March 24, 2023

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All right welcome back to the black couch brief update so um since the last time i can’t really remember what was happening but i stopped taking the boost bar because it was making me too tired then i ended up having like uh attack so i ended up taking the boost bar again but it was still spacing me out too much so i had to stop taking it again but one of

The reasons that i was like man let me just give it a try one more time is because i have a dlt physical if you check out the old videos you see i drive trucks you have to pass a physical to drive trucks and i’m thinking the only thing that could prevent me from getting a typical two-year car is taking uh the anxiety medicine but i had stopped taking it part of

The reason um because i just wanted a two-year card and i felt like i could manage and i spoke my uh psychiatrist and i was pretty cool he said if you want to keep taking it take it if you don’t don’t so i was like you know let’s stop but i started back to try it for a day or two because my blood pressure was high which never happened so shockingly that happened

In october and then i was giving it a little bit checking my blood pressure every day on electric one of my blood pressure was pretty low i guess it was like 150 over 90 somewhere in that range but every time i was taking it at home between october and now my blood pressure was like 130 over like 80 between 82 and 79 78 so surprisingly i get back to the cvs to

Do my dlt test and um my blood pressure is like 180 over 100 something something crazy so they had told me then to make a appointment with my primary and try to get it figured out before i came back i didn’t end up doing that because i thought like you know maybe i changed a few things and i’m really still confused about it because it’s not i don’t eat meat um

Been working out in some of the best shape of my life so it just kind of threw me off ended up getting put on um the blood pressure medicine that i have in the title and load of pain some something like that so far it’s been uh working my numbers been down like 117 over 70 something i was my numbers like yesterday so it’s been pretty um good so far i’m feeling

Good on it i think this is my second i’ll take it two days this might be my third day i think i took it two days in the morning and this will be my day where i take it at night because i hear it’s a lot of side effects possibly like indeed edema swelling but i do work out do 10 000 steps um about 30 minutes on the bike so i’m trying to limit the side effects as

Much as possible i had the headache that a lot of people said they get yesterday um so i’m trying it out at night around eight nine o’clock and see if that limits the effects because i definitely don’t want to get there demon if that happens you’re gonna have to find something else and um i don’t want the headache or nothing either but i hear that’s just like the

First couple days when the body gets used to it nor do i want any kidney smoke so i’m doing what i can to stay healthy on it um it does seem to have a calming effect and that’s pretty much just a brief update so i’ve concluded that the boost bar is just not for me if it’s something else that i may end up taking down the line so far i’ve been cool but if i do end

Up taking it’ll definitely be something else for anxiety and hopefully with the blood pressure getting down i’m still having like that space out not totally comfortable driving yet so hopefully maybe the issue all along has been a blood pressure now when i went to the hospital on early videos like i was telling you my blood pressure was low like in the 127s so

I think by me stop taking the boost part may my blood pressure go up as a side effect or a withdrawal effect um so i’m just working on getting that back down and once i get that squared away i’m hoping to make me feel closer to normal and you know if you’ve been tuned in you know that’s an effect i’ve been trying to get so if you um you know going through your

Dlt you haven’t passed your blood pressure you got any advice any advice with the unloaded pain or you know you just been through a similar situation please drop your comments appreciate everybody watching let me know your boost bar experience if you stop did your blood pressure go up uh it’s just another episode of the black couch where i try to be open about

Mental health issues so just day-to-day issues in my life and this is pertaining to the career the mental health and just the you know health of trying to be a driver you know overall just getting my health right so i can have the best quality life long term so the plus is i stay working out all through everything so i encourage everybody to do the same try to

Get your steps in it’s my new little watch tell us the blood pressure heart heart rate steps and all that so maybe try to get you something maybe that can help um but i’m feeling these pretty good all of my cpap came so i’m gonna take um one the remember the last one i had it was blowing my stomach up didn’t have a humidifier this one has been much better my events

Are going going so i’m getting getting better overall sleep so hopefully just the combination of everything just gets my health to an optimal state and i’m hoping by you know february march man i’m all the way back to be and i really want to um get back to driving so i’m just trying to work my way towards that and uh this is just a step so i got to january 4th

To renew my dlt certificate and hopefully my blood pressure is down by then i’ll be giving some updates you see the shininess that’s fixed because uh for some reason during all this my nose just gets stuffed randomly i’m guessing it’s just a piece of the anxiety but it hasn’t been crazy i can say that the lion’s mane mushroom has been helping me i stopped it for

A little bit just to let the blood pressure medicine get in my system and work its way without having anything interfere with it i’m still drinking beet juice with mct oil in the morning and that’s about it i might try lion’s mane sometime this week but i just wanted to give give the blood pressure medicine a few days to work on the song so appreciate everybody

Tuning in peace and blessings hope everybody have a great day and uh take care of your health

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