June 1, 2023

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Okay y’all welcome welcome to the queen scorpion youtube channel i am proudly coming the other day with my hair taken down yes only after three weeks and eight days i went and recounted how long i actually have had my hair braided i know relaxing i kept it up only for weeks i said i was going to do better but being that i’m in a new area and you know the person

Braided my hair did a good job but my regular graders i don’t know if it was just something different that they were doing more braids and they knew how not to apply too much hair and make it to time where i can have a fuller look and the braids can last longer and you know and every brighter not gonna get your hair i mean no stylist is going to get your hair 100%

Like you like it every time so i’m aware of that and it is what it is so i’m just gonna roll with the punches and yeah i took down my braids paid you know who paid so much money for these tara stiles y’all and i mean i feel like that my whole life i don’t the most i keep my braids or some win that’s six weeks i mean i’ve kept them up ten weeks but that was because

I was abroad in spain so i had no other choice okay so i washed my hair blowdried okay y’all quickly mm-hmm please press up that thumbs up button it help support your girl channel out that helps out a lot and if you haven’t already subscribed please subscribe and thank you all for all your nice lovely feedback commentary all that etc okay yeah i’m not gonna fake

Nails them over cuz y’all see what this has done and i’ve gotten fake nails literally three times in my entire life three and i’ve not had great experiences with them every time so y’all if you i don’t know i naturally have nice nails i don’t know if they show on my prior and my other videos but i have nice nails okay so anyways yaga’s it’s my hair it’s not looking

Really curly i just blows it out i all of my scalp i apply leave in a dish and i’m gonna show y’all the back really quickly young honest corn same thing shall we can’t really work out like we want so just pray for me okay so i washed my hair with all of my bio strength products i’m gonna show y’all what i used and then i’m gonna take my hair down so you can see

My hair growth i actually started off with the structure and so remember like some of my video my last video i said that it was a leave and it’s not leaving please y’all read y’all buy certain products it’s not a leave-in conditioner you absolutely need to wash it out your hair you actually use it with the cord effects and you don’t rinse out the court affects

You you know it’s a conditioner you leave in there for 20-25 minutes apply with the cap and you take it off but i was very creative so as i was taking out my hair like i always do i used my for made to reduce shedding right and they did an excellent job so um after i was done taking down all of my braids because i knew it was gonna be about 10 20 30 minutes or so

Before i get it you know showered and not i should be washing my hair to shower but i i got too much to do before these online classes little lot of them do some things and i didn’t feel like cleaning out no sink at the moment i will be cleaning out tonight but i feel like doing it right now so i went ahead and got a shower you know did my thing and before i did

Like i said i used the structure and you know and how you sometimes book conditioner in your hair or castor oil before you wash it that’s what i feel like a pre-condition and tight thing and it seems to have worked because when i use my shampoo brush to you know sprout my scalp no hairs came out at that point i did come out some point before but basically i was

Conditioned in it but it like harris wasn’t all just the hairs that came out prior to that of course because you have their hair you know when you have had a protective style for a while move around a little toxic lens so it removes build-up use that even though i didn’t wash my hair the almost four weeks that i had it up i did wash it three weeks in and i usually

Wash it while we can’t but yeah so i didn’t have too much feel good thank goodness back they have little you know balls from the oil build-up like the walls that i use use the cleanse made let me say y’all i would say it again i said it i think in my last video by me have deleted that video we’re not posted it i love the smell love the smell cleanse may love how

It makes my hair feel it’s gonna be one of my personal staple products my hair loved it i love the smell i’m actually gonna smell it again right now it’s like a natural fresh light smell is beautiful and i’m breaking out y’all oh jesus help me okay next quarter fix the conditioner i was telling y’all about use that that’s when i saw a scene in paris coming out

When i was like applying it i don’t know why don’t ask me cuz that’s how it be some types of your apply conditioner i don’t know i didn’t expect some shedding so i’m not even trippin about that it wasn’t the court effects i did it it just that’s what some reasons that i saw harris coming out and i also use the ultra light for me and i use the regular for me oh okay

And i used the gold emily’s okay i wanted to coming out with this video because i’m a woman of my word yes it seemed like a rush so i’m gonna take down my bun my loose bun and show y’all kind of where we are with length kind of kind of a limp chick in it what happened better when it completely blowed out before i have a little water product but it’s okay because

Whenever i get a straight i do plan on getting it straightened at one point you all will be able to hopefully i will do a video to show y’all en so here we go we don’t figure out where together something sing a song you expect the great blessings now oh i’ve been lose my voice yeah i got hurt really bad i want to see if i am a kind of different accent reflux surgery

Because i can’t deal with it anymore seriously that was soon goose on me hopefully god though she work it out okay yeah so this is not my hair okay so okay thank you god here we go we the owner and i were trying to see he says that the bios crown will bring the life back to my hair so my hair is pretty flat actually did a video before this i don’t know if i’m going

To post it i did a video to show how flat and how my curls was like straight basically get off the shower you see it’s really curly and i have tight curls it’s ready look really voluminous okay it’s flat as you often see like my hair looks fry and i don’t use chemicals any of that so that is what the prednisone has done mind you i was only on the premise of about

Two weeks i’m gonna so that’s my hair in the back it doesn’t want the healthiest right now but i promise you it is it’s just the premise i’ll make it look straw-like oh my god the blessed thing you saw you everybody say that song has been on my heart for the last couple days my hair keep getting stuck onto these nails and i’m trying to pop off y’all oh i hate it

Never again and this uh vietnamese laying at this other shop that did my feet before i got it done for regionals told me you got pretty nails don’t get no fakeness is going to myself young real nail and it was right but now i wanted to study think and you know oh everybody gonna be super decked out not the same thing weren’t but everybody that happy nails done so

I kind of could have just got my real nail done but you know it i get it that to happen so i can see like i don’t want real thing else anymore you’re just gonna grow our real nails back and take vitamins and stuff and keep them maybe i need to stop by some nail strips or something won’t break off cuz i wash my hands a lot and not just because of the pandemic i’ve

Actually was on that anyway i can’t speak for everybody feel me everybody ain’t known as some people believe hand sanitizer cleanse all the germs and you know make them clean inside like the song say won’t even okay then under the inside warning thank you okay on this my her without the curls now i put some water on it will curl up so it’s not that it’s not curling

Up at all it was at first but i have been using my folic acid amen that helps out anybody deal with the premise on or key whatever and i take vitamin d3 now so again that’s the back head full of help here y’all so that’s it i gotta get ready for class i gotta finish cleaning up i have a lot to do this evening i’m a small load of clothes to wash i finally got done

With my midterm paper that took until friday i think i finished it before it’s sunday so yeah we’re just i have one my midterm but we want to try to wait to see if i could take into april because we have a say a whole lot thing going on now like a lot of people so anyways y’all please please please please present that thumbs up button like share subscribe and i’ll

See y’all in the next video queen scorpio shown up and out

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Repair Hair From Prednisone & Biostrand Review (Hair Journey) By TheQueenScorpionOshun