January 26, 2023

This video in response to people okay so if you’ve seen my past videos you’ve seen that i’ve clearly done drugs like most significantly gabapentin or neurotic and i’ve got a lot of interesting mel on those videos everything from hey man you should stop doing that you’ll what do you call it you’ll i’ve got my girlfriend watching me make this video so it’s distracting

Me this is really distracting with someone silently sitting behind me well you’re not silent anymore sorry necklace.i okay yeah i don’t know just don’t just don’t put a lot of pressure on me lately anyway okay i’m gonna take my glasses out because that helps me concentrate better there we go okay so a lot of you were like yo you’re idiot stop doing gabapentin

You’re gonna start hallucinating and everything well i’m gonna tell you that i haven’t done gabapentin probably like a long time months at least it wasn’t really wasn’t really hard to stop once i stopped working at a place where there was like basically a lot of people on pills and there would be people who like come up to me and just be like hey man look they hand

Me a handful of those pills and i’d be like here don’t even worry about paying me back right now plus my life sucked at the time so and gotha pin doesn’t show up on a drug test so like yeah of course it was like really like tempting to do them but i won’t say this about gabapentin for all of you commenting on my video saying like oh hey i’ll do them too that’s cool

And every time you know judge but they’re there they’re there got to be a certain point where i started doing those and instead of just feeling euphoric i would feel like really angry like i would be quick to fight anyone for whatever reason and i’m normally not like that so it was definitely the pills i did hear like sometimes hear voices in my head but i’ve kind

Of been like auditory auditorally hallucinating on and off for a few years and that really that’s probably i first started doing that i noticed when i tried prozac years ago not that i’ll take antidepressants regularly but i initially tried on and then i heard a symphony playing that night when there was no symphony in the house obviously but so i think just like

My experimental drug use over the years like nothing to hardcore just like ecstasy lsd benadryl you know plus plus like gabapentin i think and alcohol i think that all those combined over the years on and off like basically made it to where you your brain like hallucinate or whatever but um yeah to all of those of you insulting me and showing worried like don’t

Worry i don’t i don’t do gabapentin anymore i’m i haven’t even drank alcohol in a while i’m basically just smoking marijuana now you know that’s a that’s a good marijuana’s good anti-drug to get off of real jugs that actually hurts you it’s good to smoke weed you know kind of it’s just that that that it’s to do drugs so yeah that was it that was it thanks for

Tuning in i can’t promise i’ll be as weird as i used to be because i mean when you’re high on drugs you do weird so yeah but at least i’m sober and somewhat more sane now thanks for watching though bye bye

Transcribed from video
Response to Gabapentin Comments By Zero Star