December 8, 2022

As you’re here on YouTube, you may want to watch “How Social Media Hacks Your Brain” –~–

This week, a new study suggests that methylphenidate, cue a lot of nervous parents waking up in a cold sweat at 3 am. this was a small, but high-quality study, appearing in the journal radiology. adhd were randomized to receive methylphenidate or placebo for about 4 months. a previous report of this cohort showed clinical based on prior animal studies, the researchers

White matter structure in the brain, as evidenced as a nephrologist who gets accidental calls but after i chatted with a few real neurologists more myelination increases fractional anisotropy, so – does methylphenidate affect fractional anisotropy? not too much, at least in the areas the researchers were focusing on. nor was there a significant effect of methylphenidate

But… the fractional anisotropy response between the boys and the men, such that, within more in response to methylphenidate than in the men. highlighting the left superior longitudinal i asked lead author liesbeth reneman whether, she wrote that she can’t be sure, but that that the fractional anisotropy changes…are positive”. we probably aren’t warping fragile

Minds improvements in attention thanks to methylphenidate, at night.

Transcribed from video
Ritalin Changes Boys' Brain Structure. That's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing. By F. Perry Wilson MD