February 1, 2023

Informative Speech by Tae Kyung

For on risk factors of methylphenidate use were college students and us someone relating to using rid of it as a child i know controllers i know that without managing my daily doses i can be in a psychosis which is in other words being crazy if i don’t take my medications in a proper state of one i know that the therapeutic effect of students is achieved by slow and

Steady increases in dopamine which are similar to the natural production of the chemical to bring the doses are prescribed by positions they start low and increase gradually until the therapeutic effect is reached adderall ritalin and concerta are the name brands that are used for adhd in disorder that affects approximately five percent of university aged adults

Although prescription stimulants are meant for only treating adhd patients the increase of prescription race has raised some public health concerns between abuse potential meds and non-medical use of prescription stimulants references a problem among young adults in general and college leaders in particular for university students it is difficult to maintain a

High gpa which is a great point average and given students propensity to attend school full-time volunteer and work all at once it is a rise to get non prescription method better gate for the uop us and along with other changes wrong when students have midterms or finals term academic doping is what powers it is a term that refers to the use of brain enhancing

Drugs such as a betta mean a method betta gate in order to improve mental alertness focus or information retention people use these drugs we’re doing so like i said without prescription for people with adhd these medications give an extra boost to come to mind and focus on the test ahem we’re goes with that adhd ritalin adderall they have a strong sharpen brain

And extra boost to study for exemplar to cram alpha paper while it is most prevalent on university college campuses it is now being seen in high school students as well and high school campuses although we don’t know for sure how students are getting their hands on these monsters meds it is most likely from friends who have first got the prescription legally and

They just stole it illegally approximately six point four percent college stairs are using method benedict healing way since honey joans are over to counter students who use the drugs recreationally without a prescription can’t get a serious legal trouble if they are caught using or distribute some get the drugs mainly from dealers but also prefer to delmon with

Prescriptions currently method bennett is controlled by the va- assignment of schedule 2 status which means the joint has a high potential abuse and may lead to several psychological benefit physical dependence although these drugs are indicated in the treatment of medical conditions schedule two medications are the second medication hardest medications to really

Obtain large doses of stimulants can lead to psychosis seizures and other metal serious medical problems when combined with alcohol stimulus may create a sensation of less drunkenness and a quarter which can lead to excessive drug and alcohol consumption possibly resulting in overdose and death taking stimulant medications illegal you can lead number of negative

Side effects including insomnia anxiety depression strokes and diarrhea that there’s been any method credit excuse me can be transformed from a therapeutic agent to be abused and addictive substance when this drug is taken an excessive amount and use through intranasal a natural venice routes when used veteran nasally that divinity has reached the receptor effects

Similar to those of cocaine a rapid release those somatic dopamine occurs producing subjective effects of an estate high intensifying gratifying of gloria the psychiatric effects of methylphenidate are quite similar to those of cocaine amphetamines a person using cocaine can experience nervousness restlessness education suspicious as paranoia hallucinations and

Delusions impaired cognitive function right driving motor vehicle delirium violence suicide the homicide finally his academic dopey simply another way to gain an advantage in a time when between kate and stability in every advantage counts where is it mortal dangerous any other form of cheating until university start moving towards the better work-life balance or

Start implementing an type academic belfie’ policies or administrating urine tests at the beginning resents the decision to take great and has and russell took ultimately up to the individual in order to prevent accidents from happening information and education was a setup by each university to has interest regarding stimulate prescription drugs and i said that

Repetitive as future studies are still waiting to be conducted another less that systems seem to indicate that recreation use of adderall and ritalin concerta our college on college and university emphasis is on the rise thank you for listening to my presentation

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Risk factors of Methylphenidate Abuse By brandonburgess1