March 24, 2023

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally, but only if you understand the basics of how type 2 diabetes became an epidemic and what were the causal factors. Dr. Jason Fung explains why the diet is the most important factor in type 2 diabetes and how we can use dietary methods to reverse type 2 diabetes. Check out my blog at

Today i’m going to talk about how the epidemic of diabetes developed and what we can do about it and how mark was able to reverse his type 2 diabetes to get healthier in 2016 the first global report on diabetes was released and the news was not good since 1980 which is really just a single generation the number of people afflicted with diabetes had quadrupled it

Had gone up to over 400 million people worldwide that’s a stunning one in 11 adults we’re going to get diabetes and this has really grave consequences because diabetes while you may not feel it can lead to devastating consequences such as stroke blindness heart disease kidney failure and amputation and is a key contributor to cancer as well but the question is this

Diabetes itself is an ancient disease it was mentioned in the ebers papyrus written about 1550 bc so how did this ancient disease become a modern epidemic the disease diabetes mellitus comes from the word diabetes which means passing too much urine and mellitus which means from honey and what it means is that the symptoms of this disease is that people tend to

Urinate a lot and it was noted from ancient times that this urine was very sweet the physician matthew dobson identified sugar as the substance that caused the sweetness and in fact doctors used to diagnose diabetes by tasting the urine of their patients for that characteristic sweetness the symptoms of diabetes includes frequent urination because all this sugar

Pulls out a lot of water and so people need to urinate but today the diagnosis is mainly made by blood testing either by testing the blood glucose which is the blood sugar or the hemoglobin a1c which is also a measure of how much sugar there is in the blood there are two main types of diabetes type 1 diabetes which used to be called juvenile diabetes and type 2

Diabetes which used to be called adult onset diabetes and this reflected two different diseases and different populations that were at risk type 1 diabetes tends to occur very suddenly people are fine one day and the next people find themselves urinating too much whereas type 2 diabetes is very gradual and onset and many days it’s just picked up by blood work

The type of people that get affected with these diseases also tend to look very different type 1 diabetics tend to be thin and type 2 diabetics tend to be overweight but perhaps the most important thing is that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease caused by destruction of the pancreatic beta cells and tends to be progressive we don’t really know what causes

It whereas type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease and mostly associated with weight gain and when people lose weight they almost always get better or even reverse their type 2 diabetes and this explains how we develop this epidemic of diabetes which is mostly type 2. as you can see since 1977 the dietary trends in america have changed and the number of people

Who are overweight and obese have gone up dramatically 10 years later we see that this rise is paralleled by a rise in cases of type 2 diabetes because of the very close link between them so clearly this is not a genetic disease because the disease happened within the span of 30 years which is too fast for genetic changes but in fact reflects lifestyle changes

And mostly dietary changes that have led to the gaining of weight but the good news is that since it is often related to weight gain if you can lose weight you can often reverse the disease and this is highly dependent on your diet that is what you’re eating and how often you’re eating this observation that diabetes is very responsive to dietary changes is not

New in fact the first treatment of any kind for diabetes was proposed in 1797 by the scottish military surgeon john rollo who prescribed an all meat diet and on this regimen they found that the sugar in the urine dramatically improved in the 1870s the french pharmacist often called the founder of modern diabetology observed that during the franco-prussian war

The periodic starvation often reduced the amount of glucose that his patients were putting out so in his book he laid a comprehensive dietary strategy of reducing all sugars and starches and found that a lot of times the diabetics got better and these were observations based purely on what works in real life he didn’t know the science he didn’t know why it was

Working but they just saw that it did work in some patients and because there was no other treatments this became the standard by the turn of the 20th century two american physicians were leading the charge frederick allen and elliot jocelyn prior to the discovery of insulin they were both very strong proponents of fasting it was called sometimes pejoratively

The allen starvation diet because it contained less than a thousand calories and virtually no carbohydrates in 1916 elliott joslin at the harvard medical school wrote that temporary periods of undernutrition are helpful in the treatment of diabetes will probably be acknowledged by all after these two years of experience with fasting that is he thought that

It was so obvious that fasting helped diabetes that it practically didn’t even need a study it was so obvious of course at that time they hadn’t yet distinguished between type 1 and type 2 diabetes which is very important because type ones did very poorly with dietary treatments because that was not their disease it was not a dietary disease it was an autoimmune

Destruction of their pancreas whereas type 2s often did very well because it was a dietary disease and as they lost weight their diabetes often regressed with the discovery of insulin in 1921 all dietary treatments were abandoned and the basis of treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes was considered drugs drugs drugs but drugs cannot reverse a dietary disease

And so people got the idea that this disease was not reversible that it was some kind of chronic progressive disease because if you don’t treat the underlying condition which is the poor diet and the weight then the disease is not going to reverse because you have not addressed the root cause of the type 2 diabetes insulin works amazingly well in type 1 diabetes but

In type 2 diabetes it tends to make them gain weight and as you gain weight that type 2 diabetes is not going to get better it’s going to get worse yet treating the underlying diet doesn’t seem to be a big message that type 2 diabetics are getting here you can see the general advice of how to treat type 2 diabetes keep your blood sugars in control stop smoking

Take your medicines to control your cholesterol your blood pressure but nowhere in here do they say you need to change your diet because it’s all about trying to lose weight and that’s the problem if you lose weight you’ll get better it’s all about the diet in type 1 diabetes the pancreatic cells get destroyed and insulin levels are too low so a drug such as

Injected insulin is going to work amazingly well and it did but for type 2 diabetes your insulin levels are too high so giving more insulin is not the answer in fact it’s going to make you gain weight and make things worse you can’t treat a condition where insulin levels are too high by giving more insulin so what kind of diet did mark use to reverse his type

2 diabetes you can check out my other video on how to reverse type 2 diabetes for more on this but what we used in his case was a low carbohydrate diet and intermittent fasting mark had developed type 2 diabetes but also had complications including stage 3 chronic kidney disease and he was worried that things would continue to get worse he was given more and

More medications including insulin until he read the obesity code and the diabetes code and concluded that perhaps that was not the best way to go what he did was he started fasting he slowly increased his fasting from 8 hours to 16 hours to 24 hours and gradually with his physician’s help he was able to slowly lower the amount of insulin that he was taking that

Was a major step his hemoglobin a1c started to drop he started to feel better and then he also started to cut down on his carbohydrate sometimes his sugars would go back up but then he would think about the damage that can be done from type 2 diabetes and that specter of kidney disease so he went back to it doing 24 hours and sometimes a 3016 protocol where he

Alternated 30 hours with 16 hours and he was able to get his hemoglobin a1c down to a normal range and get off all of his medications by definition he had reversed his type 2 diabetes his kidney function stabilized and he was told that he wouldn’t have to worry for the time being about getting worse going on dialysis kidney transplant that kind of thing that’s

A great job mark hopefully this will inspire people to look again at the diet as a viable treatment for weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes thanks for watching if you learned something maybe share it with a friend they might learn something too and if you enjoyed this video please do me a favor hit the like button and we’ll see you next week

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