March 22, 2023

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They came bounding over little quick little video was stopped taking ritalin so did a little recent experiment recently now clinically i’ve been diagnosed with a dd many many many a long time ago i’ve never taken any a dd medication in my entire life the exception of street speed back in the 90s until recently one took some ritalin which got from a local doctor

Easy again easy to get walked in there basically don’t said what do you want solo like he did but i did my homework i’m giving this to kids man we’re giving this to kids it’s a party drug business in public it’s a party drug i was like it was like a low-level dose of amphetamine i was like haven’t taken you today totally nanny again doctor feel a bit of a

Bit of a little bit of a comedown bit like from a nightclub days of the 90s now sits over 20 it was 20 years ago now 1996 was the last time i took any nfm man based central nervous system sort of strong sing like that until recently with the ritalin and it’s a similar when she abhiyan dose you know yeah that thing that effect we’re giving kids speed at school

Kids are so bored because they got boring arse lessons the kids have some speed but don’t do drugs say no to drugs let’s have massive anti-drug campaigns at school meanwhile we’re shoving johnny have you had your speed pills today little janie take your speed pills oh you’re not hungry now well your teenager well when you’re 20 metabolic damage in the post’s

Little and metabolism a neural metabolism methylphenidate dextrin finnerman these anti narcolepsy drugs attention deficits order a d h the attention diverted to a higher dimension these kids shouldn’t be studying that if it’s boring go hey kids who wants to study this i do who knows that all right you go next class and we keep bumping kids around different

Classes till they find something enjoy but i do that though do we we say your you failed school get go off go be a criminal whatever and that’s what keeps the system going in school they don’t teach what you need to know they teach you what they want you to know basic meaningless when the christopher columbus come along no i seventy fail yeah what’s the

Obtuse angle of the pythagoras’s theorem uh uh fail how to cook brownies and not get a burn fail we can teach this meaningless most of its rubbish what we do is we i remember asking my brother julian when i was maybe eight years old i said why do we like study all this stuff he knows it so we can get people in order so we can work out who’s gonna be a janitor

Who’s gonna be a lawyer who’s going to be a doctor except childers classes things i’ll go tell you what i know people are lawyers and doctors and i know people who are cleaners and bike shop mechanics and the people generally people with a lower job actually happier than the people are getting for in a grand years snort cocaine every weekend then giving the

Kids speed calls as well go to school don’t be late johnny here’s your breakfast have some if you got your medication we’re giving peds medication we’re giving them ritalin when they ate so many flip their lids oh my god dude you’re so clean and pure don’t take ritalin for three days and low dosage and i understand and i appreciate your concern but again this is

Not an old steroid experiment a lot to able to speak from personal experience and crowley we do controversy a little bit of ripples in the community but giving his kids i mean what are we doing what are you doing as a society giving kids speed drugs so they can function at school we’re teaching kids to dope and then when lance armstrong comes clean less you’ve

Broken cheered and people are popping ritalin to stay awake to watch the oprah show with lance well they’re taking antidepressant so they can deal with the truth oh my god man stoked give me some zoloft what the can’t focus we’ll have some coffee ritalin adderall methamphetamine cocaine coffee green tea cacao all central nervous to moments drugs sorry guys

Sugar is not a drug she was a nutrient came back not a nutrient ritalin dan not a nutrient cacao dan not a nutrient your sugar it’s a nutrient how man we get these kids off the drugs give them full of full of fruit full of rice how come most asian kids don’t need to take smart drugs how come is that how come adderall is banned here in thailand how come

The ritalin is so expensive the average person couldn’t afford it one tab of concerta one tablet of consider is the average time range it’s about three on a bar for one tab one tablet of concerta it’s insane methylphenidate so these kids carved up we’re gonna is kids studying she don’t want to do some people more creative something more athletic some people have

Geeks naturally some who just love computers i failed every computing course overdid primary school fail high school fail church education tafe course failed computing and they had all make of money i don’t make a living from the computer but it’s not said to me 20 years ago and you’re on it you can earn any income from the computer you miriam hunch money could

Buy a lamborghini from the computer overlay bin laden smart but now can tell kids i can tell you six-year-old kids look can if you knuckle down work your tits off work your ass off you can do whatever the you want to do an internet and learn a good income and positive cause your peers i can tell that to any six-year-old kid or hang out long enough is there any

Potential i can tell to them look can’t pay a tension work your ass off now i can tell me that twenty years ago we have the internet internet back then was like non-existent pretty much compared to today social media you could get any kid off the street and turn them into like whatever any young girl young guy even 90 year old i could turn a 90 year old into

Youtube bol sensation within a week if they won’t do it took so ritalin it’s it’s another sis cacao is just kept as coffee is speed is cocaine central nervous difference why the do people need them and here’s another thing that really kills me inside is people are taking these drugs and they have no idea of sleep water or sugar i know how to carb the up i know

How to stay hydrated i know how to go to get sleep and get rest people taking these drugs no idea doctor doesn’t tell them that you doctor you

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