March 28, 2023

I put this video together to share with my patients what to expect in terms of recovery following their transurethral resection of prostate procedure for BPH or enlarged prostate. The exact POST OP TURP instructions that I give here may be very different from what your specific surgeon will do and how he manages the recovery after TURP surgery. However, I wanted to share just so that guys might have some picture of what the recovery period will look like.

Hi guys it’s dr chan here today i’m gonna share with you some of the things that you can expect after your prostate resection surgery so these are things that i tell my patients they may vary with the things that your particular surgeon may tell you so definitely check in with them if you are undergoing this procedure but i think this just kind of gives you an

Idea of what to look forward to usually i keep most my patients in the hospital for one night after surgery just to flush their bladder out with irrigation they’ll go home with the catheter in place for about three to four days this just kind of helps while the prostate is swollen and there’s still some bleeding going on it just kind of helps with the recovery

Clean around the tip of the catheter with a washcloth and some soap and water and then whenever the bag gets full just empty it so it’s normal to see blood in your urine for several weeks after a transurethral of a section of the prostate if the color of the urine is more dark red like ketchup rather than light red or pink like cranberry juice then it’s important

To give your surgeon a call it’s also common to experience a lot of burning with urination frequency of urination and urgency after the procedure you may feel that you have to go to the bathroom more frequently this is usually just irritation from the surgery and may last one to two weeks in terms of your diet no special diet is needed it may be helpful to

Increase your intake of fiber or a laxative type supplement like colase or miralax that you can pick up over the counter just to help with bowel movements it’s also important to try to drink more fluids than usual so that you can increase your urine output to kind of help flush out any blood clots that may form in terms of your activity i usually recommend

People not to lift anything more than 10 pounds for about two weeks no strenuous activity which is basically anything more than walking on a gentle level surface and no sexual activity so i like to wait until the urine is clear for several days in a row before you start resuming these activities the more straining that you do especially with activities like

Weightlifting or riding a bicycle the longer the bleeding will occur and the longer the recovery will take showering and bathing are okay even with the catheter in place in terms of your medications you can resume your prior medications if you’re taking any prostate medications like finasteride flomax doxazosin terrazosine dutasteride you can stop taking these

Now specifically for blood thinner medications like warfarin pradaxa eliquis or lovanox hold off on taking these until you follow up in clinic to kind of see how the bleeding in the urine is progressing aspirin is okay to restart when you start the restart these blood thinner medications it’s not uncommon to have some bleeding occur in your urine even though

Your urine has remained yellow for several days in terms of post-operative prescription shoes we i’ll call in some antibiotics for about five days just to make sure that you don’t get a urinary tract infection pain medication and then also important is to pick up some over-the-counter laxative or stool softener like colace or miralax specific problems to kind of

Watch out for if you have a fever more than 100.4 give the office a call inability to urinate excessive bleeding chest pain or shortness of breath these are all kind of things to kind of be concerned about and to watch out for and let us know if any of them occur after your section prostate surgery well thanks for watching if you have any more specific questions

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RECOVERY AFTER PROSTATE SURGERY: What to Expect after a TURP for Enlarged Prostate By Dr. Robert Chan