June 4, 2023

In Drugslab Extra gaat Bastiaan Rosman undercover als student om te zien hoe makkelijk hij aan Ritalin kan komen. Ritalingebruik zonder voorschrift is namelijk niet zonder risico: een verhoogde hartslag, slapeloosheid, hoofdpijn, depressie en hart- en vaataandoeningen liggen op de loer.

In drugslab extra we answer your questions about the world around drugs. so if you have a question, let us know in the comments this episode we are going to talk about ritalin use among students if you want to know more about ritalin take a look at this video. ritalin is prescribed by doctors and is on the list of illegal drugs. from research it show that 1 of every 4

Students takes stimulants i didnt have the feeling i was more focused. but actually the opposite. i have used a little bit right now, i can speek easily but im stuttering a bit. if i have to do a presentation i make sure that i haven’t used ritalin. why do you need to take such a pill. because i think you are smart enough and if you sleep well, eat well, and think lets

Do this. because from experiences i learned that i can’t always do it all by myself i get easily distracted so than it really helps me. i have a hidden camera, its right here. thats how you guys can see me now. im curious how hard or how easy it is to get some ritalin i have also put on my glasses, so that i look a bit smarter i have an exam later but i still have to

Learn a lot.. ..and i got quite some stress. do you guys have ritalin or something on you? i did have some in here but i think i took them out no, it’s gone. sorry.. -no? ah thats unfortunate. good luck dude. -i’m going to search some more. thanks! hey, can i ask you something? maybe it’s a stupid question… but i got an exam later and i got a lot of stress because

I still have a lot to learn do you have anything with you? something like ritalin that i can use? i got dexamefetamine, but im not sure if that helps. yeah i have heard it before. a friend of mine uses it aswell i think. because it can also happen that you get super hyper and more stressed. and i don’t want to do that to you. -and a half, can i do that? i’m studying

And i got a exam later. and i have a lot of stress. do you have anything that helps me study? like ritalin or something? i have to hand in my thesis on monday. i have four left, and i take 2 a day. he has everything but its from 1 till 1. so you can only call him after 1. i can give you this number. -yeah sure, than i’ll save it. and you can just send a message like

“Hey, do you have some ritalin?”. you can just ask. they are pretty easy going. -okay, thanks a lot dude! good luck! so there is this guy who sells, dexamfetamine, ritalin to students. can i ask you something? i’m studying and have a exam later… .. but i got a lot of stress. do you have something like ritalin with you? guys can i ask you something? i have an exam

Later and still have to learn a lot… thanks! can i just take it now and how long does it work? i’m studying and have a little bit of stress because i have an exam later. do you have ritalin or something like that? -no sorry… i got an exam later and have quite some stress and still have a lot to learn do you have something for studying? like ritalin or something?

Yeah i got some ritalin. do you want it? -yes could i get one? and how does it work? should i just take them and then.. just take it with some water, and after half an hour you will notice it. and does it work long? -yes, you can study the whole day. and are there any side effects? i have never used it before. no.. you can feel your heart if you are sensitive to it.

But i got quite some stress, i still have a lot to do yeah but i forgot how long it takes to work and how long it works. my dad is a doctor and he told me takinf it immediately can’t harm you thanks man! i have an exam later but i still got to do a lot. it appears that its really easy to get some ritalin when you are studying somewhere but if i ask the people for some

More information… about what it was or what the side effects where, they didn’t really know it that well. are you curious about another drug or do you have a question for drugslab extra… don’t forget to like and subscribe! and i’ll see you guys next time! bye!

Transcribed from video
Ritalingebruik onder studenten: Bastiaan gaat undercover | Drugslab Extra By Drugslab