rapid acting drugs so this insulated cooler full of fast food is here to anchor you to rapid acting

Insulins the fastest acting type of insulin got that great now let’s move on to the different drug names of the rapid acting insulins in her hurry to get the food the woman drove right down the middle of the drive-through’s freshly paved asphalt this asphalt is our symbol for the drug as spart asphalt for aspart got that aspart is the first rapid-acting insulin

Drug name you need to know in clinical practice you will commonly hear a spark called by its brand name novolog but since the generic name aspart is the name that will be tested on the nclex just remember this asphalt and you’ll be good to go to keep track of everyone’s specific order this woman wrote out a list the list also happens to be our symbol for the

Drug list pro list for list pro you can even think of it as list pro if that helps list pro is the second rapid acting insulin that you need to know lispo’s brand name is humalog so you might hear this name in the clinical setting as well but for the nclex just remember this list for list bro and you’ll be set as the woman grabs the list to double check that she

Didn’t forget anything the list got caught in the glove compartment and ripped luckily she had some glue in the car and she’s working on trying to glue the list together this glue is here to symbolize the drug glulacine glue for glulazine easy right glulazine is the third and last rapid acting insulin that you need to remember glulosine’s trade name is apedra but

Remember the name glulazine will appear on the nclex so just remember the glulazine glue and you’ll be sure to remember that glulazine is a rapid acting insulin when i said the woman was on a time crunch i wasn’t kidding she gets a 30 minute lunch break and her timer is going off now she better hurry if she’s going to get back in time use this 30 minute lunch

Break to help you remember that the rapid acting insulins peak around 30 minutes after administration each type of insulin has a different time of onset peak and duration the most important time to remember is the insulin peak time because that is when the drug’s blood sugar lowering effects are most active and also happens to be when hypoglycemia is most likely

To occur the nclex is most likely to ask you questions about insulin peaks so that is what is symbolized in this video now the insulin peak is technically a range because the actual peak time differs according to each patient’s biology rapid acting insulins technically have a peak ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours with an average closer to 30 minutes in summary

This means that rapid acting insulins will kick in fast around 30 minutes after subcutaneous administration which is the fastest among all the insulins so why might this fast peak be used clinically let’s find out that sure is a big pile of food on the passenger seat all this food can help you remember that rapid acting insulins are usually given with meals this

Makes sense if you think about how rapid acting insulin peaks quickly around 30 minutes by giving rapid acting insulin with meals the insulin’s peak will roughly match up with when blood sugar levels naturally spike after eating you see the other types of insulin don’t kick in fast enough to correct for the sugar spike that comes with meals this makes the rapid

Acting insulins the most effective way of counteracting the glucose spikes that occur after meals the exact dosing is determined on a sliding scale depending on the patient’s expected carb intake and biology most patients will be required to estimate how many carbs they will eat calculate the correct number of units of insulin to administer and give the injection

15 minutes before eating before we summarize what we learned make sure to like this video subscribe to our channel for more great content leave a comment below telling us what topic you want us to cover next and visit us at now that we’ve covered all the important information about rapid acting insulins let’s hurry and summarize so our friend here

Can get on her way rapid acting insulins include the drugs aspart lispro and glulazine these insulins work the fastest among all insulin types with a peak around 30 minutes after administration clinically rapid acting insulins are usually given with meals to counteract the blood sugar spike that occurs after eating all this talk about food is making me hungry

I’m going to grab a bite to eat and maybe you should too before you get back to studying see you next time

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Rapid Acting Insulin Mnemonic Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX) By Pixorize