June 4, 2023

Reacting to Kodak Black arrested in Fort Lauderdale with 31 Oxycodone pills. F**k

And so i’m back with another video today man i salute to all my subscribers that join the brainiac squad i see my view i’ve seen my views been going up and i see my subscribers been going up man so first of all foremost i’d like to salute to y’all man new to my channel subscribe man leave a comment hit that like button man turn your bell notifications on so when

I post you will be getting my videos man right away uh hey man so the video we got today man is a rapper kodak black arrested in a fort lauderdale with uh 31 oxycodone pills that’s what the troopers say anyway but hey man no further ado man i was going through and i was like man oh i gotta react to this right here man with no further ado let’s let’s get into

The video tonight rapper kodak black landing behind bars once again here in south florida local 10 parker branton joins us live from fort lauderdale with the details behind his latest arrest parker dame alex good morning according to florida highway pitch and got my boy called black again man again before i even before i even hear what they got to say man i’m

Gonna be honest i think it might be a rap for kodak black man they might try to you know that three strikes you out type of not try to give him life but they’re gonna give him a long time though man unless he got a real good lawyer that and most likely he dewey because he make a lot of money kodak black had some drugs and then had some cash inside of his car

When they pulled him over let’s take you to that mug shot of the 25 year old a better note with this one thing this one this one thing right here i don’t understand though you know being a rapper and being in the industry of course they’re gonna do drugs of course they’re gonna use being an artist in general of course you’re gonna use something i mean what uh what

What the hell do they expect i mean that’s what they that’s what a lot of people even that’s what they talk about that’s that’s like that’s just a normal it’s a given when it comes to making music and being an artist and a lot of artists they need inspiration they do certain things for inspiration they need to start letting people slide and they they they’re the

Main ones of the manufacturers and the producers of all these things that they would catch you and they’ll take you to jail for the same things that they manufacture and produce and they give to people it’s a damn shame man once again the system system man the rapper kodak black the broward county native in jail this broward county native in jail this morning

Here at the broward county jail this is all because of a traffic stop that happened around 4 30 in the afternoon troopers say they spotted a dodge durango near northwest 31st avenue and cypress creek road in fort lauderdale they say it appeared to have windows tinted darker than the legal limit after pulling the rapper over troopers say they smelled marijuana and

Eventually searched the car fhp saying they found 31 oxycodone pills and over 70 thousand dollars in cash during the search they also say that kodak’s license and tax were also expired the rapper is charged with possession of controlled substance and drug trafficking and as we know this is not kodak’s first run so just because he had over just because he had all

That money right he had all that money and he had a decent amount of appeals they gonna say he was drug trafficking even though all appeals could have been for his for his personal use you know and the money he’s a rapper he makes lots of money and that’s what they do they travel around with big lumps sizes of money i don’t know why they do that but to show it

Off and to probably make a video with or whatever the case may be or maybe he’s gonna go deposit in the morning maybe he just made that money you know what i mean maybe he just did a did a show somewhere it was coming back back to the crib trying to get back to the crib or whatever damn that’s a damn shame man what do you say his uh his his license and his plates

Was expired like what attacks were also expired call it blood you got too much look man you got 70 000 in the car right that’s what i don’t understand why the hell would you be driving around first of all your tip to black ain’t nobody ever told you that the people that at the dealership when they put the in your car like they didn’t tell you like oh hey kodak

Um let you know your 10 is over is past the uh the legal limit of 10 you might get pulled over one day they ain’t never tell you that that’s a damn shame but uh on to the next little thing man uh you got all that damn money why didn’t you go get your why didn’t you get your tags up to date and all that man you’re running around with 7000 laws and your tags only

Cost a certain amount of money or you could have had somebody else do it around you that that’s probably legitimate if you if your license wasn’t legitimate or whatever the case may be actually i don’t even think you you don’t even need to have no good license to go update your tag because it’s your vehicle you might need to bring a license driver with you depending

On the state but damn man that’s a damn shame that’s a damn shame call that black man my dude he said my yellow but her favorite pardon him and donald trump did pardon him damn yes he did i think little one was it lil wayne though wayne and call that black i think he pardoned both of them if i’m not mistaken i might have to do some research on that part but i’m

Sure it was both of them yeah it was both of them yep both of them and uh again then kodak black was running around with that uh with that donald trump chain yeah for sure man that’s up man maybe donald trump could get him out again you know maybe we gonna see you know here at the broward county jail this morning he’s either gonna find out at some point of

Course we will let you know what happens for now we are live in fort lauderdale and parker branson local 10 news damn that’s the video right there for today man hey man drop down in the comments section what y’all think about that man salutes all my brainiacs man i hate to see cardiac black in a bad situation like that man you know my system got him once again

Man i try to stay out the way i go to work i do my little thing i stay out the way i’ll be out there i’m gonna be leave everything at home if you’re gonna do anything leave it at home to all my subscribers you’re gonna do anything leave that at home don’t be out here playing games man because uh we we need to be valuing our we need to be valuing the fact that we

Do have freedom because they take that from a person easily and it’s not cool man but uh i uh that’s a video for today man she man’s monty brainstorm and i’m out peace

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Reacting to Kodak Black arrested in Fort Lauderdale with 31 Oxycodone pills. F**k By Monte BrainStorm