May 29, 2023

All right we are back i know it’s been a while since i made another video or preferably a story i actually have been uploading a lot of like gaming stupid that no one cares about but i’m back with another story video today is going to be a very recent one just took place four days ago and it’s going to be called something along the lines of rolling off of

Gabapentin and gabapentin is something that i see a lot of misconceptions about and by that i just mean that people say you can’t get high off of it at all or that it’s really weak and i guess i could see that being true if you were taking a very low dose of it which gabapentin comes in 100 milligram prescriptions 300 600 and 800 and i’ve taken the 100s and i’ve

Taken the 800s so i’ve taken the lowest and the highest so i could see how someone could take like 400 and be like this is nothing but you really just got to see what it’s all about and i’m not advocating for it but again it is a misconception you can totally get high as off this so and it has become one of my favorite things to get high off of it’s actually

One of the only things i get high off of anymore and uh with this story you know as i mentioned in my video a few days ago i haven’t been smoking weed it’s now been three weeks since i smoked weed so i truly got to experience the role of the gabapentin so i’m gonna get into it first of all i took gabapentin for the first time last year and i think i took around

1 800 milligrams and immediately ever since i just loved it because for me personally it’s uh sort of a mix of feelings you get from it it’s obviously anti-anxiety but as far as the high it’s it’s like a little bit of alcohol with a little bit of dissociation a lot of euphoria for me personally and maybe a little bit of weed feeling shout out to sam i know

You’re i know you’re definitely watching this uh i think that would be a pretty accurate description of what it does and in higher doses which i had never done this high of a dose i’ll tell you what it was in a sec but in higher doses you can literally roll off of it like you popped a molly or some i got a burp never mind so the highest dose i had ever taken

Was 2 400 milligrams and i noticed after taking it so many times since last year that around 2000 to 2400 was like my good dose that was where i like to be or i’d be cool with getting to but when i took it a few days ago i ended up taking 3 200 milligrams thus the title rolling which is 800 milligrams more than i’d ever taken so let me start the story off my

Girlfriend and me we’re running some errands this this morning we get out early which is something i never do we go to starbucks get a nice little drink and we end up at a mcdonald’s and uh i get a water cup so i can start getting this going at this point it’s like 12 in the morning or i guess p.m technically and uh you know a had to get that ice cream cone you

Feel me gotta throw a picture of that up real quick shout out mcdonald’s ice cream cones and shits fire so i immediately start off i pop four i’m gonna skip over like the bioavailability and all that that’s just basically the rate at which your body absorbs the amount of the drug that you take my boy hey shout out sam we’re going to make some videos real soon

Boy he taught me how to take it properly which is basically taking like a couple hundred milligrams every like 10 to 20 minutes so i start off with 400 and throughout the day i’m just taking another 200 every like anywhere from 15 to even 25 minutes i was taking another 200. and you know time comes around where i’m eventually getting smacked by it i think i

Hit that 200 or 2 000 sorry milligram point and uh my girlfriend who had been having a bad day at the time and you know she was having a bad day at the time so she was like can we take more and i was like yeah baby hell yeah we could take more the i was already at the dose i was cool with so i was cool with this so we end up keep continuing to take more and

I’m just getting more and more up and i described the feelings of it earlier but it is really such a role like is awesome and you know a time comes around where at this point it’s like like 10 p.m so we had been taking them specifically me because i started off and i took more than her i’ve been taking them for like 12 hours almost throughout the whole day

So at this point my girlfriend’s trying to initiate you know some sexy time and uh i was just like my eyes were closed i was laying down on my couch my eyes were closed death tones was blasting loud as and my girl’s trying to initiate some sexy time and i am just like a dormant bag that’s the best way i could describe it because i was closing my eyes and at

This point i’m getting close-eyed visuals i was seeing a bunch of colors and and i just was so slumped that i could not do anything i was just letting her you know whatever kiss on the neck blah blah blah i’m gonna skip over the sexual no one wants to hear that but anyways sexy time gets initiated i eventually get up and i’m like jesus christ i’m and i had

A moment of clarity so to speak so i was like okay i can get up i’m just really getting absorbed into the slump and so i get up uh the actual sexy time happens you know again i’m gonna skip over that and then you know we ended up laying down because at this point we were still taking some so we lay down on the bed and i actually forgot to skip over i forgot

To mention one thing which i’m gonna very very quickly describe my girlfriend was so up off of this that like i had my fingers somewhere and um like i i look at her i’m like is this good you just feel good and she was like it’s just literally unresponsive for a second i was like yo are you good and she like she comes back to for a second she’s like yeah yeah

Yeah i’m good and uh the next morning i asked her about that and she basically said that she was just felt like she was in two places at once so in that moment she kind of went to that other place for a sec and then came back too but again lots of colorful clothes eye visuals and random visuals like i saw a pair of blue jeans and it’s very hard to describe the

Clothes eye visuals but again like this was just a crazy experience like my girlfriend said that she saw black cats running around my room and and those were open eye visuals obviously and i didn’t personally get any of those but just the amount of sedation euphoria and clothes eye visuals like it was honestly really really cool and only at one point did i

Question if i had taken too much and that was just that was just when that was somewhere along the point where i was just eyes closed for like 10 minutes because i i just or maybe even a little bit before that because i just felt so like i i could not move for a good while but i eventually did come to and get up so do i have anything else to say about it not

Really can you get high off of gabapentin yes you can i personally think it’s a safe thing to do obviously it’s a medication so if you’re i’m not advocating for anyone to do it if you’re doing it do your research do it at your own discretion but gabapentin is the drug for me and uh you know i’m sure my parents would be very happy to hear me say that but i’ve

Already mentioned to my mom how i want it prescribed many many times so i think i’m going to end it here i hope you guys enjoyed this story of me rolling off gavin it’s really crazy to think that i took 32 pills over the course of 12 hours and that may sound terrible but i don’t think i mentioned this but my girlfriend has the 100 milligram ones so i did what i

Had to do and besides that if you made it this far in the video i guess leave a like that’s what youtubers say i’m not a youtuber but i do make videos occasionally and leave some questions down below for me like i i really would like to make a q a in the future uh even if you have questions for anything like it doesn’t have to be drug related like i’d prefer

If it was not drug related actually but you guys do whatever you want and yep that’s going to be the end of this one i’ll talk to you guys in the next one i think i’m going to make a video about delta 8 or doing coke and adderall or dxm trip or uh i forgot the i forgot the name of oh doing uh lyrica and kratom but that’s going to be with my boy sam that’s

What i referred to earlier so i’ll talk to you guys in the near future it’s been emun it’s been fun peace

Transcribed from video