March 24, 2023

Hi this is what we refuse to be feeble we want excuses for an example i take many medicine of all these medicines i have everyone as supposedly has a side-effect and trust me they list them and yes this is true a lot of them have the biggest side-effects you can imagine but many times we let these side-effects dictate what we will and will not do for an example i

Am on prednisone now prednisone is done many things for me i’ve got their qualities three of them to be exact i went through osteoporosis because of the massive doses of prednisone but the biggest one and people say all the time is pregnant salt makes you eat and makes you gain weight here’s a picture of me prednisone does not make you eat crap prednisone does not

Make you say i want to go out and have chips now i know a lot of you out there gonna use this to get upset with me but i’m speaking the truth you were fat before the prednisone and you’re probably fat after you stop taking the prednisone i actually had one person said prednisone made me fat i asked once the last time they took a pill was four years ago the same way

A lot of time women say well this is baby fat i’m carrying and i asked how older their babies and they say one it is not the meds i take massive doses of prednisone do i have an appetite what happened was while you’re in renal failure on dialysis you lose your appetite because of the kidneys not being their kidneys regulate with your appetite your blood pressure

Your electrolytes there’s so many things the kidneys do and without a big on the machine to clean my blood my appetite was lost it was suppressed same way certain meds can do it however when i went on to my transplant and i started taking prednisone my appetite came back because my body was feeling better but i didn’t get fat and the reason why i didn’t get fat was

Because i didn’t eat job prednisone does not make you fat junk makes you fat prednisone does not make you blow junk makes you blow so get off the bandwagon and stop using the medicines excuse you can lay around and say this is my problem and this is the reason why i am because of this medicine when you can sit there and say as i do i’m not gonna let this medicine

Dictate me i’m going to be stronger than the affliction so put away the excuses take your meds the way you’re supposed to do it exercise it eat clean and another example i have is one my doctors dr. comic i went in before because i noticed i was gaining or had body fat around in the chest area and so getting ready for a competition i was looking at it saying hmm

I must have gotten plastic because prednisone if i look up on the internet it’s one of the biggest causes of that so i went into my doctor who’s a power lifter and i said doc you need to help me i’m taking this massive amount of prednisone and look i’m getting dino he examined me for a bit and then he looked at me and shook his head goes that’s like i know you’re

Fat what you need to do is train harder and eat better so i stood there with my mouth open for a while and realized that he was right i’m so thankful that he told me because i to use that as an excuse little to say i went on a trade harder ate cleaner i went into the show much later and looking better so just like dr. conor told me i’m telling you it’s not dino

It’s not the meds it’s how you eat and how you train so get off your butt push the excuses away and stay strong this is well you

Transcribed from video
Refuse2BFeeble: Prednisone and Medical Excuses By Refuse2BFeeble TV