March 28, 2023


Guys this your girl anita kill like share and subscribe i did a little research on the conical jenkins uh case and uh what i did was i been with the community i’ve i have been with kanika community since it came out to people that i used to follow is still it has stopped talking about it and i’m in some that i’ve been following you know since then but um this

The whole the whole the whole incident about kanika jenkins is so much out of place okay one minute the emotions from the parent the mother uh that didn’t happen to my daughter that’s not her didn’t nobody do nothing to her she was drunk she was at the hotel she got drunk she wasn’t freaking okay why was it so important now i don’t know if anybody else thought

About asking this question but i have many questions and the first question that i want the uh what is the mom you know oh god i just went blank the asking mom was why do she think nobody did nothing to her daughter and then she came back and said then she start crying and stuff about her daughter i’m confused uh you know she said did nobody do nothing to her

Daughter she sat apart and she walked in and freezing why would you come back over and change your mind about that situation now for someone did anyone make you change did anyone make her change her mind about what was said was she threatened at the time what was going through the mom mind when she came out with that statement okay and what was why now only

One question bothered me that miss teresa had said was um she the only one brought this up and and i think the way she said it she probably allegedly shouldn’t have said it i’m gonna use everything that’s allegedly y’all in his uh in this uh kaneki jenkins video um and it’s research everything is allegedly uh i am a reaction uh channel i react on videos i

Don’t know everything y’all i just react and do my research on a lot of these little different saves in these videos um kanika jenkins was 19 now you got to remember the body the body young body and my body my body can take more intake more after it’s going to take more alcohol and drugs for me to get height than it will hurt uh kanika jenkins because she’s

Young okay um my theme was why didn’t mama want to see uh a video of her walking in the freezer why not that why was my daughter left in the freezer like that see you why what’s what what was the what made who told her to say that see that’s what threw me out with the case well why did they say uh why she said i just wanted to see a picture i just want to see

The video of my daughter walking in the freezer there have been so much misconception about the kanika jenkins uh case until it’s not confusing it just don’t make sense to me okay um if okay this is this drug i have never heard of that’s why i got the camera here is to pyramid anytime i don’t know something about something i want to know the side effect to the

Reaction and what i how many i can take how long do i have to be in my system before it can react to the body okay looking at that young lady coming from the uh footage from the uh the police that the footage that the police uh authority release it was showing kanika in some of these stages right here okay here it go right here i looked up to pair me and the

First thing came to my mind would go to the reaction part of it and that and i hit this y’all i never heard of temperament into this season i went here to reaction and i pulled down here and said this medication you know feel with the effectiveness of broken this talking about convert control and all of that let me skip it up son let me put it up okay this the

Drug out that they found in kanika but you had two types of drugs inside of kanika you had um you had um alcohol mix it but i’m gonna play this video right i’m gonna play this information so you can hear uh do y’all want me to read it to you let me let you hear a little bit okay i said to pyramid to pyramid okay let’s skip it right here it says okay this is

Important okay okay here it go right here it says for cap for capsule extension extension release 24-hour product swallow hold do not chew or crush do not drink alcohol or any anything contain a drug for at least six hours before uh after taking this medicine medication now it was said at the uh party that she didn’t drink when she was drunk she drink she was

Drinking but where did how did the prayer mate get in her system did someone slip it in in the drink and they get high off of it because you know you know kids love taking uh prescription drugs okay uh and then it went on and said that for council sprinkle product when they sprinkle may cause draw drowsiness may cause strawsness okay alcohol and marijuana i

Caught a marijuana y’all but it’s marijuana but marijuana may intensify this effect so she drinking and you know of course now you can get high off smoke now i used to get high off uh with somebody smoking weed you know it probably smells like weed because the man told him to put a towel up under someone that literally told him to put a towel up on the door so

You can get high you can get high like that you know you don’t have to smoke you can still get hot so there you go you got the alcohol you got the uh to pad some to paramedic to paramate whatever she said temperament and then you have the elk yeah alcohol to primate and then you got marrow the weed but we wasn’t found in her sister i don’t see how come we wasn’t

Found marijuana wasn’t found in her system if uh she was at a party because if marijuana was so high intensity was so high at the party she could have got she was getting half a bit too okay then it went on and said the castle may be open and oh listen man let’s go back i’m right here y’all listen him let’s go back castle made the cat the castle may be open and

Content sprinkled over food swaddles mister immediately from chewing may call drastic now let me tell you something they could have sprinkled that in that drink they could have they could have sprinkled that in the drink inside the alcohol you still drinking here y’all know who don’t did what how did it get in her body that’s the question do she take medication

Do her medic is some medication close to power made okay let me ask you another question they found this in her system system but are there any other drugs they do could nicotine any kind of drugs you know not when i say drugs prescription drugs you know like i take prescription drugs and they’ve been in my body for a long time and when i drink alcohol y’all it

Affects in the body and it makes you you know your body react okay and this particular drug it caused seizures so this have a seizure we don’t know okay she was trouncing and she was drowsy she she would come i didn’t see the dizziness but i saw the droughts and i didn’t see the confusion i i just seen just like to me she would allege it was alcohol made okay

Then it also went on say may cause drowsiness and this and the alcohol the marijuana may intense i just read that okay youth when operating a vehicle a machinery do not drink alcohol baby they constantly keep saying do not drink alcohol beverages when using this medication the medication may have a bitter taste if chewed are crushed not okay here we go let’s keep

Going because i’m still trying to see i know kids do take drugs but y’all said she didn’t take no drugs okay so what are the side effects let’s go to the side effects of temperament to pyramid okay what am i saying here we go you know young folks not worrying about no side effect when they are using prescription drugs okay and how did now i was listening to um

One of the youtuber and he was speaking on it was 3 000 milligram and the highs they got okay they got they got a 100 milligram 150 milligrams 200 but i don’t get it usually if right here what they give me because i have high blood pressure now y’all see this y’all see the middle grounds 100 milligrams 150 milligram 200 milligram 25k okay if they sprinkle it

In out i’m still trying to see these milligrams right here how did it average up to be three thousand excuse me y’all hold up let me move that i’m trying to stare at up how did it still average up to be three thousand milligrams um okay let’s go back right home because i’m uh someone’s side of it i’m trying to find the side of it uh the side effect is uh confusion

Depot floatia i need to look all these words up okay i gotta look no words up those some hard terms honey and i’m not about to twist my tongue okay let’s move this up some obviously the medicine right here is in when you’re trying to lose weight make your bowel movement and stuff yeah these sleeping this this is all this stuff inside the side effect is that’s

All these rules right here make you sleepy let me see y’all let’s go yeah we are inside of it let’s keep going weakness down arrest you okay so this right here they’re trying to make it a little weird i need some of let me this you lose weight y’all i need some of this but why is it making you lose weight okay it can make you do all these things right here i

Don’t need all that in my system anorexia uh oh man it’s like oh that’s got it’s got some bad let’s get the rea okay we did the reaction well y’all i just wanna just want to talk about this drug that was in kanika and um you know i just i was just curious about the drug and that took uh to paramay um this your girl anita girl y’all tell me what you think uh like share and subscribe

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