March 28, 2023

In this episode, I react to Elon Musk’s tweet about Wellbutrin (Bupropion).

Welcome back to drug talk everybody in today’s video i want to react to a tweet that elon musk tweeted in a reply in a conversation on twitter regarding the medication wellbutrin so as many of you know this is a medication i’ve made several videos on it and i actually use this medication every year in the winter due to my bipolar disorder i use it from about

October until march um so obviously this medication is very important to me and i know based on the comments in my videos it’s important to a lot of you as well so i just wanted to quickly give my thoughts on elon musk’s tweet so first off what did he tweet about wellbutrin well he said wellbutrin is way worse than adderall in my opinion it should be taken off

The market every time that drug has come up in conversation someone at the table has a suicide or near suicide story so if you’ve watched the videos that i made on wellbutrin i made a first week a first month as well as a first two month video um you know this medication has been very instrumental for me to help pull me out of the depths of depression that i

Experience due to bipolar disorder typically between the months of october uh to march really worse in october uh november and december as winter is just kind of just getting going and the clocks have changed that’s the time where i find it the most difficult well like i said this medication it’s become very important to me over the last few years using it every

Winter again to help with that depression i don’t have any problems with elon musk i think he’s doing great things in the world and i actually agree with a lot of the stuff that he says i just think it’s an unfortunate position to single out one antidepressant when all antidepressants i’ll say do have their issues but to single out one antidepressant and say it

Should be taken off the market just like i said seems a little unfortunate to me when there’s so many people that use this medication beneficially and like i said again i’m only one person but it’s helped pull me out of the depths of depression due to bipolar disorder with elon musk’s recent purchase of twitter it will be interesting to see if he decides to dip

His toes into different pharmaceutical companies in the future if he did that could actually have a real world impact in terms of taking medications off the market but again that’s just hearsay so we’ll have to wait and see if he actually does anything like that in the future so overall to give my opinion about this tweet i would say that i think it’s a little

Bit irresponsible uh to single out an antidepressant like that asking or saying in his opinion that it should be taken off the market just because there’s so many people that use different antidepressants and wellbutrin is a very common antidepressant it’s actually an antidepressant of choice for many people due to the benefits of not causing sexual dysfunction

Many people switch from ssris to wellbutrin because it causes less sexual side effects for myself personally using wellbutrin i talked about it in my videos but the only side effect i really experienced was a heightening of anxiety when i first started taking the medication but again that only lasted for a few weeks and i went back to baseline and then my mood

Over the course of about two months really started to improve and then really the sky was the limit after the first two months and it really did help me get back to normal again after i was in those really tough tough times of depression so i’d be really interested to hear what your thoughts are on elon musk’s tweet about wellbutrin if you have an opinion please

Comment below i’d love to get a conversation started about this um but other than that that’s really all i had to say i just wanted to give my quick reaction to elon musk’s tweet about wellbutrin so if you if you like this video find it interesting make sure to like the video and subscribe and we’ll see you next time

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Reacting To Elon Musk's NEGATIVE Tweet About WELLBUTRIN (Bupropion) By Drug Talk