June 4, 2023

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Oh i am going to be talking about albuterol this is your bronchodilators your beta-2 agonist beta-2 agonist is more selective for your lungs but if it’s used in high doses it won’t be a selective and again we also call effect your heart the beta 1 agonist as well which makes us comprehend to be side effects better all right so this is a short-acting this is what

We call a saba as a ba as the afternoon short acting so it’s indicated for uses of asthma or copd we’re trying to open up those lungs so creating the spider flight fired a flight when you start breathing faster we’re able to intake that oxygen and our heart rate will increase to compensate for this so we’re just kind of creating this epinephrine fight-or-flight

Effect which is going to help us open up those lungs so we’re not constricting which is caused by asmar copd a restriction of that oxygen we need for our bodies all right so this is really important to understand cause wouldn’t we understand the physiology everything gets so much easier because we know we decrease and if we if we if we have albuterol albuterol or

Beta-2 agonists we’re gonna it’s the opposite effect a meta popolo which is trying to slow down that heart rate which is really an antagonist so they contraindicate each other they don’t work together they’re opposites having too much can cause bronchospasms so actually too much of a good thing is not good you know like you when i was little i used to have too much

Shampoo my hair conditioner everyone said we’re trying to make your hair so shiny and beautiful but you think more is better it’s not better so that’s where i first learned it in my childhood alright so the nurse is gonna monitor for for that tachycardia your tremors your tachycardia tremors they look for angina that chest pain the palpitations because everything’s

Just gonna be speeding up and early you know you can get a panic attack or you can have that that that excessive you’re opening up the lungs but august you have a bronchospasm because you had too much so too much is not good either so you’re trying to just open up your lungs just enough to get them open alright so the main thing that the powerpoint is what are you

Gonna teach that parent for administering albuterol if the patient has asthma how you gonna instruct that patient cuz you have to you have to know if they have a child that they’ll instruct them or you instruct the same way you would instruct anybody to be honest it should you talk to the child to tip a little different than the parent you make sure the parent also

Understands when it comes to pediatrics okay so we have two main types that of administration which i found this on page 921 so our metered dose inhaler and our nebulizers so our metered dose inhaler you need to have good hand coordination and the textbook that says must begin to inhale before activating the ice device so it has a lot to do with this coordination

And also if you have a spacer they advise you have a spacer because it helps you get more actually in absorbed into your get it down lower because a lot of it gets goes other places so the spacer helps it get most of the medicine down and the picture shows the difference and there’s quite a remarkable difference between having that space or not so it’s definitely

Advised there’s a rule as elder i’m just emphasizing what l do inna saw but i saw it in the textbook underlined which i betcha it was fatima or was l dina i’m not really sure cuz it didn’t tell me i was trying to figure it out but it’s very much emphasizing over and over again in which albuterol is in around page 926 so to inhalations you’ve got to keep it a minute

Apart or more separated you’re allowing that medication to penetrate it so one inhale you wait a minute and then another inhale that’s very important and also for the nebulizer it’s a little different so my blaser maybe for those really little kids that can’t have that coordination of understanding direction of breathing it in during on that nebulizer i’m a little

Mist to keep the max over their face or drug biting you the teeth like that alright so hands is coordination is less of concern when it comes to metal i meant nebulizers with the mist and the mist type stuff if the patient happens to be using this which we call short-acting the short-acting types of beta they need a rescue immuno rescue inhaler for more than two

Times a week they probably should start getting the physician to be notified because then they made me step up their therapy of albuterol so this is everything that i gathered from yeah then i gathered from about albuterol for the powerpoint and everything that i’ve read

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